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1999/12/23 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:17090 Activity:very high
12/22    What's a good local Berkeley/Oakland shop (or SF if near BART
         station) where i can get a very inexpensive basic computer (do
         need pentium,64MB,hdd, but do not need monitor/mouse/keybd/Windows)?
         I just want to play around on it and load BSD/Linux/Solaris over
         winter break.  I'd prefer to spend $500 or less.
         \_ If you're up to building your own and are willing to spend some
            time to build a bad ass machine for cheap try
            they only come around once every 3 weeks to the oakland conv
            center so you'd have to wait.  if you don't mind jack-asses
            selling you computers you can try hi-tech on shattuck.
1999/12/23 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:17091 Activity:nil
12/23   Looking for reccs on a good DVD player for me dad.  Can't check
        the web; I have a 14.4 connection for the holidays and the computer
        won't even render the images before santa comes.  Tips on features
        to look for also appreciated. -thanks
1999/12/23-30 [Science/Electric] UID:17092 Activity:nil
12/23   "Due to a damaged electrical component, the Grizzly Substation will
        be de energized for several hours on December 28, 1999 to allow for
        repairs to be completed safely.  From 6:30 AM until 1:00 PM that
        date the Cogeneration Plant will supply power to the campus."

        No power outage is anticipated yadda yadda yadda. --jon
1999/12/23-27 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:17093 Activity:low
12/23   FWIW, CS162 for spring has listed McKusick's "Design of 4.4BSD"
        as a recommended text... which just might mean that we're getting
        a Real OS Class finally.
        \_ "Design and Implementation of 4.4BSD" has been a recommended text
           for CS162 for quite a few years already, what cave have you been
           living in?
        \_ You mean doing Nachos wasn't a real OS class?  (I was before the
           Nachos time but I heard about it.)
           \_ I just took the course.  162 is not an OS Class per se, to quote
              the 1st day lecture:

"This is a systems class designed to familiarize you with the tradeoffs
an OS makes, so you, the programmer, can better write applications to
run on that OS."

        \_ note that the first thing the teaching staff did this semester was
           a full port to windows via cygwin.  BSD is dead to the teaching
           dept here.  Dead and gone for the ugrads.  Even harvey talked of
           linux boxes when the HPs in 310 davis (61a lab) die. Kinda sad,
           I like BSD. - paolo
           \_ NT! NT! NT is the STANDARD!  Operating system.
        \_ Spoken like someone who has forgotten the nightmare that was CS162
           last time bh taught it using FreeBSD.
           \_ I've heard good things from people who did CS 162 with FreeBSD
           \_ Um right, the new guy Franklin, is a visiting prof, a database
              guy.  From the email discussion with him, he will be using
              nachos.  I don't know why he recommended the book; other than
              it's been recommended before, and he wants to re-use existing
              notes/curriculum.  - paolo
                \_ Never take any important class with a visiting prof.
        \_ There is no such thing as a real one semester OS class.  OSes are
           too complicated to fit into one semester.  So either you do trivial
           things in a complicated real kernel like one in BSD, or somewhat
           more complicated things in a toy kernel, like one in Nachos.
           Personally I ll take Nachos any day.  I can look at the BSD kernel
           in my spare time.  -- ilyas
1999/12/23-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:17094 Activity:high
12/22   I know the motd is not normally a place to say anything remotely
        serious, but this seems pretty important to me.  There is a petition
        \_ I'm glad it was so important to you that you found it worth wiping
           the rest of the motd.  I find your little petition so utterly
           stupid and unimportant that I found it worth wiping the rest of
           your pathetic plea.  Welcome to the motd, asshole, now go home.
           \_ He didn't erase the rest of the motd fuckhead.  Someone else
                nuked it and he just restored his message.  Get a grip.
                \_ I've been here probably longer than you have.  Now fuck off,
                   get half a clue, and go away.   -aspo
                     \_ uh, what happened?
                        \_ Aspo has been Soda's resident expert on sodomy for
                           years - ever since tom scared benco away.
                           \_ Wasn't it necro-sodomy?  And since when is being
                              on soda a long time a good thing?  I've been
                              around a few years longer than aspo but I don't
                              spout off about it as something to be proud of.
                              It isn't.  I'm simply older.
                                \_ yah but someone said welcome to the motd,
                                   now go away.  I've been here long enough
                                   thank you.  Get used to it.  -aspo
                  \_ Yeah, no shit.  Take it easy, it's the holidays.
                                   \_ Is that a threat?  Get used to it?  I
                                      don't see anything to get used to.  You're
                                      just another motd twit with a big mouth,
                                      a closed mind, and a bad attitude.  I was
                                      used to that long before you came along.
                                      Really, you're nothing new.  Get used to
                                      it.  <insert yawn here>
           \_ and for all those who don't have the brains of a pissant, go
              check out <DEAD><DEAD> and then fill out
              /tmp/csua/petiton.pdf and mail it in.  Get this on the ballot.
                \_ Uh oh, "brains of a pissant" for anyone who dares to hold
                   a different view from the ultra loony liberal left.  Yeah,
                   way to go!  That sort of talk will really bring em around
                   to your way of thinking!  How about instead of smearing your
                   predetermined politically correct noise all over, you
                           wiped the motd to put up my plee.
                           \_ "plea"  Been to college yet?  Or HS?
                   attempt to explain why same sex marriages should exist?  I
                   doubt you can do it without resorting to various forms of
                   personal attack as this is just your personal feelings and
                   beliefs based not on a true sense of justice or the law or
                   fairness or anything else that others might find
                   convincing unless they already held your beliefs.  Anyway,
                   just because it's on the ballot doesn't mean it will become
                   law.  I think you'll find the 80/20 vote against this a bit
                   eye opening if it makes the ballot.  -registered voter
                        \_ no the brains of a pissant is for thinking I
                           wiped the motd to put up my plea.
                           \_ Nice to see you're with it enough to learn to
                              spell a simple word like "plea" with some help.
                        \_ Your intense hatred makes you overestimate the
                           amount of hatred in the general population.
                           Recent surveys show a majority of Californians
                           support domestic partner benefits for gays and
                           only ~50% support the Knight Initiative - far
                           lower than your 80%.
                           \_ I don't hate anything.  Go hang your little lefty
                              labels elsewhere.  I have tremendous disdain and
                              disregard for those who go into hysterics about
                              their 'rights' without any thought for anything
                              or anyone else.  What surveys are these?  And
                              were they of "likely voters" or random people on
                              the street who only have a 1 in 5 chance of being
                              a voter?  It's usually the latter.  Go ahead, put
                              it on the ballot.  No fear.  -always votes
                                \_ hey!  some of my friends are black!
                                   \_ That's nice.  That has nothing to do with
                                      the price of apples in Japan.
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