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1999/12/22-23 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:17084 Activity:kinda low
12/21   Has anyone seen the Weird Al video It's all about the Pentiums?  It's
        pretty damned funny.
        \_ damn you're slow.
        \_ they should've made it all about RISC.
        \_ since last summer.  If you hadn't seen that one
           before, check out as well
1999/12/22-23 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men, Computer/SW/Security] UID:17085 Activity:high
12/21   So I'm looking for Logo information -- I go to bh's Web page, and just
        below his photo is a link inviting me to "Take a look at my son Heath."
        NO WAY!!!  bh actually found a female to get intimate with him?
        Is/was bh married?  Or is this some kind of weird I-hate-my-family-so-
        I'll-pick-a-new-one thing like benco and his "fathers" Allman and
        \_ he adopted a 12 year old boy.  single parent. unmarried.
                        \_ no, 11
             \_ Some morons let that total bug eyed freak get his molestor's
                dirty fat little paws on a helpless child which he promptly
                posted pictures of on the net?  WTF is this country coming to?
                Next, they'll let queers marry.
                \_ You obviously don't know BH personally. So quit trolling.
                   FYI, there's no law (or reason) against posting your kids'
                   pictures on the net, he wanted a kid for nearly a decade,
                   and had to put up with the social service system (which is
                   ridiculously biased against men) for that long, and has
                   a master's in clinical psychology to show for the statement
                   that he's capable of caring for the kid properly.
                   \_ Oh yeah, I went to school so I must know all about kids!
                      You're so completely clueless and dense.  There's a very
                      good reason they don't give children to unmarried men.
                      The only shock is that they let freakoid have one after
                      *any* number of years of trying.  Normal people who want
                      kids try out this thing called "marriage" and they "have
                      sex" and "procreate".  Try it sometime... or in your
                      case, please don't.  The gene pool is sufficiently
                      \_ I agree. Lezbo "couple" adoptions and sperm
                         inseminations should be banned by law.
1999/12/22-23 [Computer/SW/Compilers, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:17086 Activity:moderate
12/21   Need solaris sparc 2.4 gcc binary. url/ftpP
        \_ Get the source tarball from and compile it on
           a solaris machine that already has a C compiler. I am still
           wondering though, _why_ would you want such an old gcc version?
           Heck, may be you should try something even older, gcc 1.x maybe?
        \_ he's asking for a version for solaris 2.4, not gcc version
           2.4 you twink. -tom
          bu Tom's answer is funnier.  -ax
        thanks - paolo (the app I'm looking at was designed for 2.4, hasn't
        been ported to anything later than that.
1999/12/22-24 [Uncategorized] UID:17087 Activity:nil
12/21   Wasn't it a year ago when 1Mb DRAM=$1.00? What the hell is going on?
        \_ How much is it now?
1999/12/22-27 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:17088 Activity:nil
12/22   for those of you with office accounts, log in and hose neuromancer.csua
        I'm stress testing this box.  - paolo [date corrected for CA time]
1999/12/22-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:17089 Activity:very high
12/22   I know the motd is not normally a place to say anything remotely
        serious, but this seems pretty important to me.  There is a petition
        to legalize same sex marriage in California.  It needs signatures
        to get on the ballot.  They are asking people to download the
        signature form off the web and fill it out.  If you are registered to
        vote in California and feel same sex marriages are important please
        either visit the web site at (.com is a
        straight porn site btw) or take a look at /tmp/csua/petition.pdf.
        \_ Windows RULES! Linux SUX! BAN Linux.
        \_ I'd feel my marriage was somehow something less if reduced to a
           mere legal contract so queers can feel good about being queer.  Go
           feel good some where else.  Not interested.
        \_ Won't move back to CA until you can marry your boyfriend?  That's
           pretty serious.  I'll be signing so we can get it on the ballot and
           vote it down and be done with it.
        \_ This last weekend, a man and woman came to my door taking a tally
           of people supporting a proposition in march to explicitly ban
           same-sex marriages in CA.  I don't know what was more disturbing,
           that they supported the ban, or that they had a printout of the
           names and addresses of all registered voters in my neighborhood.
                \_ Voter registration lists are public record and easily
                   obtained.  Candidates & parties use them all the time
                   to mail out flyers.
        \_ Since there's a petition to legalize between man & man and women &
           women, is there a petition to legalize marriages between brother &
           sister, uncle & niece, aunt & nephew, father & daughter, mother &
           son, and so on?
                       \_ Orthogonal, and no it is not.  It is a good and
           \_ I'm not sure aobut mother & son type marriages, but it is
              legal to marry your niece/nephew.  Get a clue.  And stop
              trolling.  -aspo
              \_ No it is not legal in this State to marry your niece/nephew.
                 Check out Family Code Section 2200 in
         My point is that why
                 should we accept one kind of biologically wrong marriage but
                 reject other kinds.
                 \_ and same sex marriage is biologically wrong how?  is
                    opposite sex marriage biologically wrong if they use
                    birth control?
                    \_ No, not nature-wise.  Opposite sex couples who take
                       pills are still biologically "right" (or "fit", or
                       "appropriate") for reproduction nature-wise.  They just
                       cognitively decide to disrupt nature.
                       \_ so marriage has to have something to do with the
                          possibility of reproduction even if the couple plans
                          to never have children?  should people who become
                          sterile non-"cognitively" be banned from marrying?
                          \_ No I didn't think that.  Rather, I agree with the
                             "Marriage is either simply a legal contract ...
                             or marriage is a special institution ..."
                             paragraph below that someone else wrote.
                             \_ What is "special" about it, such that the
                                State has a vested interest in promoting it?
                                I am personally offended that a special
                                interest group gives itself priviledges
                                that it denies a minority group simply
                                due to religious superstition. -ausman
                                \_ Either you think it's "special"; or you
                                   don't, in which case it appears that you
                                   would think we should accept marriage
                                   between any two individuals, including man
                                   and man, uncle and niece, and so on.
                                   & man, uncle & niece, bro & sis, and so on.
                 \_ well then, I stand corrected.  However you still should
                            \_ No, actually.  Orthogonal.
                    get a clue and stop trolling.  Oh and if it really matters
                    to you get your own petition started.  This issue is
                    orthogonal to the issue.  -aspo
                       \_ Disagreement is not trolling.  You've had your say
                          and other think you're wrong.  Tough shit.
                          \_ But trolling often takes the form of disagreement.
                       \_ Orthoganal, and no it is not.  It is a good and
                       relavent point.  Marriage is either simply a legal
                       contract, which should be enterable by any two
                       OR MORE adults, in which case this law doesn't go
                       far enough and simply heaps irrationality on
                       irrationality, or marriage is a special
                       institution designed to foster a particular
                       morality/behaviour by recognizing and to some
                       degree rewarding said behaviour, in which case
                        \_ Unfortunately, marriage is also associated with
                           the "right" to be parents in many peoples minds.
                           To truly fix the system, the state should declare
                           marriage a religious ceremony it no longer has
                           anything to do with, and make all people who want
                           the traditional marriage benefits sign a
                           domestic partnership contract (gets rid of the
                           whole pre-nup mess as well, since that would be
                           included in the contract).  Those who want to be
                           parents should be required to get a license,
                           everyone else given mandatory birth control.  Then
                           you've taken both religion & genetics out of the
                           picture, and prevented a whole lot of unwanted
                           pregnancies and children born to people who can't
                           or won't take care of them.
                       homosexual marriages don't fit the bill.
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