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1999/12/16 [Uncategorized] UID:17053 Activity:nil
12/15   1,$s/bike//g   Sorry.  You lose.
1999/12/16 [Uncategorized] UID:17054 Activity:nil
12/15   Anyone using Junkbuster?  Like it?  Hate it?
1999/12/16 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:17055 Activity:high
12/15   best book to learn Java?
        \_ You should be able to pick up Java in the first couple of days on
           the job/in the course.
           \_ no job, no course, need a book.
              \_ The best book is "THe java tutorial", online, and free,
                 If you can't learn from online materials, you are a loser
                 who should not be attempting to program. But dont let
                 that stop you from ordering the paper version. Details
                 on that are also on the javasoft site.
1999/12/16 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:17056 Activity:nil
12/15   Adobe FrameMaker for Linux beta -- try it, you'll (hopefully) like it:

        Go to the Web page for instructions on how to download (downloads come
        with a free license key that lasts until 12/31/2000).  And no, Frame
        hasn't been GPL'ed; no, they don't know how much the retail version
        will sell for yet; and beware that it might not work with your
        particular combo of distro/kernel/glibc (which is why it's a beta and
        not yet a product in a box, hey).  Early, detailed, fervent-yet-
        useful feedback will help this come to market that much sooner (but
        please provide feedback as directed, and not to me; this isn't my
        project anymore).  -- kahogan
        \_ BSD?
           \_ Linux emulation.
1999/12/16 [Uncategorized] UID:17057 Activity:high
12/15   any recommendations on where to go to get a car stereo installed?
        \_ franks in downtown berkeley
1999/12/16 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:17058 Activity:nil
12/15   Need some cash.  Would like to sell a brand new Samsung DVD-709
        player + 5 free DVDs + 21 free rentals.  Name your price & e-mail
        me.           -ychang
        \_ I'd like the 5 free DVDs and 21 free rentals.  For free.
           \_ go away troll.  I'm serious about this.  On-line market
              price is $220.     -ychang
1999/12/16 [Science/Space] UID:17059 Activity:high
12/15   my space heater for my bedroom heats the place up but it also
        dries up the air and so in the morning the air is all dry and
        my throat feels like crap. is there a heater that will not dry
        up the air so much? i dont want to buy a humidifier and run that
        in parallel because the noise & elec bill will drive me nuts.
        \_ Boil a big pot of water. Heat the house AND make it humid.
        \_ I find women to be more effective heaters. No drying problems.
           \_ You're not using her long enough to dry her out.
              \_ 2YK-Y-jelly. putting four digits in where previously only
                 two could go.
            \_ Where do I get one of these?
                \_ Not on the motd or in Soda Hall.
        \_ I leave out a big glass of water next to the heater when
           I go to sleep. It helps a bit.
        \_ humidifier
        \_ open the window.
        \_ leave your computer on all night, cracking DES keys and heating
           up your place.
        \_ Does your heater have a fan?  Put a bowl of water in front of
           it so it will blow water vapor.
        \_ (Someone deleted this) It is most likely a major hazard to have a
           space heater running while you are asleep.  I strongly suggest you
           turn off the heater at night.
           \_ Let 'em fry.
           \_ why would anyone want to run a heater at night anyway?
              didn't you ever hear of this newfangled device called
              a blanket?  i hear they don't even use any electricity.
                \_ I use an electric blanket.  I'm risking cancer but I'm
                   really warm.
                        \_ and masturbating furiously as much as you do
                           must be affecting your eyesight I'm sure
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1999:December:16 Thursday