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1999/12/7 [Uncategorized] UID:17016 Activity:low
12/6    All hail dans, our new courageous leader!
        \_ Save us.
1999/12/7 [Uncategorized] UID:17017 Activity:moderate
12/6    Is it possible to steal music from the library?  I'm asking because
        I'm a scumbag.
        \_ Yes it is and you should be shot for it.
        \_ No, it is impossible to be that low.
1999/12/7-9 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:17018 Activity:very high
12/6    Is it worth getting a portable MP3 player?
        \_ I got the RCS Lyra as a gift. it's pretty simple to use. Comes
        \_ I'm looking to sell my 32mb Rio PMP300.  I don't know what
           it's worth, so make an offer. -jkwan
           \_ I'll Buy That For A Dollar!
        \_ I got the RCA Lyra as a gift. it's pretty simple to use. Comes
           with 32MB card (64 MB cards are available). a cable connects to
           both your parallel & keyboard port (not OR, it's AND), which i
           found kinda odd. it uses RealJukebox to transfer the music, which
           is quite fast.
           \_ it connects to the keyboard port only for the higher power
              capacity line available there.  The communications are
              all over the parallel.
        \_ If you like the music that is published only in mp3 form, then
           it seems like it's worth it.  It would be a bitch to have to
           rip and encode from CDs to get your collection.
                \_ I guess its not worth it if most of your music is in
                        CD format.  I guess CDR's are better if most
                        of your collection is in CD format.
                \_ Huh?  CD ripping is trivial.  It's read time plus setup time
                   which is no different than CD-r setup time.  Where do you
                   people get this stuff from?
                \_ So what are people using nowadays (say on the windows
                   platform) to rip and convert quickly?  Is there any
                   share/freeware program that does this to 128KBps
                        \_ Audiocatalyst is good for Windows
           \_ is perfectly reasonable and legal to rip your OWN CD's for your
              own use in things like a portable mp3 player.  Its called
              'fair use'.

12/7(?) Can anyone point me to a good CISC vs. RISC article / paper? Thanx.
           \_ No, most designers avoid CISC if at all possible.  Intel chips
              allow for their legacy CISC ISA to run on their modern
              chips but that's just a hack (CISC instructions are decoded
              into micro-RISC ops).  Basically, many things will not work
              unless what you execute are RISC instructions (pipelining,
              Tomasulo dynamic execution, etc...).  Intel chips suffer in
              that all instructions must pass through one extra level of
              decoding which could effect branch prediction recovery and
              because variable length instructions can cross cache block
              boundries instruction causing miss penalties and rates to go up.
              \_ Which is why the x86 line was predicted to die 10+ years ago
                 and oh wait, no, it's still here and still in 90+% of
                 computers from workstations on down and moving into the low
                 end server market.
        \_ Wasn't the consensus that the argument is meaningless?
           Most chips today have the best qualities of both.
                \_ This is true.  There are no more true CISC or RISC chips
                   being produced today.
                   \_ most chips now days have RISC-properties.  people
                      today seem to be confused about what the terms
                      RISC and CISC really means so depending on what your
                      definition is, most chips are RISC.
                        \_ But with everyone adding extensions like UltraSparc
                           VIS & Intel MMX to the instruction sets, most chips
                           are CISC too.
                        \_ I'd say, "RISC-like".  True RISC was only an ideal
                           and a theory anyway.
        \_ Patterson & Hennessey
           \_ something like "A case for RISC" from Computer Architecture
              News" by David Patterson (1980).  There's also a very famous
              dissertation from a Berkeley student.  If you give me some
              time I'll look it up.
              \_ - D. Patterson & D. Ditzel, "The Case for the Reduce
                   Instruction Set Computer," Computer Architecture
                   News 8,6 (Oct 15, 1980)
                 - Manoils Katevenis, "Reduced Instruction Set
                   Computer Architecture for VLSI," PhD Dissertation,
                   EECS, UC Berkeley, 1982.
        \_ "Why my x86 r00lz y0r powermac!!!11", Dudester69!11
        \_ Here's your paper:
           "Real World Consumers: by Consumer Man#232
           A pc is $700.  A mac is $1500.  My 10 yr old kid can't tell the
           difference, and the 15 year old tells me linux won't run on a
           mac, oh and he wants a laptop, like in that movie he saw.
           Gee, I wonder what I'm buying for christmas."
           \_ PC R))LEZ!! MAC DR))LEZ!!!1
                   \_ Are what they said still more or less valid, now that
                      it's been two decades and the industry has been moving
                      \_ kubi seemed to have recommended the reading to us.
                         he didn't recommend anything more recent but probably
                         because more recent work in architecture isn't
                         focused on ISA as much as it was in the 80's
                      \_ Even x86 implementations have some sort of RISC
                         core that is given a CISC interface.  RISC introduced
              follow-up letters at
                         a number of principles that are still considered
                         valid such as uniform instruction length, pipelining,
                         on and on.
        \_ There's an article in a past issue of "Reason" magazine about
           history's influence in choice between technologies.  It didn't talk
           about RISC vs. CISC, but it talked about PC/DOS/Windows vs. Mac,
           QWERTY vs. Dvorak, Beta vs. VHS, etc.  I don't have the issue with
           me right now though.  -- yuen
           \_ Do you mean: (and
              follow-up letters at
                                        [url fixed]
                \_ _excellent_ article.
              \_ Wow!  Yeah, that's the article I read.  I didn't know the
                        \- helpful.    /- not helpful.
                 magazine has a web site.  -- yuen
                 \_ Your tenses do not match.  ^has^had
                    \_ actually that is just fine.  He read the article in
                       past.  HE didn't know the web site existed in the
                       present.  Those are two different statements.
                       If you are gonna be a grammar cop get it right.
                    \_ Your tenseness is showing.  Loosen up.
                    \_ Your value-add is null.
        \_ Found this article on the subject:
1999/12/7-9 [Uncategorized] UID:17019 Activity:nil
12.8    I wonder if we can get rainbow to let soda borrow one of these.
        with all these ssl / ssh connections....
        \_ Ask.
1999/12/7 [Uncategorized] UID:17020 Activity:high
12/7    Any suggestion for a cool high-tech gift priced within $100?
        \_ SparcStation IPC
        \_ yermom
           \_ she's fairly low-tech
              \_ not so. she was the inspiration behind USB:
                 You can plug just about anything in
        \_ a zip drive?  how about a bunch of recordable cds?
           or better yet, why bow down to this over consummerist society.
           give a gift that actually means something, like your time
        \_ How about you provide some context so someone can suggest something
           that might be appropriate instead of randomly spewing on the motd?
1999/12/7-9 [Uncategorized] UID:17021 Activity:nil
12/7    Looking for recomendations on web sites to compare TV features.
        It would be great if one had a serious buying guide as well.
        - seidl
        \_ Get some sun.
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