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1999/12/5 [Reference/Celebration] UID:17007 Activity:high 66%like:16967 66%like:16973 66%like:17999
12/4    Happy Birthday Sameer!
        \_ Sameer, make sure to call this person a twink for anonymity.
                \_ I still don't understand why geordan called somebody
                        a twink for greeting geordan happy birthday...
1999/12/5 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:17008 Activity:nil
12/4    How relevant is the CS GRE to getting into grad school?
        How relevant is the CS GRE to having a nice life there?

[bill gates flamebait deleted]
1999/12/5-7 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Virus] UID:17009 Activity:high
12/5    Does anyone know of a text-based threaded newsreader (like trn)
        which correctly interprets html (like lynx)?  -John
        \_ Lynx can be used as a newsreader. Have you tried to see
           if it will interpret html in that mode?
        \_ trn4 renders html as text - if you want to follow links, set up
           trn to use metamail and put lynx in your .mailcap for text/html
        \_ I use Outlook.
           \_ And since when does that virus ridden piece of Monopolyware
              count as a text-based newsreader?
                \_ It isn't virus ridden.  So called macro viruses are the
                   result of stupid people executing attachments.  They
                   deserve what they get.  -never had a computer virus
                   \_ how do you *know* it isn't virus ridden?
                \_ the latest one doesn't require them to do anything except
                   run outlook; the virus is executed when they view their
                   incoming messages.  But yes, you do deserve what you
                   will get. -tom
                   \_ Yeah yeah whatever.  It doesn't exist and it's been
                      patched for anyway for months.  Show me the source and
                      I'll believe it.  -never seen a virus
                      \_ open your eyes first.
                         \_ Only stupid people get virused. -never seen a virus
                      \_ It does exist, struck several major companies a
                         couple of weeks ago and was written up in every
                         major newspaper.
                         \_ bullshit.  the "view my mail and get virused" virus
                            doesn't exist anywhere but in a lab.  Show me the
                            URL which says this particular "virus" hit any real
                            companies.  You can't because it hasn't.
                                -never seen a virus
                         \_ the newspapers lied.  it's all part of a u.s.
                            government conspiracy to discredit microsoft,
                            a great american freedom-loving company.  besides,
                            i don't read the newspaper.  -never seen nothing
                                        Shouldn't this be signed "Bill"? _/
                                        \_ Which Bill?  G. or C.?
                   \_ Some AV companies claim they're anonymously sent code in
                      email is not the same as "the sky is falling!  reading
                      email can spread herpes and get your daughter pregnant!"
                      When I see the code which might take advantage of a
                      previously patched bug I'll believe it.  Even then, it's
                      nothing more important than crashing an NT machine by
                      telnetting to it's wins name port and typing stuff
                      (fixed in SP1).  If you don't patch (for *any* system)
                      you get raped and you deserve it.
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