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1999/12/4-6 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:17003 Activity:low
12/4    So how do I figure out the record structure of some log file that cannot
        be viewed with 'vi', 'cat', etc.  Do I need to use getc/putc, go thru one
        character at a time, and figure it out myself?  'Strings' doesn't seem to
        help much either.  -mtbb
        \_ Log file from what?
        \_ Just dump it with od -c (or whatever flavour of dumps you
           prefer). Then go through it and look for recognizable
           information.  -alexf
1999/12/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:17004 Activity:high
12/4    Ok so there's a hard mail quota and a soft mail quota but why are
        they so insanely high?  No one should be storing 15+ megs in their
        spool for an extended period of time.
        \_ Why are you questioning having a lot of disk space? better
           to have too much than too little.
           \_ Because people abuse it and fill the partition and then no one
              can get their mail if soda's mail spool is the final destination.
              That's not clear?
              \_ Yes it's not clear since only a handful are even remotely
                 close to using their full 15 megs.
                \_ Duh, hello, welcome to Cal.  The point being that 15 megs
                   was way too generous in the first place not that they'd all
                   hit 15 megs.  Point being cap should be lowered to 2 or 3
                   megs.  Have the entrance standards to Cal really dropped
                   so low that basic reading comp is no longer required?  Or
                   is this just a motd problem?  Should I be tossing Cal
                   resumes out of hand instead of giving bonus points for it?
                   \_ point noted, but let's not forget that stupidity is
1999/12/4 [Computer/Rants] UID:17005 Activity:nil
12      So I here this senator make a remark on a radio address saying that
        if Bill Gates wanted to teach a course in computer science he should
        be allowed to because of his level of expertise in the area. Anyone
        find our politicians somewhat idiotic?
        \_ I bet he knows more about software engineering than you do
           \_ A. computer science != software engineering.
                 \_ also, bill gates != computer science
                          bill gates != software engineering
              B. knowledge != ability to teach
              C. the fact that whatever politician is responsible for the
                 remark thinks himself capable of judging this is laughable
                 in itself.
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