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1999/12/1 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Computer/SW/Security] UID:16982 Activity:very high
        \_ death to the protesters.  We need martial law.  Every single
           protester on TV ended up being an unemployed laborer who basically
           wants us to pay $75 for a made-in-America Tickle Me Elmo.
           \_ The TV coverage was biased beyond belief.  You've been taken by
              the mass media.  Use your mind, not your TV remote.  The WTO is
              evil.  One-World Government is evil.  I don't hate you, but I do
              pity you.  --eyes open, TV off
              \_ PAT!  PAT!  PAT!  PAT FOR PRESIDENT!!!!  HE'LL SAVE US
                \_ Pat is an idiot.  I don't care about your job.  I care about
                   your air.
        \_ This is called a "Denial of service attack", not a
           "sit-in". Dont kid yourselves, this is bordering on
           illegal, if not actually illegal. The webpage
           owners are setting themselves up for
           "Incitement to commit a crime" or something. And
           personally, I hope they get arrested on those charges.
            \_ guess what, sit-ins are illegal too.  And if you see how it is
               set up it won't do anything unless tons of people participate
               \_ It would be far better to just have a petition, with
                  thousands of names. otherwise,it will beseen as
                  a few hundred people trying to interfere with "progress".
                  This is an artificial attempt to magnify the effect that
                  a few hundred people can have.
                  Because if it actually made thousands of people
                  actually "sign" their names, clinton would actually
                  \_ Are you really this stupid?  Do you know hte difference
                     between a sit-in and a petition?  Sheesh... kids.
        \_ They're making the dangerous assumption that the average Joe
           actually *cares* enough to turn on his WebTV and point it at a
           WTO Web site in the first place . . .
                \_ Who the hell do you think stopped the WTO today?  The
                   streets were packed with average Joes you cynical fuck nut.
                   \_ now THAT (unfortunately) will have an effect.
                      Killing the web site with a DOS attack, will
                        \_ I chose not to participate in the DOS.  It seemed
                           pointless.  I'm still opposed the WTO and in favor
                           of almost any protest opposing the WTO.
        \_ For what its worth the WTO is a serious issue, deserving alot
           more attention than its given in the media.  Whether the US
           should be in the WTO is questionable, and bringing China into
           the WTO would be a blunder.
           \_ WTO rules!  Don't turn US into inward-looking Ming dynasty
              China!  Unilateralism will make the US into a leader
              without followers!
                \_ shut up achoi
                   \_ Who's that?
                \_ Don't turn the US into a lackey of the One World Government.
                   By the people, for the people.  Not whatever tiny scrap of
                   empowerment the OWG _lets_ you have.  The WTO is evil.
        \_ Fuck the WTO, the UN, and all One World Government stupidity.
           \_ of course, this idea does not exclude the similar idea that
              the WTO rioters all deserve a swift kick to the head while
              being dunked in toilet water diarrhea.  Moron fuck-ups.
                \_ No.  They deserve to be honored as the heros they are.  The
                   anti-WTO protesters have a very clear idea of what's going
                   on.  If you looked up from your Quake3 once in a while and
                   looked around, you might also.  Death to the WTO and all
                   other One World Governemtn anti-people organisations.
                   \_ PAT!  PAT!  PAT!  PAT FOR PRESIDENT!!!  HE'LL SAVE US
                        \_ It's not about jobs.  It's about clean air and
1999/12/1 [Transportation/Car, Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:16984 Activity:moderate
11/30   How do I auto-indent/tab a block in emacs?
        Esc, ctrl-\
        \_ Thanks.  This entry will be deleted shortly...
        \_ Meta-Control-Right-Shift-NumPad9-auto-indent-and-tab-level8
1999/12/1-2 [Politics/Foreign] UID:16985 Activity:high
11/30   O.k. without breaking out the knee-jerk, John Birch society
        nonsense, can someone tell me what is wrong with the WTO?
        N.B.  I don't want to hear from any whiny "their stealing our
        jobs" morons either.  If you don't accept the basic tenent that
        free/open trade is good, you are to far removed from my values
        for any dialogue to be useful.
        \_ What's up with the knee-jerk "free market" is good nonsense?  We
           do not live in a free market economy in the US.  The rest of the
           world is even less free.  IMO, you're confused about the way it is.
        \_ the United States was formed to get away from being controlled
           by foreign governments, but the WTO is superceding US Laws
           overwriting the will of the people of the US, there it is sort
           of like destroying your freedom and giving it back to the New world
        \_ The WTO has only one goal: to make money for it's members at any
           cost.  I'm all forcapitalism but not the free wheeling totally
           open no laws market the WTO fosters.  For those confused about
           the US, we do *not* have a free market economy.  Our economy is
           very controlled and regulated.  That's why you can still drink
           the water and breath the air (mostly).  The WTO version of the world
           would sell you a gas mask, bottled water from their water
           purification plant, and serve you tuna with a healthy amount of
           dolphin mixed in (as long as we still have dolphins and they don't
           harvest the tuna to extinction).  Money at all costs.  There are
           no other considerations to the WTO.  If you like being able to
           breath the air, drink the water, and walk the earth, you'll be
           against the WTO.  It has nothing to do with the JBS.  Free and open
           trade is good, but not totally free everything at the expense of
           the future.
           order scum.
                \_ Exactly.
           \_ What specific US Law is the WTO going to supercede?
              The US is not an isolated nation.  It's going to
              have to trade with other nations, or lose out.  So,
              the question is, given the above, is WTO beneficial
              to the US as compared to no WTO, or a WTO without
        \_ I just love how a group that is nothing more than a glorified
              the US.  I agree that environmental and labor
              concerns should be looked into, but this irrational
              total rejection of it is silly.
              \_ I rationally reject an organisation that seeks to punish the
           \_ urlP?  (riotP?)
                \_ Will that effect my  stock option price ?
                 US and declare illegal our environmental laws because some
                 South Americans were upset that we wouldn't let their
                 polution creating products into our country.  I rationally
                 reject an organisation that seeks to punish the US and
                 delcare illegal our denial of tuna from other nations that
                 was not harvested in a dolphin safe manner.  I rationally
                 reject the WTO and all other multinational mega corps that
                 are responsible to no one.  I rationally reject the One
                 World Government.  I'm willing to trade quite happily with
                 other nations but not at the expense of the environment
                 because other nations find sloppy tuna fishing to be easier
                 and more profitable.
        \_ 1. you are right, it's mostly a bunch of whiney
           "they're stealing our jobs that we would never do for that
            pay anyway" people
           2. They ARE stealing our spelling, apparently.
                \_ woops, speaking of morons, apparently, i can lump me
                   into that group.  However, you are being too kind
                   referring to the their/they're error as a spelling
                   error.  Umm, i mean I MEANT to do that. It's a quote! i
                   was making fun of those people, dummy.
                        \_ No, you just can't spell.  You're an idiot.
        \_  jus love how a group that is nothing more than a glorified
           multinational multi-corporation lobbying group uses a .org
           domain name.  Phillip.
        \_ The WTO overturns local & national laws in the name of fair trade,
           even consumer protection and environmental protection laws.
           \_ Wow. S.O. couldn't convince the consumers pollution is good.
              It couldn't convince the government. It couldn't BRIBE the
              government. So now it's trying to make the government
              \_ what's S.O.?
                 \_ Standard Oil
1999/12/1-2 [Industry/Jobs] UID:16986 Activity:very high
12/1    What's the best site for salary information in Silicon Valley?
        You hear all these people getting mega bucks, but seeing the real
        average (including UCB EECS/CS salary information) would be nice.
        \_ Useful Answers under this subheading
                \_ There aren't any is the sad truth.  Salaries are random.
        \_ Useless Answers under this subheading, babe
                \_ So if I want to hire a website, it costs 80k?  babe?
                \_ $80k, babe.
                   \_ for what?
                      \_ for a website babe
                        \_ So if I want to hire a website, it costs 80k?
                           \_ no you idiot. "website babes" get paid 80k.
                                \_ your website babe is underpaid.
                                   \_ she doesn't do anal
                       \_ there are babes in this field?  Where?
                \_ It's not 80k average for anything.
1999/12/1-6 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:16987 Activity:nil
12/1    friend told me about this internet startup job opportunity but it's
        not what i'm looking for - figured someone here might be interested:
        "Join the leading information-based portal site with e-commerce and
        e-community services for Chinese Internet users worldwide.   Located in
        Irvine, CA, looking for talented web developers with the following
        experience: 2-3 yrs UNIX OS and SQL interface, proficient in java,
        C/C++, shell code dev, web programming & e-commerce site dev."
        email jng for more info.
        \_ Do I need to be Chinese or fluent?
        \_ shouldn't this go to the /csua/pub/jobs soon?
1999/12/1-3 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:16988 Activity:nil
12/1    I'm trying to set up netscape to view postscript files automatically
        using gs.  Is this the right program to use?  It seems to nearly
        work using /usr/local/bin/gs %s, but it bombs out when gs returns the
        interactive GS> prompt, and there doesn't seem to be any way to make
        gs non-interactive.
        \_ No it's not.  gs is the raw interpreter - you want ghostview or gv
           for user interface.
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