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1999/11/27-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:16956 Activity:very high
11/27   i have a question fer ya.  i am looking for a place or site from
        which i can buy posters of the pictures the hubble telescope has
        recorded.  some sweet shit for sure.  crazy beautiful constellations,
        nebulas, galaxies.  amazing.  Any Ideas?
        \_ pokemon around the nasa web site and you can find a lot of cool images
           FOR FREE.
        \_ poke around the nasa web site and mew can find a lot of cool
           images FOR FREE.   [corrected to 80 columns, pokemon destroyed]
        \_ You're not gonna find any images of constellations from hubble,
           fucknut, be they crazy or beautiful or whatever. I don't know
           hubble's visible angular diameter but it's pretty fuckin small.
           Of course, you could try to piece together collections of
           images taken under the same magnifications but why not just get
           yourself a cheap reflector on a dobsonian mount or something?
           They're like $300-400 for a 6' and they're pretty fuckin good.
           A lot cheaper than the >$2000 catadioptric fuckers.
  has some made by Orion, I think.
           \_ Because the guy only wants a $15 poster that looks good on his
              dorm wall, not a $350 dust magnet?
              \_ actually, it's for a girl.
                \_ Same thing.  The only reason to put anything on your dorm
                   wall is to "look cool" (as if that's possible living in
                   the dorms) so you can get laid.  Somehow I doubt geeky
                   stellar images will do it though.  I hope your wannabe date
                   is an astro major or asked for it or something.
                   \_ actually, she graduated about a year ago.
                        \_ If she's not an astro geek you're a fool.  "Jimmy is
                           so nice!  Look at this poster he got me!  I wore the
                           sexy panties you like so much!  Bobby, where's
                           your condom?"
                           \_ actually, she asked me for where to get stuff.
                           \_ another loser will never get laid.
                                \_ "Oh thanks, Jimmy!!  I just love the
                                    poster! You're such a nice guy!  Have you
                                    seen Bobby?  I need to get laid!"  I'm
                                    married so I don't have to put up with
                                    that BS any more but this guy is being
                                    used.  When he runs out of posters and his
                                    shoulder is too wet to cry on about her
                                    various boyfriends, he'll never see her
                                    \_ Damn man you've got some major
                                       emotional/relationship issues on
                                       your mind.  Maybe you should seek
                                       professional help to deal with your
                                       mysogynistic rage.  Of course, you're
                                       probably right about astroboy and
                                       his poster-grubbing pseudo-gf. *shrug*
                                       \_ I love women.  I hate stupid selfish
                                          women.  I hate the men that enable
                                          those women.  And yes, I'm right.
                                          No, I have no relationship issues.
        \_ "Lying in my plastic bed, yeah I borrrowed that line from a friend,
           You call me when you  fight each week, your tears and his cum
           running down your cheek.  You say its good we're only friends,
           well all good things come to an end, I can't say that I understand
           why you love to hate this man."
           \_ What is this quoted from?
           \_ I can't understand why both men and women are this stupid.
                \_ You people are so broken it's almost but not quite funny.
Useful     \       Poster boy:  you might want to check by the Rand McNally
Information |->    map shop in San Francisco, they occasionally have some cool
Alert!!    /       space posters.  Or any Nature Company/clone.  -John
                   \_ Thanks John for finally sending a real signal through
                        all the noise.
        \_ [deleted]
        \_ Cal-Tech Gift shop has tons of them.
1999/11/27 [Uncategorized] UID:16957 Activity:high
26 Nov 1999     Oh my god!!!! The bastards, they killed the MOTD!!!!
                \_ But just like Kenny, it will come back, grow, and
                   be killed again, only to come back again.
                \_ Here it is.
1999/11/27-12/1 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:16958 Activity:moderate
11/27   What's on port 98 that various script weenies are trying to abuse on
        my machine?  Soda's /etc/services says TAC News which means nothing
        to me.  I don't run anything on 98 or have a /etc/services line for
        it and wasn't able to find an obvious exploit on the net.  Just
        \_ use linux. ride bike. problem solved.
           \_ U53 W1ND0Z3 MAN. W1N98 15 50 KRAD. 1T CAN RUN 3V3RYTH1N6
              THAT L1NUX CANT MAN. SO USE W1ND0Z3 CUZ 1T5 C00L
        \_ On RedHat distros there's linuxconf running on that port.
                \_ thanks.
            \_ I thought ports were for communications from comp-to-comp.
               (e.g. things like http, ftp, telnet, mail) Why does
                linuxconf need a port?
                \_ Why does swat (samba config) need a port?  Ports are for
                   communication.  Not necessarily client/server or host/host.
                \_ What if you're a sysadmin administering a whole cluster
                   of linux boxes - wouldn't it be useful to be able to run
                   linuxconf on them from your desktop?  (Maybe not secure,
                   but most linux distros prefer useful & cool over secure.)
                   \_ I've been trying to find the RIDEBIKE! port... can you
                      help?  TIA.
                   \_ Does linuxconf allow you to act on multiple boxes at
                      once?  If not, why not just telnet/ssh/whatever in
                      and run it like that?  If so, how?, if not, how do i
                      disallow remote access to linuxconf? (without
                      firewall or other packet filtering/port blocking)
                        \_ comment it out of /etc/services.
                                \_ Removing things from /etc/services is
                                   almost always the wrong answer.  Learn
                                   the right way and you won't fail when
                                   faced with a box using NIS/NIS+/LDAP/whatever
                                   instead of /etc files.  Try /etc/inetd.conf
                                   or the rc script that starts it.
                                   \_ NIS/LDAP are dead.  Give me /etc/services
                                      or give me death.
1999/11/27-12/1 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16959 Activity:nil
11/27  SAS gurus - what the SAS-UNIX command to increase the total memory
        allocated to SAS while it processes a job? Am without access
        to my local SAS guru this weekend. -fab
        \_ use linux. ride bike. problem solved.
           \_ U53 W1ND0Z3 MAN. W1N98 15 50 KRAD. 1T CAN RUN 3V3RYTH1N6
              THAT L1NUX CANT MAN. SO USE W1ND0Z3 CUZ 1T5 C00L
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