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1999/11/25-2000/4/27 [Uncategorized] UID:16952 Activity:nil
03/01   ONCE AGAIN, CLEAN UP YOUR CRAP IN /var/mail! --root
        \_ Addendum: If you are interested in making hardware donations or
           $ for hardware, contact vice-president@csua (mikeh).  For all
           other donations, contact president@csua (dans).
        \_ If you are interested donating to the CSUA, mail donations@csua
1999/11/25-27 [Reference/Religion, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:16953 Activity:high
11/25   Today I give thanks that I am not a h0zer.
        \_ It's TG and you're writing on the motd.  Thus, you are a h0zer.
           And a lamer as well.
           \_ "Lest he without sin cast the first stone...."
           \_ "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone...."
                \_ Duh, gee whiz you're clever.  I never claimed not to be a
                   h0zer or lamer.  I also didn't go on the motd to proclaim
                   it.  Also, you're misquoting the Bible.  If you're going to
                   bother quoting garbage at least quote it properly.
                   \_ Who said it was a quote from the Bible, lamer?
                        \_ Of course it's a Bible quote.  Don't even try to
                           pretend you didn't fuck up the Bible quote.  Don't
                           try to go there.  This isn't 3rd grade anymore.
        \_ Today I give thanks that my account has not been sorried.

all pre-tg crap removed.
                \_ Tom?
1999/11/25-27 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/OS] UID:16954 Activity:high
11/25   Thought of the day: why hasn't anyone thought of trying a class
        action suit against M$ for providing the OS due to whose incompetence
        90% of currently existent viruses were created? Same goes for the
        new wave of M$ Office/Outlook exploits. This should warrant at
        least a 10-digit number in punitive damages (if not 11 or 12), no?
        (And no, I don't observe thanksgiving).
        \_ read the agreement on the package.
           \_ EULA or not -- as far as I know, _even_ if one agrees to some
              disclaimer, the disclaimer can be deemed invalid under certain
           \_ My EULA says that upon opening the shrinkwrap (which is required
              or you can't read the EULA) that you owe me your body, mind, soul
              and all personal wealth past, present, or future unless you live
              in Guam, the Virgin Islands, or Idaho where this agreement does
              not apply.  In return you are allowed to use my software on one
              computer until such time as I feel otherwise and you have no
              recourse if I break your computer or the software does nothing
              because the CD is a blank.  You agreed to all this upon opening
              the shrinkwrap.  Now that you understand how a M$ EULA works,
              you think it'll protect them from any lawsuits?
              \_ heh it would seem that YOU don't understand much about the
                 law.  to answer your (idiotic and uninformed) question,
                 no, that probably won't, and if you didn't spend all your
                 time wacking off to nudie pics downloaded from the web
                 you'd realize that there are already lawsuits that have been
                 filed in response to the findings of fact.  Stop posting
                 on the motd until your mind is at least 8 years old.  Oh and
                 happy thanksgiving.
                 \_ There's no connection between the monopoly issue, which'll
                    certainly see the light of day time and time again, and
                    what I'm talking about above. The OTHER sin that M$ is
                    guilty of is writing shitty code, shitty enough to create
                    a cottage industry of virii for their platform of
                    unparallelled dimensions. I'm sure I don't need to bring
                    up specific instances... we've all heard more than we
                    wanted to about the recent Outlook exploits. The question
                    is why THAT hasn't gone to court yet. -original poster
                    wanted to about the recent Outlook/Office exploits. The
                    question is why THAT hasn't gone to court yet.
                      -original poster [not author of the 2nd EULA post above]
1999/11/25 [Uncategorized] UID:16955 Activity:nil
10/23   \_ thank you!  that will work too.  I thought there was a simple
              way to do this on soda.  But gcc on dos will work.
           \_ so erase your fucking motd entry already
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