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1999/11/24-26 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16949 Activity:high
11/23   How do I count the number of times a single character occurs in
        a text file?
        \_ tr -dc '*' <sky | wc -c          # count the stars in the sky
           \_ Much appreciated.
           \_ very poetic. i like it.       _/
              \_ so a girl must have written it.  yet at the same time,
                 only a guy would try to pack different unix shell
                 functionality onto a single line.  so who's the author?
                 \_ an effeminate sodan (and how rare are those?)
                 \_ Males aren't creative?  Females can't use unix?  You're
                    an idiot.  It happens to be an old line.
                    \_ Therefore, it had to be written by a guy, since
                       there are no (ancient) female unix programmers.
                        \_ Uh yeah...  Even if so (it's not), being old means
                           even someone new could know it.  So it *must* be
                           a hermaphrodite.  Uh yeah.  That's it.  :-)
                           \_ I meant "written by", in the sense of
                              'FIRST written by'
                                \_ Oh.  In that case it isn't funny.  It was
                                   funny the other way.
        \_ while ((c=getchar()) != EOF) {
            if c=yourchar ...
        \_ perl -e '.....
        \_ Can't ED do this quite easily?
1999/11/24-26 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:16950 Activity:moderate
11/23   Help!  I have a p133 laptop and the floppy and crdom broke
        How do I reformat and reinstall on the hd? what files to I copy
        to the zip drive from my osr2 cd?
        \_ I thought the whole .cab set fits on a zip?  I think you need the
           pre-cab files and the first few cab files plus all/most of the
           non-cab files.  Your zip drive boots?
           \_ You need the \win95 directory, and some way to boot. You might
              try laplink to transfer th' files after you reformat. It might
              save you a lot of hassle to format c: /s so your hard drive boots.
                \_ Need the \win95\system dir too?
                   \_ that's the Windoze Compact Disc \win95 directory
        \_ cool thanks guys, I know what to copy onto my zip drive
           Considering my floppy is broken, how do I format, reinstall
           and reboot?  I tried rebooting with the zip and it didn't work
           \_ If your zip isn't bootable, you may be fucked.  Borrow a cdrom
              and be done with it.
1999/11/24-26 [Finance/Investment] UID:16951 Activity:moderate
11/24   Can anyone recommend a good online stock trading site?  I heard
        about datek, is it any good?
        \_ I suggest you invest in futures. You can lose more that way
                \_ Pork bellies are my favorite.
                        \_ PPOOOOOORRRRKKKK!!!!! --oj
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