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1999/11/16 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16891 Activity:low
11/15   I just realized that I have 5 different copies of JVM on my NT
        (and they sure take up a lot of space!!!) Is there an easy way
        to consolidate them? I have 1.1.4 all the way to 1.2. Thanks!
        \_ Reformat hard drive.  Re-install NT. (yes i suck. no not like that)
        \_ del /s /q  jvm1.1.4/*.*
1999/11/16 [Computer/Rants] UID:16892 Activity:low
11/15   Bill Gates @Comdex: does further blatant embrace & extend on JAVA.
        Write once, run anywhere, so long as it's on a M$ platform.
        \_ Write Once, Test Everywhere.
        \_ Write once, brainwash your audience into thinking that Microsoft
           is a kind compassionate business advancing technology and protecting
           your "right to innovate" and that Linux and Sun are pure evil.
                \_ I'll bet BG doesn't even *own* a BIKE! much less RIDE! one.
1999/11/16 [Computer/Networking] UID:16893 Activity:high
11.15   Hi,we have wires installed in Stebbins.  We are trying to choosei
        iwhat services we want from what ISP.  I am the only person
        in this house runnin non - windows .  What do you think we should
        get - there are 84 of us.  We are getting 4/5 hubs.
                                    \_ 0.8 hubs may not be enough, ya know...
        \_ you mean... news service?
        \_ ??  You need IP addresses.  Probably handed out via DHCP.  You need
           email server access an want access to their newsfeed.  What else is
           there that you don't get from a web browser?
        Ok, that I understand.  This works well for Joe Schmo the avg user/
        por/mp3/ warez downloader.  But I actually wanted to have a static
        ip for my box so I can log into it from elsewhere.  AWhat should I
        fight for?  Does anyone else have dsl who logs into their home machine?
        \_ I have DHCP.  I login to home from elsewhere.  DHCP != can't remote
           login.  DHCP = your IP *may* change every few months... maybe.
           Yes, static is better, but they can change that on you, too.  To be
           quite honest, you sound like Joe Schmoe to me.  Those who know don't
           tell and those who tell don't know.  You don't sound very bright.
           You should already know what you need if you're not a Schmoe.  You
           don't sound any more clueful than the 'd0ze y00zerz in your house.
        \_ oh gawd.  My past is coming back to haunt me.  Are people still
           playing Super Mario Kart in the TV room? -1 year Stebbins alumnus
           \_ of course; i'm trying to get them to pay for a flat screen LCD
              projector, but I think the room is too shallow
        \_ You need people with a clue running network services there. --jon
           \_ you aren't going to get that in this environment...unless
              you mean the isp, which is so far suggested to be DNAI.
              anyone have any trouble with DNAI?   - and no, there isn't
              anyone guaranteed to have any clue monotoring the hardware on
              this's the co-op system.  1 person figures out something
              everyone else leeches.
1999/11/16-17 [Politics/Domestic] UID:16894 Activity:high
11/15   Why does the US Constitution states the separation between
        church and state, while in court people are required to take the
        oath "...... So help me God." ?  -- yuen
        \_ Sue Yuen!
        \_ Boy you are asking for trouble aren't you?  Let me tell you
           right off that that kind of logical thinking is HIGHLY frowned
           upon by society. But, at the risk of being denounced, i'll lead
           you further into temptation... 1st) "the separation of church
           and state" comes from a letter from Jefferson (1802) in regards
           to the first amendment and is nowhere found in the constitution.
                Clearly the first amendment was a guarantee of Freedom of
           Religion, specifically to be free from undue gov't restriction.
           It was not designed nor intended to allow gov't to impose
           secularism on the masses.  This contemporary concept (more
           aptly: "freedom FROM religion.") is a creation of the soft-
           minded liberal, with no respect for reason, history or law.
                -crebbs (who believes that religion is a crutch and is
           astounded to see how many individuals are hell bent on kicking
           a crutch out from under intellectual cripples).
           \_  Softminded liberals indeed.
           \_ Oh, I thought the requirement is in the constitution, according
              -- yuen
              "The justices agreed to review ...... violated the constitutional
              requirement on church-state separation ......" -- yuen
              \_ Please note that yahoo news != supreme court justice.
                 Try reading the actual constitution sometime.  You
                 might even come to a similar conclusion as crebbs.  -emarkp
        \_ You aren't required to say "so help me God".  Only to swear to
           tell the truth, whole truth, nothing but the truth.  God won't
           help you if you lie and get slapped with a perjury charge or
           something equally unpleasant depending on the case.
1999/11/16 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:16895 Activity:low
11/15   Netscape and IE seem to want to launch apps (Acroread) inside the
        browser. Is there a way to make them launch outside? Thanks.
        \_ Download .pdf.  Run acroread on .pdf.
        \_ Go into your preferences and set them not to use the Acrobat
           plugin or activex control (or delete the plugin/control)
1999/11/16-17 [Computer/Networking] UID:16896 Activity:moderate
11/16   I have two linux machines with ethernet cards.  If I want to
        connect the two machines can I just connect them with an
        ethernet cable and do
        # ifconfig eth0 up
        # route add -host eth0
        on the first machine and
        # ifconfig eth0 up
        # route add -host eth0
        on the second machine?  I tried this but when I try pinging
        from either machine to other I don't get any response.  I know
        both ethernet cards are properly installed and the cable works
        because I have succesfully connected each computer to my cable
        modem.  Any thoughts?
        \_ You can think of a crossover cable like shaking someone else's
           hand.  Your right can only shake the other person's right
           so you need to crossover your hands.  A hub has the same effect.
           You should use the 192.168.x.x IP range since that is reserved
                              \_ 10/8 is also reserved RFC 1918
        \_ I _think_ you might need a crossover cable between the two
           NICs. I believe the cable modem does this crossover
           internally. -- jsjacob
           for local area networks.
           \_ What is a crossover cable and how is it different from
              a regular ethernet cable?  Do I just go to a computer
              store and ask for a "crossover cable"?  Would connecting
              the two computers through a hub using regular ethernet
              cables work?  Thanks.
                \_ They tend to be red or something like that.
              \_ Yes, you can go to the store and ask for an ethernet
                 crossover cable. If you have the materials, you can
                 also build one yourself. Yes, connecting through a hub
                 would also work. -- jsjacob
        \_ I'm assuming you're using UTP cable.  Yes, if there is no hub
           involved and you want to link just two PCs, you need a $2-8
           crossover cable.
1999/11/16-17 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:16897 Activity:high
11/16   Trevor Buckingham strikes again!  ucb.class.cs61c titled "WHAT?".
        How do we kick him out of the major?  He's got to have violated
        some university policies with those postings.
        \_ Better to let him stay in the major. He'll be a minor PITA to
           the professors as he moves through the system, but he'd be a
           better example on the inside than litigant if thrown out.
        \_ I read his post which is filled with explitives and insults.
           Clearly this kind of post is unprofessional and unproductive.
           However, some of his arguments make sense.  Also, when I was
           taking the the 61 series I thought the tests were poorly written.
           I find it easy to believe that someone who knows computer science
           very well could fail to do well on a 61[abc] test. -alum
        \_ I didn't read his post but anyone babbling expletives on a public
           university newsgroup reserved for class use should be shot and
           forgotten.  They're doing more harm than good by making others with
           similar complaint get dismissed out of hand and rightly so.  The
           world isn't fair.  Berkeley isn't fair.  Shit isn't fair.  Tough
           shit.  Deal with it.  That's the lesson Berkeley teaches you.  It
           isn't about classes and midterms.  -other alum
           \_ Maybe you learned to be passive and weak at Berkeley, but that
              doesn't make it Berkeley's "lesson".
              \_ YA VOL!  SIEG HEIL!  HEIL!  SIEG HEIL!  Yes my brother
                 we can begin Das Final Solution!  Kill the weak and
                 the jews!
                \_ No, I learned to pick my battles and how to fight them.
                   Going off like a babbling moron on a class newsgroup isn't
                   being strong and non-passive.  It's just plain stupid.
                   There's no other word for it except synonyms for "stupid".
                   Call yourself the mighty slayer of bad tests and a force
                   for change all you like but ranting like a whiney moron
                   child will not change anything and might make it worse.
                   The Berkeley lesson, in part, is how to deal with life.
                   Dealing with life successfully *never* includes childish
                   ranting.  Maybe on your planet or in your mind but not on
                   the planet most of us hail from.  Nice ad hominen sans
                   backing, btw.  What would *you* say the lesson is?  That
                   one should make a complete jackass of one's self anytime
                   things don't go entirely one's way?  Anyway, 61abc aren't
                   about "knows computer science very well".  Until you've
                   gotten into some of the higher level Ugrad and Grad courses,
                   you're not doing computer science; you're just hitting
                   buttons and trying not to get weeded out.
                \_ For many majors at Berkeley, you're not here to learn.
                   You're just another cow with a number.  More often than
                   not, it's just a survival contest.  I can fairly say
                   this after grad. school when you tend to really find out
                   the kind of jerks your profesors are.  They could
                   care less about your difficulties in class.  - bitter alum
                        \_ Bingo.  I was staff, not a grad student and all the
                           profs made it pretty clear the undergrads meant
                           nothing and the grad students were just slave labor.
                           Staff was just a tool.  At least I had a nice stable
                           low paying job until I woke up.  Anyone who thinks
                           Berkeley is about "learning" anything except basic
                           survival is a complete fool.  Maybe it's different
                           in some tiny worthless major without any students,
                           but there's a reason they don't have any.
                           \_ I'm curious:  how did the profs make it clear?
                \_ After 3 semesters here, I fail to see what all this
                   flaming is based on. Yes, profs are busy; often too
                   busy to spend countless hours on students -- but where
                   on earth did you get the idea that you're entitled to this?
                   University education never was, and never will be, one on
                   one tutoring. I, for one, can testify to the fact that
                   I'm learning, and learning at the highest rate that _my_
                   physical limitations allow. That, to me, is a necessary
                   AND sufficient litmus test for what I would call an
                   education. Now PLEASE explain to me (without references
                   to gay sex) why someone would complain. The generic "profs
                   don't give a shit" doesn't cut it, unless you can explain
                   to me why that has hurt your education. -zyqqh
1999/11/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:16898 Activity:nil
11/15   Anyone know what Transmeta does?
        \_ read the HTML source for a "secret message"
1999/11/16-17 [Computer/Companies/Google, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:16899 Activity:high
11/16   google is pulling a yahoo. It has mysteriously decided to
        yank indexing of one of my programs,and there is no reply
        from the feedback form, even though I have heard from them
        on other issues.
        \_ It must be a conspiracy against you personally.  I'm sure that a
           place that's indexing 150+ million pages has time to be deeply
           concerned and personally involved in every single page and to
           reply instantly to every yahoo (heh) who writes in to bitch at
           them for providing free indexing of your crap.  Boo hoo.
           \_ hey jerkface;
              point 1: it used to be in their indexes
              point 2: they skew their indexes by hand sometimes
              point 3: Given that it used to be in their automated
                  indexes, yes, they must have tweaked it by hand.
                  I just want someone from there to say WHY.
                  So who knows someone at google?
              \_ Weak logic here.  Was the algorithm changed?  Perhaps
                 the automated check failed to connect to your site and
                 removed it?  Many more possibilities.  -emarkp
                 \_ My web logs show they visit the page still.
                    In fact,they hit it yesterday, even.
                    And my page is linked to by over 10 other sites.
                    \_ Boo hoo.  Whatever.
1999/11/16-17 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:16900 Activity:nil
11/16   Where is a place to check how much of my tax dollar is put into
        road construction, health care, welfare, defense, education, etc?
        Is the this information public?
        \_ The IRS prints a high level chart each year in the 1040 instructions.
1999/11/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:16901 Activity:nil
11/16   Where is Tom Holub? motd is getting big. If he was still around,
        he would be actively mowing the motd already.
1999/11/16-17 [Computer/SW/Mail, Industry/Jobs] UID:16902 Activity:moderate
11/16   Software co-op positions available at Siebel Systems in
        Emeryville for January-June 2000.  If interested, send resume or
        questions to me at -chaos
        \_ Siebel?  Weren't you doing sendmail?
           \_ Wrong Asian chick, you bonehead.
                \_ They all look the same to me.  Had one asian chick,
                   had em all.
           \_ didn't take long to do sendmail; small company.
1999/11/16 [Uncategorized] UID:16903 Activity:nil
11/17   I am an 31337 w4r3z h4x0r!  T8k m3 2 ur l3ad3r!
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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