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1999/11/9 [Academia/Berkeley/DailyCal] UID:16849 Activity:high
11.8    Is it possible to be a DailyCal editor/cartonist even though I'm
        no longer a student?
        \_ Yes.  The DailyCal is independent of the University and can
           hire whoever they want.  (The University will only give them
           journalism training funds for current students though.)
           \_ what is a "training fund"?
                \_ Money from your tuition & fees.
           \_ So are you saying that if I'm not a student and I want to
                do something for DailyCal, I wouldn't get paid???
           \_ better question, if the daily cal gets "training funds",
              exactly what happens to them? I'd've never guessed from
              looking at it....
              \_ Computers, other capital, and funds to hire workers.
1999/11/9 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:16850 Activity:kinda low
11.8    When I invoke Netscape View Document option, how do I make it so
        that it will launch emacs or notepad.exe instead of the
        lame-o-slow-n-big Netscape viewer?
        \_ Edit the registry.
1999/11/9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16851 Activity:nil
11.8    What kind of free Windows registry editor do experts use?
        \_ ed for Windows.  Only a sexual deviant or a pinko commie symp
           would even possibly consider using anything else.
        \_ I use the default regedit on bot 95/98 and NT.  regedit32 is
           really annoying with all those god damned windows for each hive
           and make searching impossible.  It might be nice to have a more
           advanced tool with better searches, drag'n'drop, cut'n'paste, etc,
           but it's not like you need an emacs/vi quality editor for tweaking
           the registry.
1999/11/9 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:16852 Activity:very high
11/8    Hello how do I use Select statement in mysql to find and display the
        most current pollID, given a table called vbooth_desc from mydb.
        Basically I want $newpoll to always be the greatest pollID #.

        I have tried defining variables with Select that don't work:
        $newpoll=mysql_query("SELECT max(pollID) FROM vbooth_desc") &
        $newpoll=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM vbooth_desc WHERE GREATEST(pollID)

        from mydb.vbooth_desc;

        | Field     | Type      | Null | Key | Default | Extra          |
        | pollID    | int(11)   |      | PRI | 0       | auto_increment |
        | pollTitle | char(100) |      |     |         |                |
        | timeStamp | int(11)   |      |     | 0       |                |
        \_ "select pollID from vbooth_desc order by desc"  maybe... --peterl
        \_ "SELECT * FROM vbooth_desc
            WHERE pollID=(SELECT MAX(pollID) FROM vbooth_desc);"
        \_ What sort of interface are you using?  Your lang looks like perl,
           but the Perl MySQL DBI interface I've seen has you doing stuff
           more like:
           $sth = $dbh->prepare('select max(pollID) from vbooth_desc');
           while ($hash = $sth->fetchrow_hash) { ... }
1999/11/9 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:16853 Activity:high
11/8    According to BeOS at:
        they claim that they can't port BeOS to Mac G3s.  How is it that
        the linux guys can get linux to run on G3s and the BeOS guys can't?
        \_ As I understand, Apple did stuff that makes doing MP on G3's nearly
           impossible.  (But then I haven't been following them for a while)
        \_ Because Linux doesn't do 1/10th the shit BeOS does so they didn't
           need any technical help from Apple.  Before anyone mouths off and
           pulls a knee jerk LINUX RULEZ, YEW DR00LZ!, I've installed and used
           both.  If you haven't tried BeOS, don't bother flaming.  I don't
           RIDE BIKE! either.
1999/11/9 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:16854 Activity:high
8/11    you konw, you americans are strange. why is the it the month first
        then the day? confusing since the month changes only 12 times, but
        the day everyday.. wouldn't it make more sense this way?
        \_ You French people are strange using military time rather than
           twelve hour clocks.
           \_ military time makes SO MUCH more sense. DST is also the
              dumbest thing this country has... that and GWB running for prez
           \_ MTF!  The only thing wrong with DST is that we end it in OcT.
              We should be tacking on more hours until we can eat dinner at
              10pm and still watch the sun set.  You don't understand this
              because your freakish Euro sun doesn't set till 10pm in the
              summer already.  BTW, I'd hate it if my files were dated by
              day and then month.
                \_ Military time makes sense if YOU'RE IN THE MILITARY!  I'm
                   not and quite happy with my AM/PM.  Thanks for the chance
                   to convert to a different yet still completely arbitrary
                   'standard' for marking time.  If you knew anything about
                   this country, you'd know why DST makes perfect sense.
        \_ I dunno about this one, but some of th US's bizarre habits
           date from right after the Revolution.  Supposedly, we were
           trying to be different from the British.
           \_ No.  We continued to follow British standards such as feet and
              pounds and which side of the road.  The British changed later.
              Why do completely ignorant people try to answer simple questions
              on the motd?  Oh yes, it's the motd.  Silly of me.  As far as
              the original question: We don't say "12th of November, 1999".
              We say, "November 12th, 1999".  This turns into months first.
              So, no, you foreign fuck.  It doesn't make more sense to use
              your ill conceived notions of what makes sense.  I suppose you
              might think it makes sense to appease terrorists too.
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