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1999/11/6 [Uncategorized] UID:16834 Activity:very high
11/05   Freedom to Innovate!!!  Screw government.
        \_ Freedom to what?  I'm sorry, that word isn't in my vocabulary.
           -- microsoft empoyee
        \_ You're either stupid or a troll or a M$ stock holder or some
           combination and deserve no further comment.
                \_ I am a millionaire.  Thank you M$ for all the great years
                   that made me a millionaire.
                        \_ Sell now.
1999/11/6-7 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:16835 Activity:high
11/05   Today's the day:
        \_ if i had two pistols i'd run around yelling "yippie kiya"
           and shootings round into the air.
           and shooting rounds into the air.
                \_ The decision made you richer?  I doubt that.
                   \_ Damn straight.  doubt away, baby.
                   \_ There are other reasons to rejoice besides personal
                      wealth.  You might see that one day.
        \_ /csua/tmp/findfact.*
        \_ "The Findings will be posted in two versions, PDF and WordPerfect."
           No MS Word. :-)  -- yuen
           \_ Gov't and law use almost exclusively WordPerfect & PDF.
                \_ Because MSWord doesn't count words correctly by the way
                   the courts want word counts done.  WordPerfect does.
           \_ You can still read WordPerfect document with MS Word. Hahaha!
                \_ "hahaha!"?  Uhm, what decade are you in?  There's been
                   reasonable cross word processor import/exporting for the
                   better part of this decade and it was at least ok in the
                   late 80's.  Are you stoned or something?  I don't get what
                   you're hahaha'ing about.
        \_  Yeah!
        \_ anyone notice that MS is releasing _its_ statement in
           WP format -- which is the first _reference_ to WP I've
           seen on their site? smells cheesy...... =}
           \_ pls see yuen's entry above
1999/11/6 [Uncategorized] UID:16836 Activity:nil
11/05   Come out all ye oppressed trollers, for the time is ripe for trolling!
1999/11/6-7 [Reference/Tax] UID:16837 Activity:nil
11/05   Welkome to AmeriKKKa!  Microsoft and the next President of the United
        States illegally battered with tax payer's money by the Department
        of Injustive in Orwellian conspiracy to destroy this country's
        economy!  Thomas Penfield Jackson: a traitor to all real Americans.
        \_ what they hell are you complaining about.  if anything, this is
           great for northern California's economy since Microsoft has
           shafted almost every company in the Silicon valley.
        \_ must've taken you all night to write such eloquent prose.
                \_ I'm like poetry in motion, baby!  I went to Berkeley.  I
                   can crank out crap like that in my sleep!  And hey, check
                   it out.  Already got a fish on the line.
1999/11/6-7 [Politics/Domestic, Industry/Startup] UID:16838 Activity:kinda low
11/05   CNN says that Amazon and Starbucks are killing mom&pop stores.
        We must boycott Amazon and Starbucks!!!
        \_ No, we must boycott mom&pop stores which over charge you in
           exchange for nothing more than some outmoded feel goodism.  When
           you can only buy cooks from one company, software from one company,
           food from one company, etc. the world will be a better place just
           like Switzerland.
        \_ I say boycott Le Petit Market (that little store down the street
           from Soda Hall). That guys a jerk. His store is just an over-
           sized vending machine. I went in there almost everyday for a while
           and when I finally won a free Mtn Dew under a cap, he charged me
           tax to redeem it. Bastard.
           \_ The guy at Petit Market is cool.  You sound like one of the
              whiney underage drinkers he chases out and refuses to sell to
              who leave his store calling him an asshole after shop lifting
              just to "punish him" for not selling you cheap beer.  Waah, waah,
              waah, you big baby.  I'm not impressed with your silly baby Mtn.
              Dew whine.  Waaaaaaah!  Tell it to someone who gives a shit.
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1999:November:06 Saturday <Friday, Sunday>