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1999/11/5 [Computer/SW/Virus] UID:16832 Activity:very high
11/4    orcad sucks.  if anyone here works for orcad, screw you.  i could
        have written better software on my apple ][e in junior high.  the
        commands are non-intuitive, the documentation sucks, the silly
        little toy cad program that comes with it sucks, the online help sucks,
        and it's unstable.  if you wrote this crap, your a dumb jerk, if
        not, use cadence or something and save yourself.  i had to say that.
        \_ All hail Optimus Prime.
        \_ I wrote OrCAD when I was in 6th grade on my Apple+.  Thanks for
           helping to pay for my college education.  I have enough spare cash
           that I can buy you a dictionary and grammar checker if you'd like.
           Writing OrCAD and loving it!   --not yermom
           \_ i just looked at the cadence website, and they bought orcad,
              so now the enemy is everywhere.  life sucks. stopdriving cars!
                \_ Yeah, I made a killing on the cad thing.
                   \_ you're a buttknoker.  i'm going to write bad software
                   on my hp48gx and make your dumbass use it to design
                   circuit boards, and you'll be sorry.  stopdriving cars.
                        \_ What's a "buttknoker"?  I don't work anymore since
                           selling orcad out to cadence.  All I do is play
                           games, have sex, edit the motd, and travel around
                           the world on my various yachts and jets.
                           \_ i'm going to write a yaght and jett virus on
                              my hp28s and upload it to your ass. stopdriving
                              cars. buttwhompass turncicle.
1999/11/5-12 [Computer/SW/Apps] UID:16833 Activity:high
11/11   **Adobe Systems Infosession, TODAY**: happening from 5-6 PM in the
        Lewis/Latimer Room of the Faculty Club.  We'll be offering the usual
        stuff: refreshments/free food, a raffle for the Adobe product of your
        choice, and details on available jobs for graduating seniors who are
        interested in working on exciting products.  Show up & bring your
        resume.  Any questions, E-mail me.  -- kahogan (khogan@Adobe.COM)
        \_ how many positions are for development vs. testing?
           \_ I don't know what the exact ratio is (because the list I have of
              each group's needs/wants doesn't exactly correspond to currently
              open positions) -- but almost every major group within the
              company looking for NCGs is hiring for both, with the balance
              slanting towards development.  If you're interested in dev
              positions and sound like a good person, that's what I'll
              recommend you for -- I don't try to shoehorn people into QA who
              don't want to go there.  -- kahogan
                \_ CSUA is a sys adm farm. It's a wrong place to recruit dude
                   \_ Unless you want a syadm.
                        \_ work you technopeasant!
                                \_ run you infoslave!
        \_ Don't work for Adobe.  Work for Scientoligy...I mean Microsoft.
           There you'll learn the art of brainwashing, extortion, deception,
           and satanism.
        \_ Still don't like how your company name sounds when spoken out loud.
        \_ ^Faculty^Fight
        \_ Still don't like the way Adobe sounds out loud.
           \_ Get over it.
                \_ I'm in therapy now.  Sending you the bills.
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