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1999/11/4 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:16824 Activity:nil
11/3    Question: If I leave my P3-500mhz laptop running for a couple of
                weeks in my office, will it melt down?
        \_ you must be worried because it's one of those laptops that burns
           holes in your pants if you actually put it on your lap
1999/11/4-5 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:16825 Activity:high
11/3    Job opening for students on University Ave. Can start now or in
        January. See /csua/pub/jobs/ACT for more details.
        \_ You are dreaming/smoking if you think you can get what you
           are looking for at the $ you are offering.
           \_ Is $20/hr for students not having to commute not considered
              decent? I'm making less than $12/hr on campus. Also, most
              students who have taken 61B probably have the requirements
              for that job. Java, HTML, knowledge of network protocols...
              that's all stuff that people should know by the end of their
              freshman year and they can pick up the other details as they
                ^^^^^^^^^\_ BWAHAHAHAHAHAH -- an ex-TA
                            \_ Most dumbasses in industry know less than
                               us elite Cal students right after 61B.
              go along. Fine, the neural network stuff was a little too much
              to ask of most undergraduates, but other than that? Can you
              site other companies close to campus that are willing to pay
              part-time students that much?
              \_ for "experienced"?  how much did you know at the end of
                 your freshman year?  if you're willing to make a 15 hr/week
                 commitment i'm sure there are better opportunities out there.
                 \_ Can you name _one_ in Berkeley?
                        \_ BART isn't that far away.
                           \_ BART + waiting for the BART + time on BART +
                              walk from BART to work doesn't compare with
                              being in Berkeley.
                              \_ ah, but if you *work* for BART,
                              you make over 50k plus benifits, you
                              only  have to know how to press two keys,
                              and you dont even need 61a!
                                \_ Depends on the pay.  A jobless hungry
                                   student's time has zero value so hungry
                                   student is better off BARTing to a better
                                   paying job then walking to a shitty job
                                   nearby, assuming the BARTable job pays well
                                   enough to cover the BART fees plus some.
                                   \_ Sure, but a jobless, not hungry student
                                      who wants good work experience (so that
                                      he can make more later) and some extra
                                      cash on the side that is easy to earn
                                      would probably take the local job.
                                      \_ I disagree.  When I was in the
                                         situation of jobless but not hungry
                                         student I rode BART to a job.--oj
                                        \_ For a shitty job? Why would you
                                           BART to a shitty job when you can
                                           walk to a better one?
1999/11/4-5 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:16826 Activity:moderate
11/3    Hardware Question: I bought a computer with a 17 GB IDE hard drive.
        The computer came with RedHat 6 installed.  I tried to install
        Windows and failed and screwed up Linux as well.  When I tried to
        install Linux, the install script was unable to instal LILO.
        I tried installing LILO in MBR and otherwise, neither worked.
        Windows install claims it works but when I finish windows install
        and take the CD out to reboot, it fails to boot from the hard drive.
        Now I can't install either windows or linux.  My guess is neither
        install script can modify the messed up MBR.  Any suggestions?
        \_ So many bad memories.  Lilo hates booting to anything past
           1024 cylinders.  It's an IDE thing.
        \_ Try "fdisk /mbr" or something like that.  --PeterM
        \_ it probably won't help you but I know for a fact WinNT does
           not boot off partitions greater than 7.8something GB.  This may
           be general Intel X86 problem.
                \_ Bullshit.  You're flat dead wrong.  Get off the motd.
                   \_ apologies.  I mean a 7.8something *IDE* hard disk:
                      now be nice! =) =) =D
               \_ Thanks!  This is what I needed.  I also discoverd that
                  linux and LILO work fine if you put LILO in linear mode.
                  \_ does it go slower in linear mode?
           be a general BIOS problem.  Oh yeah, lilo will say fuck you
           near the end if you want to mark a partition to be bootable
           and any part of it extends beyond the first 1024 cylinders
           (generally 7.8something GB).  Put all bootable partitions
           wholly within the first 1024 cylinders.
        \_ Boot from a dos floppy.  fdisk /mbr as peter says.  Try again.
1999/11/4 [Uncategorized] UID:16827 Activity:nil
11/3    This is a neat spoof:
1999/11/4-5 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:16828 Activity:moderate
11/4    To the dork who thought that apple's web site runs on MacOS: is running Netscape-Enterprise/3.6 SP3 on Solaris
        according to
        \_ doesn't run NT nor IIS either.
           \_ or webtv for that matter.
        \_ it wasn't a dork, it was a troll.  you dupe.
                \_ ED!  ED!  ED is the STANDARD!  Motd Troll.
        \_ There's an http server that runs on MacOS?  What's it called?
        \_ Well, there's apache that runs on MacOS X.  But that's not
           what would be considered their traditional OS.  WebStar is one
           example of something that runs on MacOS.
        \_ SUCKER!  You got *trolled*!  Obviously everyone but *you* got
           it.  I only said it as a joke at first but you were so gullibly
           stupid, I just *had* to troll you further.
           \_ examples of trolls you idiot:
              WINDOWS SUX
              \_ NO LINUX SUX
                 \_ NO WINDOWS SUX
                    \_ NO LINUX SUX
                       \_ NO BILL CLINTON SUX
                          \_ NO YOU SUCK
                             \_ nonono... MONICA SUX.
              not "Netscape Enterprise runs on MacOS".
                \_ You're just bitter that you got caught looking st00pid.
                   Sorry, but I don't adhere to your moronic definition of
                   troll and neither do most others.  Your example isn't a
                   troll.  It's just a waste of disk space and screen phosphor.
                   Not even you would get caught by that.
1999/11/4-5 [Transportation/Airplane, Reference/Military] UID:16829 Activity:high
11/3    How do AF pilots know whether to deploy chaff or flair? Wouldn't
        they need to know whether they are being aimed by heat seeking
        missile or radar guided missile?
        \_ It's a Hollywood thing.  Ask your flight combat instructor or
           script writer for details.
        \_ same way a police radar detector knows when a police radar
           gun is painting the car.  usually, if it's coming from
           another plane it's heat seeking.  even the u.s. rarely uses
           radar guided missles from planes.  low altitude surface to
           air missles are usually heat seeking too and high altitude
           ones are a combo of both.
           \_ that's not quite correct. it's about range. a heat seeking
              missile can only be fired at a closer range. the reason why
              the U.S. rarely uses radar-guided is because at BVR, you can't
              be too sure of the target due to ROE, even with an AWACs.
              there radars can discern between radar and heating seeking
              same reason why the Phoenix has never been used in combat.
        \_ They do know.  Didn't you see Top Gun?
              deploy chaff or flairs.
              \_ "their", "flare"
               \_ it is all about bellbottoms
              \_ What are BVR, ROE and AWAC?
              \_ Inaccurate?  You mean pilots don't have tacky colored
                 helmets and sleep with their hot flight instructors?
                        \-dont ask dont tell --psb
                 Beyond Visual Range, Rules Of Engagement, Airbone Warning
                 And Control (plane).
           \_ Top Gun was horribly inaccurate movie. Pilots know because
              their radars can discern between radar and heating seeking
        \_ I think you're screwed if it's heat-seeking with no radar
        \_ radar guided missiles emit strong radar signatures while heat
           sinking missiles don't. If the aircraft is equipped with that
           super high-tech radar stuff, a heat seaker looks like a really
           small fast metal thing coming right at you while a radar guided
           missile looks like a really small fast metal thing coming right
           at you and emitting its own radar signals making it a really,
           really bright small fast metal thing. Additionally, it amazes
           me how any of you got into cal. With any small amount of
            \_ yeah and as if your answer shows that you know what you are
               talking about.
           thought, a question like this is absolutely trivial but to
           assume berkeley fuckers will think for themselves has proven
           time and time again to be a fruitless waste of time. I have
           decided to take advantage of this lazy intellect by feeding the
           thoughts of other to one day convince you all I am your messiah
           at which point I would train you all to follow the exhalted
           and transcendental path of the lemming. - (fucker)
              and notify their pilots of this through unique squeek sounds
              heard in their headset. Also some systems can be set to auto
              deploy chaff or flares
1999/11/4-5 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16830 Activity:kinda low
11/3    I've installed Director 7 Trial Version on my PC.  It will expire in
        30 days after the installation.  I have tried to uninstall the
        program and reinstall it.  However the expiration date is still the
        same.  Is there any way to remove the time stamp so that I can use
        it for a bit longer time?
        \_ UR s0 k00le pir8 b0y!!11  If you're going to rip off a program,
           don't be stupid about it with the lamer trial version.  Go get
           the fully cracked or serialed full version and get the fuck off
           the motd.  All other lamer resplies removed.   -reel pir8!!11@
           the motd.  All other lamer repl1es rem0ved.   -reel pir8!!11@
        \_ Use regedit to look for registry keys. Search for "Director"
           or "Macromedia". Or get a crack. or a serial #. Or buy the damned
        \_ Some programs write to the system.dat, user.dat files in Windows
                                        \_ aka: the registry. See above.
           95.  Good luck editing these system files.  I would suggest
           installing a program like Open Trap which captures all activity
           that takes place behind the scenes when installing a program, then
           you can see exactly what it does and what files it effects.
1999/11/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:16831 Activity:kinda low
11/4    I need to increase the swap space on my linux box (redhat).  there
        is an unused extended partition i could use.  Is there a tool out
        there to resize the partitions without data loss.
        \_ swapoff, mkswap, and swapon
        \_ swapoff, mkswap, and swapon. you don't need to worry about
           dataloss.  there's nothing useful stored in swap files
           when it's been deactivated.
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