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1999/10/29-31 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:16789 Activity:low
10/28   Every now and then I see an add for a discount or free shipping
        at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Is there a web page where I can
        find out when these special offers are going on?  Thanks.  - mikeym
        \_ Of course not, they want you regularly checking their site, not
           leeching off of the specials that are intended to generate
           regular customers.
           \_ I get em emailed to me. dunno how.
        \_ For DVDs, has a price comparison
           database, and a regularly updated list of specials and coupons.
           \_ ie, you get to stare at some guy's ass the whole time instead
              of a girl's.
        \_ CDs:
1999/10/29-31 [Uncategorized] UID:16790 Activity:nil
10/28   Ultima IX: Ascension Demo posted (295MB):
        \_ Big deal.  Ultima series has sucker since #6 and maybe earlier.
        \_ Big deal.  Ultima series has sucked since #6 and maybe earlier.
        \_ don't expect the world and you might like it.  It really feels
           like Tomb Raider Male Wrestler Version
1999/10/29-31 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:16791 Activity:kinda low
10/28   Looking to buy CD-RW.  All the net FAQs are old.  How many writes/
        rewrites can I expect from a single CDRW and is there any difference
        on this between manufacturer's and software?  Any suggestions for what
        to get?  I want at least 4x write and 4x re-write speed.  I plan to
        burn CD-R's and CD-RW's.  Some music, some data, some backups.  Nothing
        too out of the ordinary.  Not concerned about read speed.  Already have
        a x48 for that which is noisy but ok.  Thanks!
        \_ find links, get a Sony SCSI
        \_ find links, get a Yamaha SCSI
           \_ Yamaha SCSI is not that good and Linux/FreeBSD support
              is lacking. Get Smart&Friendly, they are the most reliable
              and cheapest. S&F also has great Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris
              support. I can still burn CD-RW's on Linux with my S&F 226
              (~ 2.5 yrs old).
        \_ didn't someone just say to get a Plextor or something?
           \_ ???  Uh, no, where's that?  Not on this motd.
           \_ I will.  Plextor is a much better choice if you're not
           looking for the cheapest possible brand.  SCSI only, though.
           As for RW, few make that much use of it.  I haven't.  -jor
           \_ Plextor 8220 is the best. Period. 8X CDR for less than the S&F
              model's price and has twice as big a cache - 4MB!!!
        \_ You can expect about just one rewrite after the first write. it
           ALL depends on the disc : is it regular (blue or green), gold,
           or silver. Use at least gold to get reliable results. as for
           which brands, you gotta do more research or ask friends.
           \_ I don't remember the brand I bought (I *think* it's Verbatim),
              but I've overwritten it about 5 times now with no problems. I
              believe it's blue on the bottom.
           \_ An old FAQ was talking about 1000 re-writes for old media and
              10,000+ for newer "soon to be released" media.  This was written
              in 1997.  I was wondering if the 1000 was true and if the 10k
              media exists and how to know which is which.
           \_ We've had much better luck with Kodak Silver than Kodak
              Gold. We're not buying anymore gold disc. --dim
1999/10/29-11/2 [Uncategorized] UID:16792 Activity:nil
10/29   Is that judge supposed to announce his decision about the Microsoft
        case today?
        \_ It better be JUDGE JUDY JUSTICE !
        \_ He just said he would do it on a friday afternoon, after the markets
           closed, not which friday.
           \_ It's looking like NEXT friday
              \_ It's only stated that it's not today.  It might not be
                 until February.  But then again it might be next
1999/10/29-11/2 [Uncategorized] UID:16793 Activity:nil
10/29   has anyone had any good or bad experiences with any of those online
        used textbook companies that claim to have unbelievably low prices?
        are they selling crappy condition books, or what?
        \_I ordered from For that particular
          book I saved $30 on the U bookstore price. The book
          came in 7 days and was in new cond'n. YMMV. -ulysses
        \_ Don't know about used, but I got impressive deals from
  on a couple of new ones that actually
           beat the best price for USED among the 3 berkeley stores. -alexf
1999/10/29-11/2 [Consumer/Camera] UID:16794 Activity:low
10/29   If you have a moment and a 24bit display, please look at and help me pick 2 entries to mail off tonight
        for an UW photo contest.  thanks - jor
        \_ What exactly is the theme of the contest though?  Simply
           "underwater photography"?  --- yuen
        \_ if anything, prove that a cheap UW camera can deliver.
           grand prize is a week of diving in the caymans for 2.
           has last year's finalists.
           \_ In that case, jor's rig-metridiums.jpg would be my first
              choice.  For the second choice, I can't decide between
              anemonie.jpg and R-FISH.jpg.  --- yuen
        \_ I'll agree with the current picks; esp. the anemone.
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