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1999/10/25 [Recreation/Activities] UID:16760 Activity:high
10/23   I hate sports, but I need to fit in w/ my co-workers. What is a good
        web site where I can check out football, baseball, and basketball
        score? I need something like "Sports for Dummies" so that I can
        memorize these stupid boring sports players' names and games. Thx.
        \_ (surprise, surprise) -lim
        \_ mindless jerk, you'll never fit in like that.  stop being a poser
           and just be yourself and they might like you.  i dont drink, smoke,
           get high, watch sports, or commit any other acts of popular self
           debasing stupidity and have plenty of coworker respect and friends.
           \_ I don't see why anyone would respect osmeone who seems to think
              such a large number of enjoyable activities are self-debasing
              stupidity.  Lose the holier than thou attitude.  Just cause
              something isn't for you doesn't make you superieor.
1999/10/25-26 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16761 Activity:high
10/24   Can anyone tell me why slocal might silently fail, so that I
        can fix it?  --PeterM;
        \_ I switched to procmail.  Was it working and then suddenly stopped
           or never worked?
           \_ It worked before an OS reinstall and won't work now.  --PM
                \_ Pulling from ancient memory I think slocal has some sort
                   of debugging option that will print out what it's doing.
                   mail -v might be revealing as well.
                   \_  My manpage is too lame to describe any options.
                       know what it might be?  Mail -v won't help me
                       because I use slocal via exmh.  It goes into
                       the normal mailbox.  --PeterM
1999/10/25 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16762 Activity:nil
10/24   So i expand a tar archive as root and find that the files are
        owned by various users on my system.  It doesn't seem like that
        is a good idea.  Why is it? What can i do about it?
        \_ It's a fine idea.  Suppose you wanted to move several people's
           accounts from one disk to another.  If you used cp, you'd risk
           having symbolic links copied entire, and the result would
           be owned by root.  Tar preserves ownership.  It's very useful.
           For the rest of your answer I refer you to the manpage for tar,
           and for "chown".  --PeterM
1999/10/25-27 [Recreation/Dating, Finance, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:16763 Activity:moderate
10/24   Congratulations, Christine and Ari! Just Married!
        \_ Lotsa CSUA couples getting married lately. Must be the economy
        \_ Wow, one of the MANY CSUA couples getting married this year.
                \_ Who else?  Everyone else who was engaged at the same
                   time as those two was married long ago.
        \_ and about time in this case.
        \_ so how many times have they been "married" now?
           \_ officially once; ceremonially once. is it any more complicated?
            \_ yes, christine "look at me" lee has announced this marriage
               at least four times.  -tom
                \_ look at her?  uhm.. no.
        \_ good economy, 1999/2000 hype, marriage, kids, car, mortgage.
           Welcome to the world of typical working class.
1999/10/25 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:16764 Activity:nil
10/24   Help. I don't like my FOBONIC mother in law and she doesn't seem
        to like Jewish husband. Advice please.
1999/10/25-27 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16765 Activity:very high
10/24   alumni.eecs is down again. Could someonw with root powers check it
        out? thanks!
        \_ mail root@alumni.eecs.  heh.
           \_ tried that before. no one checks root email there.
                \_ I was joking.
        \_ root@ucsee.eecs,
        \_ actually, the machine itself is up (it's ping-able) but the telnet
           service isn't. Been seeing some weird things with alumni/ucsee
           machines today. :-(
        \_ Time for a three-finger salute?
        \_ Hmm... single-user mode perhaps?
          \_ Then a single-finger salute is in order.
        \_ OK it's up, but old mail still needs to be delivered. Dunno whose
           responsibility that is.
        |__ Hey jon, feeling a bit tense about alumni.eecs?
        \_ FOAD --jon
        \_ PLUR --jon
        \_ I'd help you but I quit for reasons that anybody, who has typed
           uname on alumni, can figure out.  The other sysadmins have
           graduated.  Given that you have a csua account, one wonders why
           you would even want your alumni account back up.  But if I have
           any spare time from cs 152 I'll see if I can get it going again.
           \_ how about replacing alumni? would anyone be willing to do it
              if I donate an old sparc lx?
                \_ You really think a $50 computer will help?
                        \_ it's better than the current alumni.
                \_ email jon@soda; he may be willing.
                   \_ I hate that machine.  I don't know why I bother with it.
                      Fuck ultrix, fuck clueless users who think they are
                      entitled to services, and fuck flaky hardware. --jon
                            *just* enough crochety and cluess alums (who don't
                            seem to understand that the machine is run by
                            student volunteers rather than paid admins) to
                            make life as a sysadmin there awfully annoying.
                      \_ what? are you mocking that bad ass DEC Station 3100
                         running Ultrix, the best OS ever?
                         running Ultrix?
                         running Ultrix, the best OS ever?
                         \_ PLUR --jon
                         \_ FOAD --jon
                         \_ Well (speaking from some personal experience), not
                            only does alumni.EECS have the DS/Ultrix thing
                            going against it, but it also has a user base with
                            *just* enough crochety and clueless alums (who
                            don't seem to understand that the machine is run
                            by student volunteers rather than paid admins) to
                            make life as a sysadmin there incredibly annoying.
                            I appreciate having the "@alumni.EECS.Berkeley"
                            mailing address, and would be more than willing to
                            throw in my share of cash for a replacement
                            machine, but can understand why the current
                            caretakers would want to throw in the towel.
                            Maybe the dept. should take over the hostname for
                            some kind of mail-forwarding arrangement, or some
                            competent alum volunteers should step forward to
                            take a share of root-type responsibilities . . .
                                             -- former root@alumni.EECS person
                            \_ Nonononono, as a crotchety clueless alum, I
                               insist we stand by tradition and have students
                               continue trying to support dead hardware running
                               a badly b0rken bsd clone from 10 years ago. I'll
                               tell ya, Back In My Day, we were lucky to have
                               \_ FOAD --jon
                               a 4 meg sun 3/50 with swap mounted remotely on
                               another sun over a 10mbit shared networked.  You
                               youngin's today... whine whine whine....
                               \_ PLUR --jon
                                 --- clueless crotchety alum
                                     PLUR an acronym for?
                               \_ FOAD --jon
                                  \_ pardon my cluelessness but what is
                                     FOAD an acronym for?
                               \_ you left out "and sharing the same
                                  swap server with 20 other machines
                                  was a small price to pay..."
                                  \_ I thought of that but didn't want to
                                     re-edit to add it in.  Any other clueless
           \_ FOAD --jon
                                     crotchety alum would've known what I was
                                     talking about.
           still time!  (Oh yeah, and FOAD.)
                                        \_ I volunteered less ancient h/w
                                           before, but no one reads root email
                                           on alumni. I think alums should
                                           volunteer h/w, but sysadmin should
           \_ PLUR --jon
                                           be a student service for someone who
                                           wants to learn sysadmin stuff.
           still time!  (Oh yeah, and PLUR.)
        \_ Its still down for some reason after a brief uptime...
           \_ FOAD --jon
                \_ Because it's an ancient piece of crap.
        \_ It's back up now, so move your files off of it while there's
           still time!  (Oh yeah, and FOAD.)
        \_ As an alum, I definitely wouldn't mind making donations of cash,
           or hardware to keep alumni alive. This should be an organized
           effort, though. Something that is sanctioned and kept alive
           from generation to generation.
            \_ Too late.  The powers that be are talking about making a
               subscription mail forwarding $ervice.
            \_ <DEAD><DEAD> mail forward?
1999/10/25-12/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:16766 Activity:nil 53%like:16037
11/02   Next Politburo Meeting: Monday November 15, 5:30 PM - 337 Soda
1999/10/25-27 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:16767 Activity:kinda low
10/25   Hello how do we print to a win98 se box from a linux redhat 6.1
        \_ The 98 box needs an lpd.  Last time I looked they exist but all
           suck.  A better way is to put the printer on the net directly
           rather than use a 'printer host'.  The 98 printer host idea is
           silly because it's not doing anything but spooling files which
           any *nix or windows machine can do just fine.  You lose out on
           some queue control this way, but it's easier for a small office.
           If you're in a larger office, what are you using a 98 box for a
           printer host anyway?
           \_ just share your printer on win98 and setup a printer on redhat
                 as a network win98/nt printer.
                \_ Why use win98 for it at all?
                   \_ because maybe it's a windoze printer? because maybe
                      the primary user prefers windoze over linux?
1999/10/25-27 [Uncategorized] UID:16768 Activity:kinda low
10/25   Can anyone tell me where to get NTP (network time protocol)?
        and recomend a reliable internet server?
        \_ It's installed with most OS'es.  Use multicast.
                \_ Please immediately cease and desist from providing timely,
                   accurate and useful information on the motd.  Thank you.
                   \_ Hey, if occasional helpful answers werent provided,
                      nobody would even ask anymore. -ERic
                        \_ And then what?
1999/10/25-27 [Uncategorized] UID:16769 Activity:nil
10/25   After logging in through .htaccess, is there a way to log-off
        without closing your browser? Thanks.
        \_ Yes.
        \_ send a 401
1999/10/25-26 [Reference/Military] UID:16770 Activity:high
10/24   How do you get rid of your mother in law? Thanks.
2019/10/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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