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1999/10/17-19 [Recreation/Dating, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:16712 Activity:very high
10/16   It seems that PacBell charges differently for business and home
        DSL. My company of 2 people (located in a rental office in Berkeley)
        would like connectivity via PacBell DSL. Can I just tell the PacBell
        people that we use it for home, and get charged less? Is that
        possible? Has anyone had any experience with this?

16OCT   anyone know what the STAR WAGGONS parked along bancroft
        were about on friday?  ==ahm.
        \-if a business is payingthe bill you probably cant opt for the
        home option. it is the same for phone lines. in theory i suppose
        there is a tax issue too should you or the business get audited.
        if the is a sole-proprietorship it might be hard to tell however.--psb
        \_ Similar question to the above... if I get DSL, will I still be
           qualified for Universal Lifeline Plan? It's really a $ saver.
           \_  D'you have the income qualifications for it?  Household
               yearly income less than $20k or so?  If you satisfy that
               it's perfectly fine to spend your money on DSL.  PacBell
               wouldn't care if you spent your money on drugs or cigarettes,
               would they?  So why would they mind if you got net?  --PeterM
                \_ Because addiction is considered a disability and they can be
                   sued for discriminating against someone based on their
                   disability.  They can not be sued for discriminating
                   against someone based on their bandwidth.  That's why.
           \_ see:
           \_ If you're enough of a hotshot to pay for/have your company
              pay for DSL, what the fuck are you doing on the Universal
              Lifeline plan?  I'd rather the hidden charges inflating my
              phone bill go to subsidizing some poor person who actually
              *needs* that cheap access, not a "golly, it's really a $
              saver!" weenie brat like yourself.
                \_ Well, I'm just a poor student TRYING to startup a company
                        \_ Then you'll need to get someone to invest more money
                           in you instead of trying to abuse the system.
                \_ Whoa!  I actually totally agree with another motd poster
                   that isn't me.
                   \_ Thanks, man.  I try.  -- not you

16OCT   anyone know what the STAR WAGGONS parked along bancroft
        were about on friday?  ==ahm.
        \_ they were filming a movie.  they wil be filming today.
           \_ Movies suck, man.  If the plot they describe in that article was
              concerned with being anywhere near true-to-life, the "straight-
              laced, anal retentive" engineering student would have a lonely
              four years of masturbation at home while watching his "happy-go-
              lucky spirit" friend date a series of increasingly larger
              assholes (while whining to the engineering student about what an
              asshole each guy was).  Then, at the end, instead of the two
              realizing they're the only people for each other, they'd fail to
              hook up, and the movie would end with the chick marrying the
              biggest asshole of all, and with the geek dying at 1 AM in his
              shiny-new-silicon-valley-job-after-graduation cramped cubicle
              from a heart attack brought on by overwork (and it takes a few
              days for anyone to notice the body -- he came in to work the
              weekend, since he didn't have a life or anywhere else to go).
              Now *that* would be a Berkeley film I could identify with!!
                \_ Hahhahahhahha... a bit bitter?  I doubt your more accurate
                   version would do as well in the movies.  I especially like
                   the part about dating bigger and bigger assholes and whining
                   to him about each one.  The problem?  Engineer boy didn't
                   treat his so-called friend the way she wanted to be treated.
                   She wanted him to treat her like crap, he never did, so she
                   dumped on him for four years and would have driven her new
                   mini-van to his funeral but she was busy and his parents,
                   (the only people who know he's dead), didn't know he even
                   knew a female during college, much less lived with one.  Dad
                   thought he was a poofster.  These parts were probably cut to
                   reduce the screen time to 92 minutes.
                   \_ The "Christmas Theory" explains this.  --sowings
                      \_ What is the "Christmas Theory"?  Please explain.
                        \_ I'm guessing he's talking about nice happy Hollywood
                           endings but may be completely wrong.  IANAL.  YMMV.
                         \_ I believe (but I'm not sowings) that it's
                            likening relationships to a little kid's desire
                            for Christmas morning to come . . . it'll be this
                            BIG GREAT THING, better than *ANYTHING* in the
                            WORLD -- and then when Christmas does come, it's
                            a disappointment, 'cause it wasn't so great.
                            So female holds a similar attitude towards snaring
                   third or fourth time he beats her up, she gets his home
                   number through information (since she didn't need to keep in
                   touch since she as 'happily' married now and didn't need him
                   to whine at), calls it and gets the "number is no longer in
                   service" message and says something about "he was just an
                   asshole anyway, like all men, and who needs him?  He was
                   never really there for me".
                            asshole guys (to the extent that she has blinders
                            on towards other more righteous eligible guys like
                            our geek friend) -- and once she gets them, finds
                            out that it wasn't as great as she thought it'd
                            \_ Ah yes.  That's more like it.  There's also
                               usually a touch of, "I can change him and make
                               him into a better person!" soon followed by,
                               "I hate all men, all men are evil" followed
                               by either an even bigger asshole or some
                               ridiculous lesbian experiment because "women
                               are evil like men are!"  HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
             \_ I can see the ending -- "happy-go-lucky spirit" and asshole
                husband, sitting in a car . . . "I don't know, Todd -- I mean
                I *think* I should go to the funeral, because he was, like,
                sorta a friend to me, almost, at school -- we talked and
                stuff . . . "  Asshole husband: "Just relax and forget about
                it, Buffy -- let's go SNOWBOARDING!!"  Happy couple drive off
                into the sunset in their teal VW Jetta with two $2,500
                mountain bikes strapped to the top.
                \_ Nah, she wouldn't even know about it.  More like, after the
                   third or fourth time her husband beats her up, she gets geek
                   boys' home number through information (since she didn't
                   need to keep in touch since she as 'happily' married now
                   and didn't need him to whine at), calls it and gets the
                   "number is no longer in service" message and says
                   something about "he was just an asshole anyway, like all
                   men, and who needs him?  He was never really there for me".
           \_ Berkely Engineer student, eh? Will there actually be Asian
              people in this movie?
              \_ Yeah.  They'll be the pimply uber-geeks with coke-bottle
                 glasses who're *REALLY* good at math.  They'll also pep up
                 Our Hero with comments like "Well, at least you've *had*
                 a date!  You know guys like me never have any luck with
                 \_ Because all the Asian chicks are going out with white
                    frat boys.
                    \_ Funny.  I don't recall joining a fraternity. -dans
                        \_ Too much alcohol induced homosexual activity has
                           shorted out your mind.
                    \_ good, that will leave me their white women! @$1@N P0w3|Z
1999/10/17 [Science/Disaster] UID:16719 Activity:nil
10/16   magnitude 7.0 earthquake in so cal. no one cares.
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**/**   Mail root for -administrative- questions. For assistance, mail help.
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**/**   Clean up /csua/tmp. Clean up /var/mail. Clean up your home directory.

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10/17   Fight Club!
1999/10/17-19 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:16723 Activity:moderate
10/16   RedHat's compatibility pages list some sort of problem with
        AMD K6-2 300mhz.  Has anyone gotten a replacement chip like
        they suggest?  How much hassle/money required?
        \_ Never buy AMD and don't believe the BS that they are faster than
           Intel...  Read you 61C textbook and the anecdote about the
           philosophy that faster was always better,
           even if it wasn't always right.
           \_ It looks as if the Patterson and Hennessy book is, overall,
              very critical of Intel and says nothing about AMD vs. Intels.
              \_ I was referring to a quote, I think by Von Neumann, and how
                 Cray's floating point was fast, but partially incorrect.
                 \_ I don't think Patterson was too fond of Von Neumann
                    either.  According to Patterson, Von Neumann ripped
                    off the idea of a stored program computer from two
                    other researchers at Yale and claimed the term "Von
                    Neumann machine" for himself.  Von Neumann was a
                    mathematician, not an engineer.
                 \_ CDC was founded in 1957, and the CDC 6600 was around
                    1964.  Von Neumann died in 1957.
           \_ Uh huh.. Intel has a rep for doing it right?  Anyway, we're not
              talking advanced science apps to predict the future of mankind
              (will that asteroid hit?).  It's a cheap-ass RH box.  As long as
              it performs basic function.  Don't read a 61C book.  Read the
              release notes.  Not everything in life is an academic issue that
              needs to be perfect, follow the IEEE, ISO9000 and 61C standards
              of correctness.  As to the original question, the hassle involed
              is buying a new CPU and possibly MB and installing same.  Prices
              vary by the minute.  Hassle is static.
                \_ They don't replace it for (almost) free?  That's what
                   the Redhat page implies
                        \_ That was a long time ago.  I doubt AMD is still
                           honoring that offer.
1999/10/17 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16724 Activity:nil
10/15   nsplit <file> <n>
        #!/bin/csh -f
        if ($#argv != 2) then
                echo "Usage: `basename $0` <file> <number>"
                exit 1
                set SPLITFILE = $1
                set FILECOUNT = $2
        if !(-e ${SPLITFILE} && ${FILECOUNT} > 0) then
                echo "Bad arguments."
                exit 2
        set linetotal = `cat ${SPLITFILE} | wc -l`
        set linecount = `expr ${linetotal} / ${FILECOUNT} + 1`
        split -$linecount $splitfile
        \_ Why is this in the motd?
1999/10/17-19 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16725 Activity:high
10/17   I'm on a linux box, logged into another linux box on the same
        network and want to run x-windows on the remote box in a way that
        will display on my local terminal.  Is it possible?  How?
        \_ xhost or ssh's X11 display forwarding.  And sign your name.  -John
           \_ As in
              on local computer:
              xhost + remotecomputer
              on remote computer:
              setenv DISPLAY localcomputer:0   (in tcsh) or
              DISPLAY=localcomputer:0; export DISPLAY  (in (ba)sh)
              or easier yet, just ssh -C and everything will fix itself.
              \_ <snip rant about xhost + being insecure; xhost + a single
                  host has no serious consequences whatsoever>
                        \-clearly a sloda new comer :-) --psb
                \_ uh, it does if anyone else can log on to that computer.
                   \_ well, alright, within bounds of common sense, that is
                                \- i havent looked at the x internals in a
                                while but as of 3-4 years ago there was a
                                sneaky way once you did a xhost + to not let
                                a later xhost - work ... this really isnt a
                                good idea. it's not a matter common sense but
                                ignorance of what is under the hood. --psb
                                \_ There's also the fun "xhost -" which will
                                   prevent further "xhost +" commands from
                                   working since you've also killed localhost.
                                   Please restart X or reboot to fix.  Depending
                                   on X config, logging out and in again won't
                                   necessarily 'fix' the xhost settings.
                        \_ Idiot.  DNS can be spoofed, moron. I *know* you
                           don't work at my company. You'd never have gotten
                           hired babbling stupidities like "'xhost + host' has
                           no serious consequences whatsoever".  You're a
                           complete and utter fool.  Do they still not teach
                           any sort of computer security class at Cal?
                                \_ Grad level only unfortunately.
                           \_ Only people who hang out with CSUA geeks ever
                              learn about this stuff by the time they graduate.
                              BS/BA != clue.
                                \_ The "it's harmless" person isn't spending
                                   enough time with CSUA geeks then.  It
                                   doubly pisses me off that this ignorant
                                   jerk went so far as to actually delete my
                                   completely true and correct comments about
                                   not doing this and was stupid enough to
                                   refer to said comments as merely ranting.
                                   I'm certain this fool has graduated yet,
                                   I'm certain this fool hasn't graduated yet,
                                   so maybe there's still some slim hope, but
                                   I doubt it.
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