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1999/10/14-15 [Academia/GradSchool/MBA, Academia/GradSchool] UID:16704 Activity:insanely high
10/13   Let's say that I make it to a second tier MS CS program. Once I get
        in, how easy/common is it to transfer to a first tier Phd CS program?
        \_ Depends entirely on the quality of your research.  If your research
           is of stellar quality, you will have little problem.  But then if
           you were capable of stellar research, how did you end up in a
           second tier MS CS program? -- ilyas
           \_ You suddenly decided in your fourth year that CS was for you?
           \_ many people gain readiness for various stages in life at
              different times.  maybe this one was ready for a PhD program
              at a later time.
              \_ People don't just spontaneously become brilliant at 24.
                 You can't become "ready" for a first tier PhD program,
           \_ the crappiest president this place has seen since jsl.
                 you either have what it takes, and have a research track
                 record + grades to prove it, or not. -- ilyas
                 \_ Yeah, but you can decide to start working hard and
                    stop slacking.  You don't have to be brilliant to get
                    into a good PhD program.  - mikeym
                    \_ I maintain that if you are not brilliant, first
                       tier PhD programs are not for you: you will not help
                       your advisor, and you will not help yourself.
                       First tier PhD programs are for the future leaders of
                       science, not some mediocrity with a vanity problem,
                       who decides one day to "stop slacking" and "work hard".
                       Such a person may even be able to get into a good
                       program, like a kid sneaking in to an exclusive
                       nightclub.  But a good program will always remain for
                       him just that: an exclusive nightclub of the mind,
                       where he will always feel out of place. -- ilyas
                        \_ Wow... that's stunningly arrogant and elitist.  Who
                           says this late comer to PhD-dom isn't brilliant?
                           Who says that working hard (kissing ass) all through
                           school is a sign of brilliance?  Neither is true.
                           People who work hard are (mostly) doing so *because*
                           they're *not* brilliant and *need* to work hard to
                           stay even with their slacking but smarter peers.
                           You have this all backwards.
                           \_ If he has to "stop slacking" and "work hard" he
                              isn't, which is exactly what I was saying.  You
                              are right, what I am saying IS elitist.  Human
                              beings are not created equal.  First tier schools
                              are for first tier people.  -- ilyas
                                \_ The original poster never said he was a slack.
                                   I believe mikeym added that twist.
        \_ I'm going to gradschool for those 3 letters after my name:
           M.B.A. - paolo (who is sick of all this grad school bullshit)
                \_ But has the right attitude to be a good MBA.
        \_ Why are you getting a CS PhD from *any* school?  The only thing
           you can really do with it is teach at a second rate school.  You
           need to think more about what you plan to do with it than how to
           get it.  You sure as hell won't make more money with it.
                \_ another example where people reply WITHOUT reading the
                   original post. The guy said he wanted to go to
                   FIRST TIER Phd program. FUCKIN MORON.
                   \_ Hypocrite.  I was questioning the value of *any* PhD.
                      *You* need to read the post you're replying to before
                      *you* reply.  You are a complete fucking idiot.  First
                      Tier vs. Second Tier has nothing to do with what *I*
                      was saying.  You are lower than low.  Dumber than dumb.
                      To attack someone for not reading when you haven't read
                      what you're attacking makes you a hypocrite of the lowest
                      order.  I lack the words to describe how completely and
                      utterly S-T-U-P-I-D you are.  Return your diploma to
                      the registrar's office immediately.
                      \_ Feel better now that you got that off your chest?
                        \_ I always feel better after correcting a dumb
                           shit for brains hypocritical asshole.  Yes, thanks.
                           If I had my giant Thesaurus here, I'd have felt
                           that much better, but it was sufficient as it was.
                           \_ If you're interested in money only, a PhD would
                              not be the best. But I'd wager they could
                              do 10X the things you can do. The only things
                              undergrads are really armed with is the 170
                              series. A PhD spends his whole life in 170
                              style concepts, and when they get out to
                              go work, they innovate, not copy, IMO.
                                \_ True if I was a coder.  Since I'm not, and
                                   I have worked closely with several PhD's, I
                                   feel pretty secure saying that a PhD can
                                   *not* do what I do.  No, I can't do what
                                   they can do either but frankly I found 170
                                   really really really dull so I'm ok with
                                \_ When I can actually manage to get enough
                                   sleep, 170 makes sense and is kind of cool.
                                   I wish there were some way to take 170 and
                                   average a reasonable amount of sleep.
                                        -- a current 170 hoser
1999/10/14 [Uncategorized] UID:16705 Activity:kinda low
10/13   What is a SUEXEC wrapper?
        \_ allows user cgi-bins to run as the user  -tom
1999/10/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:16706 Activity:high
10/14   Im asking again because i'm desperate: does anyone know of any good
        book on doing electronic design on the design package ORCAD?  or of
        an archive of help files or a related user group or something?  i've
        searched around the net and found nothing very useful, and the
        documentation that comes with it sucks.  thanks.
        \_ You grabbed the warez version that was on usenet two days ago and
           now can't figure out how to use it?
        \_ ive answered my own question, if anyone cares: at
           there is a database of questions and anwers on a vast array of topics\
           as well as user discussions.  thanks again to the jerk who replied
           without reading my post.
           \_ If you have the answer, why not remove your entry?  --pld
1999/10/14-17 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16707 Activity:moderate
10/13   hola, is there s "standard" unix untility that will split a file
        into n "equal" size pieces ... like split but it take # subfiles
        instead of #lines/subfile. I realize this is easy to write but that
        isnt the question. --psb
        \_ You want a split that split split multiple files to the same length?
        \_ no, something like pslit 10 file.  split file into 10 pieces.
        \_ You want a split that splits multiple files to the same length?
        \_ no, something like split 10 file.  split file into 10 pieces.
        \_ This works.  It isn't pretty but you didn't pay for pretty:

% split -l `perl -e 'while (<>) { $count++; }; $count = int($count /10)+1 ;print\
            \_ You have demonstrated some perl fu while proving your lack of
               English fu
                        \-ok so we all agree there is no standard unix utility
                        to do this, right? --psb
                \_ Hey, it does what he said he wanted.  It makes 10 equal
                   sized split files.  Where did my English fu lack?  In not
                   making the '10' an optional parameter?  I'm not paid enough
                   for that part.  I even tested it which is more than can be
                   said for half the code I write for my job.
                   \_ Ponder this question, then: do you have a public
                      file that lists your passwords?
                        \_ Of course not.  It's a security risk beyond common
                           stupidity.  What's that have to do with splitting
                           an input file?  Oh Great Master!  Please grant a
                           tiny speck of enlightenment and knowledge to this
                           undeserving student!  You'd be happy if instead of
                           hard coding the '10' it was $ARGV[0] and $ARGV[1]
                           for the file name?  I'm still not getting it.
1999/10/14-17 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:16708 Activity:high
10/14   Crap, they switched the OS professor.  Who the hell is this
        Michael Franklin guy and what the heck happened to Hellerstein?
        \_ I smell another Professor Smith.
        \_ From the looks of it (no berkeley email or homepage and the
           class starts at 5:30) he must be an industry guy who comes
           in and teaches when he gets off work.  Fro what I've heard
           about those kinds of profs, they suck.
        \_ Franklin is my dad!  He rules!
        \_ Franklin is a new prof here.  Cal is hiring. (but not you)
        \_ I spoke with Franklin re: 162 using open src os.  No dice. - paolo
           \_ any impressions regarding his actual ability to teach 162?
              (personal philosophy conflicts notwithstanding)
              \_ Um, no he's a very nice guy, I sent him some email, he
                 responded the next day, this was very nice.  He has a
                 web page, so check him out.  He just didn't think he wanted
                 to teach the class in a non-object oriented, open src os
                 such as freebsd or linux. - paolo
                 \_ WHAT?!  NO LINUX!  I'll bet he doesn't even RIDE BIKE!!!!
                 \_ It's an OS course, not an OOP course.
1999/10/14-17 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16709 Activity:nil
10/14   Free/shareware NFS client or server available for NT4?  Searched but
        only found somewhat pricey commercial overkill products.  I just want
        to get my unix and NT machines talking both directions without using
        smbclient on the unix side.  Thanks.
        \_ how about using samba and doing serving from the unix side and
           native smb mounts on the NT side?
           \_ what if I want to give users access to their data stored on
              an NFS mountable drive when they are working at an NT?
              \_ Make the nfs mountable drive also samba mountable.  SMB is
                 'nfs for windows' since microsoft always needs to have their
                 'own standard'.
           \_ [grr at whoever deleted my reply] I've got samba running but
              it's painfully slow for some reason.  I've used samba many
              times before but never had this problem.  Also, I'm not running
              Linux.  I don't have native smbfs support.
              \_ I recall reading something once about tuning problems
                 many people have when they don't turn off one of the link
                 following options.  Get the docs directory that comes with
                 the source and poke through that, there is a pretty good
                 fine-tuning section.  Also, install SWAT, its online help
                 for the various parameters is pretty good.  And sign your
                 name.  -John
        \_ The two products we use are Samba, which we've found to have
           excellent performance (esp with new 2.0 version), and Sharity
  Samba lets you
           see NFS mounted file systems on NT machines, and Sharity lets
           you see SMB mounted (NT) file systems on Unix machines. Good luck.
           \_ There is also sharity light (free), which is nice for
              occasional use, but doesn't do encrypted passwords and can
              fall down when left alone for a long time.  Forget url,
              look in FreeBSD ports collection.  -John
           \_ Sharity.  Perfect.  Exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks!
1999/10/14-17 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:16710 Activity:nil
10/14   Solaris system admin needed asap. 3-4 months contract.
        Very good rate.  Contact me asap.               -- ivy
1999/10/14-17 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16711 Activity:nil
10/14   Re: free http proxy server.  Where can I find squid?  I couldn't find
        it on the gnu ftp sites or on  Thanks.
        \_ /usr/ports/net(?)/squid.
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