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1999/10/11-12 [Recreation/Media] UID:16686 Activity:high
10/10   Fuck, why does Fox keep replacing the only decent
        television shows on Sunday night with stinkin' yermom.
                                              \_ whoever censored my
                                                 posting, it's fucking,
                                                 not stinkin. stinkin
                                                 is too kind to describe
        \_ Watch GvsE.  It's a great show.
                                              \_ whoever censored my
                                                 posting, it's fucking,
                                                 not stinkin. stinkin
                                                 is too kind to describe
                \_ What is GvsE.?
                        \_ without cable?
                        \_ Good Vs. Evil.  Amusing.  Light.  Has intentional
                           60/70's retro thing going on.  Good stuff.
        \_ Read You're not missing anything, that's
           scheduled programming you're watching.
           \_ The Simpsons is more of a sport than baseball is.
              \_ baseball is a sport? i thought it was just another
                 form of torture.
1999/10/11 [Uncategorized] UID:16687 Activity:nil
10/10   Drop the chalupa man!
1999/10/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:16688 Activity:nil
10/11   anyone know how/where to get a copy of david lynch's recent
        failed pilot series?
1999/10/11-12 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:16689 Activity:high
10/10   Does sshd on soda have an idle timeout?  Or is it something
        that I need to configure on my client?  I keep getting
        "connection reset by peer" messages after about 10 minutes or
        \_ There's an option in ssh that lets you do keepalives. You
            might also be behind a firewall that timesout too quickly.
           \_ Yeah, I'm aware of keepalives.  It doesn't seem to help.
              The firewall that I'm behind is a simple Linux ipchains
              one.  I don't *think* it has any idle timeouts.  Weird.
              \_ ipchains masquerading has a 15-minute timeout by default.
                 You can raise it to (say) one day: "ipchains -MS 86400 0 0".
                 See "man ipchains" for details.
                 \_ Thanks for the info.  Is that 15 minutes default
                    timeout listed somewhere in the man page?  I didn't see it.
                    \_ It's not in the manpage, but it is mentioned in
                       /usr/doc/HOWTO/IPCHAINS-HOWTO (section 4.1.5).
        \_ Soda's keepalives are currently set for 24 hours, so if you're
                getting hozed after ten minutes, somethings fucked on your
1999/10/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:16690 Activity:nil
10/10   George Lucas in Love
1999/10/11 [Uncategorized] UID:16691 Activity:high
        Why are inactive members still on the members list? (ie. tawei)
        \_ there are active XCF members?
1999/10/11-13 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16692 Activity:high
10/11   Does anyone know the secret algorithm behind It is
        quite good. I'm very impressed. I want to know HOW they did it.
        \_ a bunch of shell scripts -- awk, sed, grep, and pipe.
        \_ My understanding is it's a popularity based results engine.  The
           more people who choose a particular result for a particular query
           the  higher that result will be displayed for similar future
           queries.  I don't work at google but we did a similar thing at the
           search engine company I did work for.
           \-maybe PCI. there are a lot of ways to do this kind of thing.
            there are linear algebra approaches and statistical/baysian
            approaches, depending on problem size and nature of prob. --psb
           \_ I've read a couple of articles that have mentioned it, which
              said that they base their scoring on how many other pages
              link to a particular page, rather than number of times it's
              chosen on their site.
              seems to support this.  -niloc
        \_ number of links to a page determine importance. they sort according
           to relevance and important. i know what i'm talking about. -ali
            \_ relevance is only determined by what people actually choose
              out of the links returned from the search. the second factor
              is accuracy, which is the "drift" from relevance. accuracy is
              the perennial problem, since almost all search engines start
              suffering around 5 to 10% of the first links offered.
              \_ Ali is correct.  The stanford prof of the grad students who
                 developed google comercially came to Soda a few weeks ago
                 and said exactly that - it's click throughs and links to
                 that determine ranking -jones
            \_ It has to be more complex than this or Yahoo would show
               up as the #1 hit for every query.  #2 would be Microsoft.
               They *must* take into account the query itself (seems
               obvious, no?) in some way before doing a most-linked sort
               on the results.  So, no, I don't think you know what you're
               talking about.  Are there any CSUA'ers on their architecture
               design, engineering or database staff?  If so, please come
               forward.  Ali having had coffee with someone's secretary at
                                        \_ was this after the mindblasting sex?
               google doesn't impress.
               \_ Eat your words, blasphemer!  The only person I trust more
                  than ali is bh.
        \_ I think they use a variant of the clusterfuck algorithm.
        \_ Algorithm, Heuristic, BAH! They don't interest me and are trolls.
           \_ You are a faggoty bitch.
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