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1999/10/9-12 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:16678 Activity:kinda low 75%like:16677
10/8    I have a computer running RedHat 6.0.  I just got an ethernet
        installing a NIC, but I'd rather not reinstall.  Thanks.
        \_ You can find a list of drivers in
           /usr/src/linux/Documentation/; make sure the
           driver for your card is configured in your kernel or compiled
           as a module.
           \_ I installed a bsd box a while ago with totally random hardware
              which was all recognized instantly.  I had no idea what all that
              \_ Did writing that give you a big ego boost?
                \_ Don't forget to mention that it isn't a real sentence.
                   It doesn't have a period at the end.
                   \_ Uhm, okay.
              crap was, but bsd did.  And I don't have to rebuild the kernel
              every Monday, Thursday and every second Saturday.
           \_ WTF?! Isn't linux supposed to just work?  This looks worse
              than fucking windows! -sameer
                        \_ This sounds as if you are the victim of one or
                           more unrealistic expectations. "All OSes suck
                           equally.  Some OSes are less equal than others..."
               \_ yes, everything just magically works right off the
                  configuration is fairly easy.  just
                  route add -net eth0
                  ifconfig eth0
                  route add default gw
                  insmod 3c509.o
                        \_ Unless of course you're using a modern OS which
                           doesn't require you to recompile your kernel just
                           to add new hardware.  At least linux is up to the
                           level SunOS 4 was at a decade ago and doesn't make
                           you recompile the kernel to repartition your disks
                           like the truly ancient Unixes.
                  route add -host eth0
                  you're done (i just made up ip numbers).
                  \_ Oh yeah, that was totally trivial.  How obvious to any
                     \_ what I originally wrote was something different.
                        some dipshit changed what i wrote. basically
                        windows 95 does the exact same thing (load driver,
                        configure interface, and create routing table) but
                        has some pretty front end which you could easily
                        replicate under any other OS.
                \_ don't be an idiot.  If the support isn't compiled into
                   the kernel, of course it won't work.  -tom
                        \_ troll deleted
                        \_ It seems to be fairly common practice these days
                           for Linux distributors to configure everything as
                           a module that isn't in the core kernel, so you don't
                           generally have to recompile kernels. But if you have
                           an especially outlandish device you might have to
                           update your kernel sources and recompile. If you buy
                           a machine from VA Linux, for example, they will
                           patches and other good things for your box which
                           constitute their "officially supported" kernel, which
                           keeps you from having to track down quite so many
                           random little patches (and they give you precompiled
                           versions, too.) ... In theory, there's nothing which
                           prevents you from adding modules in after the kernel
                           is compiled, provided you get the symbol versions
                           right. But I haven't seen any concrete examples of
                           people doing this, especially since reconfiguring
                           one's kernel isn't particularly difficult, what with
                           "make xconfig" and all. -brg
                           \_ wait, I thought people recompiled and installed
                              linux kernels all the time?  Isn't this the point
                              of an open src?  you modify it to your needs?  I
                              remember having to recompile an old version of
                              slackware on my 386 just to get ps2 mouse
                              support. - paolo
                              \_ In the days when 1MB of memory costed $50
1999/10/9-13 [Consumer/Audio] UID:16679 Activity:low
10/8    drool, what i've always wanted in my car:
        \_ get a lifE
           \_ Did you grow a dick by writing that?
              \_ What is it with your obsession with dicks? Do you feel
                 your manhood being challenged by MOTD replies?
        \_ You want an mp3 geek player in your car?  Oh whoa!  The gurlz will
           surely be all over you after they see that!  Oh dude!  UR S0 K00l!
           \_ Did your dick grow a whole millimeter by writing that? I never
              said anything about getting gurlz from an mp3 player moron.
                \_ D00de oh dr00l U R s0 RAD!!!  gurlZZZ11  he sed dick!! arf!
                   arf!! U R sutch a hiteknologee stuuuuuuuud!!!! gurlz!! dick!
1999/10/9-11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:16680 Activity:moderate
10/8    mangled motd entries deleted.  you're not funny you twit. stop
        rearranging things.  hasn't someone narrowed the search down
        yet?  post their logins.  it's lynching time.
        \_ Yeah, we just finished tracking down the hoser in question.
           We'll squish him as soon as we get around to it.  --root
        \_ Ok, we tracked him down: it was dickylee.  Squished.  --root
           \_ squish squish squish!
           \_ FREE DICK!
                \_ Unconfirmed reports that it wasn't dickylee -- he was
                        just having terminal emulation problems. The real
                        motd-mangler is still out there....
1999/10/9-14 [Computer/Networking] UID:16681 Activity:kinda low
10/9    do those of you who use pacbell as a dsl provider also use them
        as your ISP?
        \_yes.  Its cheap but unreliable.
          \_  Are you implying that the ISP portion is unreliable?  I have
              been assuming that when my DSL goes down, it is my $40 DSL
              service (which basically HAS to be through pac bell) and not
              the $10 ISP service.
              \_ When it goes down, its usually the connection to the redback
                 dsl concentrator.  Could be problems with the isp part, but
                 more likely a dsl problem.  Of course I barely use their isp
                 parts such as email a and what not.
                 \_ PACBELL N3WZ S3RVURZ H4V3 K-R4D W4R3Z, D00D!!!!!!!!1
          \_ In our office {441 soda}, we have several using PacBell DSL,
             one using DSL to orconet, and one using TCI@Home inel
             cerrito.  Bay FAR the best service quality has been through
             PacBell DSL with PacBell as the ISP.  Also, this gives you
             a single point to yell at when something goes wrong.
             \_ Slightly off topic but you mention cable.  tci@home has been
                ok sofar (had it for a month) but they don't seem to have a
                service status page, don't announce their scheduled downtimes
                (which I keep forgetting to note down when I run into them),
                and mail servers are a bit flakey but usable.  It's ok but
                certainly not perfect.  JAFCU.
                \_ @Home refunded me 1/2 month's fees when their service
                   was a bit dodgy for about a week.
               \_   @Home publicly states their service is for 'casual home
                  users' and no 'servers' are allowed.  Unlike pacbell...
          \_ ISP wise they're okay but watch the billing. I got my ADSL in
             March and they have yet to get my billing correct.
             \_ I went for 9 months with them not charging the DSL part of the
                bill. I was only paying a $30 isp fee...
          \_ I got my phone installed August 5th, my dsl working September
             4th, and so far not a bill in sight.  -jor
1999/10/9-13 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:16682 Activity:nil
10/9    Anybody know of a scientific or research search engine?  I want to
        read about say fault-tolerant OSs.  Yahoo points me to a bunch of
        commercial sites.  I just want academic research sites or journal
        publications on it.  Thanks.
        \_ go to melvyl, and type "ins" to get into the inspec database
           it has most techincal publications, and basically kicks ass.
           the syntax is very similar to the cat database in melvyl,
           the help is easy to use, and there are some amazing features
           like you can set it up to email you when a new article comes out in
           your specialty in any publication.  dont waste your time with the
           internet at large if you have access to the berkeley library system.

        \_ Try then click on Digital Library.  You have to
           subscribe, but if you're a student it's very very cheap and
           worth it. -mogul
        \_ possibly helpful: use "host:edu <keyword>" on altavista  -tom
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