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1999/10/7-11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Consumer/TV] UID:16675 Activity:moderate
10/7    Is there a projector that can display standard video signal as well as
        35mm slides?
        \_ Probably.
          \_ can you give more information or url?  How is a projector
             that projects video signal to a (cloth/paper) screen called?
             Projection TV??
                \_ No. How?  You mean "what", don't you?  "Projection TV??" is
                   not a valid sentence.  It lacks any form of structure or
                   verb phrase.  My reply is:  Green Envelopes
                   \_ "Green Envelopes" is not a valid sentence. Or if it
                      includes "My reply is:", then you forgot a period at
                      the end.
                \_ he doesn't have more information or a url.  you ask a
                   question that's way too open-ended, and you'll get a flip
                   response.  that's just how it works on the motd.
        \_ Why do you want such a thing?  Just get a normal video projector
           and a normal slide projector . . . when you want to show video,
           have the slide projector show a black slide, and vice-versa.  Sure,
           you don't get the cool all-in-oneness of an integrated solution,
           but you probably save big money *and* get better quality.
        \_ All is encrypted using 3DES
           the front of it and have it go to a white screen when you hit the
           homemade slide button on your new fancy remote control that has
           the video remote taped to the slide carosel remote taped to your
           toggle button (described already).  Have fun!
           Or you could just buy one of each and point them at the same screen.
           Or you could use a computer with a video out and do it all using
        \_ if you use a normal video projector you can rig a slide holder to
           Can't we squish him....maybe an AI program that determines the
           score of a motd entry and squishes the writter as they save the
           motd.public from their editor which has the uid of who is running
           it in the env.  On a scale of 0 to 9 any score below a 7 will get
           squished - 7s will be warned of undesired actions, and 8s and 9s
           will go free.
           any one of a number of programs.  Hmm, why do twits get accounts.
              \_ Did writing that give you a big ego boost?
                \_ No, but it makes you a twit. =D
                \_ Don't forget to mention that it isn't a real sentence.
                   It doesn't have a period at the end.
                   \_ lol, are you a girl<period less>
                   \_ Uhm, okay.
           \_ and people who write dumb shit like this would be taken out
              and beaten to death as the crowds cheer?
           \_ You are such a twit
              \_ ah, the perils of walling ... where the nefarious can take
                 your comments and make it sound more stupid on a motd
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1999:October:07 Thursday <Wednesday, Friday>