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1999/9/29-30 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:16621 Activity:kinda low
9/28    I'm looking for a good Linux vendor. How is VA Linux and what
        other companies might I look into? Thanks. --dim
        \_ VA Linux is pretty good, though  half of the systems I got from them
           are running FreeBSD instead.  Are you just looking for software
           or what?
           \_ I want hardware and hardware support. --dim
              \_ Well, VALinux is fine for that. -mehlhaff
        \_ I got a bunch of bad RAM from VA; they were not particularly
           efficient about getting me a working system. But once they did,
           I didn't have much more to complain about. -brg
1999/9/29-30 [Industry/Jobs] UID:16622 Activity:high
9/27    Oracle hired me 9 months ago as a developer. But all I have been
        doing since then: moving computer, installing latest shiphome
        RDBMS, run test cases, release management, and debugging. I get
        paid extremely well, but I feel very guilty for not doing
        any technical work. I think my co-workers are in the same shoes.
        Is this common in database companies?
        \_ Why do you feel guilty?  I would just feel like an idiot.  idiot.
        \_ SOOOO MANY BAD MEMORIES.  Please don't remind me.  I didn't feel
           guulty.  Just bored out of my mind.  I quit and ran away.
           Never saw my boss again.
                        \_ but what about our LOVECHILD??
        \_Poor baby. How can they do that to you. Paying you "extremely
          well" to sit around and jack off? Serious though, why feel
          guilty for the fact that you have an easy job when you should be
          worried that you ain't gaining any real knowledge/experience
          which you need to get a new job when the suits figure out that
          they can just hire 2.7 lab monkeys (give or tack .3 monkey) to
          do your work and pay them in peanuts.
          \_ Totally.  If you're not learning then you're selling your future
             for an easy job now.  Actually your job doesn't sound easy, just
             dull.  Quit or ask for something real to do.  You're withering.
        \_Maybe you think you are being paid well.  You are actually doing IT,
        QA, and whole bunch crap.  They ought to pay you well.  How much?  On
        Average, a 2 year develope should be paid 65k?  (correct me on that)
                        \_ Not in the Valley in this job market.
                           \_ 65k? thats like entry level!
                                \_ are you for realz? every 2 year software
                                   engineer's getting 80k?
                                        \_ No, please learn what "average"
                                           means.  Many make more, many make
                                           \_ That's not what "average"
                                              means at all...
                                                \_ The point was "average"
                                                   != "every".  The second
                                                   sentence is a seperate
        \_ You guys are missing the point. I'm suppose to be a
             DEVELOPER. Why am I doing QA, debugging, and all that
             crap? I am not complaining about my salary. I am
             merely asking whether the word "developer" at one company
             means differently than another company.
             \_ a developer working in QA is the sign of a good QA
                department. Yes, this is an appropriate place for
                a "developer". If you dont have smart people in QA,
                you end up being microsoft.
                \_ Maybe so, but do *you* want to be the schmuck in QA?
             \_ We didn't all miss the point.  A few people did say that
                   if you feel like you're wasting your time, move on.  You
                   missed the point.
           \_ So, are you feeling cheated or something?  Before you took the
              job, what did Oracle tell you your job description and duties
              would be?  Or did they just say, "you'll be a developer, sign
              here", and you just said "okay"?  Title means nothing: I have
              a friend working at IBM whose business cards say "Software
              Engineer", even though she's a *technical writer* who started
              her first programming class *ever* this week.
1999/9/29 [Uncategorized] UID:16623 Activity:nil
9/98    Stop fucking the fucking motd already
1999/9/29-10/1 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16624 Activity:nil
9/29    What app is associated with the MIME type "application/ms-tnef"?
        And when I save the content to a file, what file extension should
        I use?  Thx.
        \_ You should delete it if you see it.  It's MS Exchange/Outlook
           crap that's useless to the rest of the world.
1999/9/29-10/1 [Uncategorized] UID:16625 Activity:nil
9/29    Extra TMBG ticket for sale -- norby (
1999/9/29-10/2 [Computer/SW] UID:16626 Activity:nil
9/29    Does anyone know an easy and free way to make a gerber file directly
        from an autocad file?  I'm using Autocad LT 98.
        \_ No.  Sorry.  What's a gerber file?  Is it a baby file?
1999/9/29-10/2 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:16627 Activity:very high 73%like:16639
9/29    I think they have this test taking thing all wrong,  We should take
        tests with partners and work on the projects alone.  This way, people
        who know their stuff, can prove it without having to carry people who
        don't know their shit.  Tests are useless and worthless, and easily
        replaceable by an O(1) lookup with the right literature.
        \_ good tests aren't.  That is why every test I took in CS at Cal
           was open book.  -aspo
        \_ But it's easy to verify you are "working alone" on a test,
           and almost impossible to do so on a project.
           Some professors let you do a project by yourself, but you
           dont gain anything extra by doing that.
        \_ I really like the Berkeley policy of letting the competent people
           know early that a world full of freeloaders is eagerly awaiting their
        \_ So, you're someone that tests poorly but works like a dog so does
           well on projects?  Whatever.  Everyone has a selfish reason for
           changing the system to suit themself.
           shoulders.  Thus the competent acquire the correct attitude by the
           time they graduate. -- ilyas
        \_ Only hard working dummyheads prefer projects over tests.  [I meant
        \_ Only hard working people prefer projects over tests.  [I meant
           it.  Deleting this changes the context of what follows.  Don't be
           a dummyhead, dummyhead]
           \_ BTW, hotshot,
              what's your EECS/CS GPA? Unless YOU are in HKN, you've got
              arrogance for nothing.
                \_ I already graduated.  I don't have a GPA.  I also never
                   joined any key club resume stuffing crap either in HS or
                   college.  HKN is not the be-all, end-all of educational
                   godhood.  I did quite well in everything except 60b.  For
                   some reason, VAX assembly language didn't sit well.  Can't
                   imagine why.  I suppose a B- in vax assembly makes me
                   worthless and stupid in your book.  Or was it my total
                   apathy for resume stuffing?  BTW, no one has ever asked me
                   which clubs I belonged to and when interviewing, no one has
                   ever volunteered such crap to me.  If the best a candidate
                   can come up with is membership in key club, they have
                   nothing to offer.  Excuse me while I go brush up on my
                   vax assembly for an interview tomorrow.
                   \_ It wasn't VAX, it was MIPS assembly.. that could be
                      the problem.
                      \_ depends on when you took the class.
                      \_ It was VAX 11/780.  Thanks for playing.  Maybe it's
                         possible I took the course years before you were in
                         school and it changed between when we each took it?
                         Oh no, that's right, all these courses are exactly
                         the same forever.  How silly of me to forget that
                        \_ Your rejoinders are too weak to justify their length
                         computer science never changes.
                         \_ Right.  There were no CS classes before MIPS
                            & Java.  Those who talk about CS 50 & 60 series
                            classes are just making typos.
                            \_ Yeah, sorry for the typo.  I was on drugs or
                               something when I said VAX 11/780.  I'm now quite
                               certain it was cs61b doing OOPS Java coding on
                               MIPS.  I'll run my motd entries through a spell
                               and reality checker in the future.  There was
                               never such a thing as a VAX and cory.eecs,
                               po.eecs, and the other student-use VAXen are
                               just a bad-think myth.  I'm delusional.  I think
                               the freshie has been run into the ground enough
                               on this point.  I'll stop now.
                               \_ the past is worthless.  Esp in C.S.
                                  \_ The scary thing is that there are a
                                     lot of people in CS who actually
                                     believe this.
                                     \_ because it's true.
                                        \_ Silly boy.  You think my career is
                                        based on anything at all I learned in
                                        a lower division Cal CS class?  You
                                        really honestly think yours will be?
                                        Get a DeVry 'degree' if that's the kind
                                        of job you're looking for.  As far as
                                        the past vs. whatever goes in *any*
                                        field, if you don't learn from the
                                        past, you're bound to repeat those
                                        mistakes.  Give a hoot, don't polute
                                        your mind with stupid ideas like the
                                        past isn't important to the future.
                                        \_ ok, if you didn't base your career
                                           from what you learned, then the
                                           VAX obsolete stuff you were taught
                                           is obsolete.  And if you keep
                                           worshipping the past, you restrict
                                           your imagination for the future.
                                           I mean, how many pdp11/s do you
                                           maintain?  Do you believe the WWW
                                           would have happened if the people
                                           who like text only interfaces would
                                           have had their say? How about 3d
                                           hardware accelleration?  How about
                                           dolby soundcards?
   The real sadness here is watching the incredible _/
   arrogance of geekboys like yourself -- who like
   to flatter themselves into thinking they're
   being so "bold" and "creative" and "imaginative",
   when all they're doing is making a living off of extending *other*
   people's ideas, or re-inventing things that were *done better* 20
   years ago (and then patting themselves on the back, because they
   understand the past so little that they think they were the first
   one to come up with the idea).  The whole world of user interfaces
   is *just now* beginning to catch up and embrace the concepts that
   Doug Englebart demonstrated in *1968*.  Yes, I believe the WWW
   would have happened if people who like text-only interfaces had
   their say, because that's how it *did* happen (ever use the CERN
   line-mode browser)?  3D graphics cards and Dolby soundcards are
   just incremental improvements on existing concepts, not bold new
   inventions.  Instead of just mooching off the work that others
   have done in the past, go away and invent some *totally new*
   paradigm that blows everyone else away . . . and *then* come back
   and boast about your "imagination for the future".
1999/9/29-10/1 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:16628 Activity:high
9.29    I'm taking the mcat.  Any advice? - paolo
        \_ Yes, take courses in chemistry, biology, and possibly
           organic chemistry as well.  --PeterM
        \_ use protection
        \_ don't do any hallucinogenics immediately before you take the
        \_ Just curious, but do a lot of CSUAers take the MCAT?
           \_ I think it's just fashionable for CSUAers to take
              random standardized tests.  And what can be more prestigious
              than the MCAT, other than The Bar?
              \_ CFA Level 3
                 \_ Qu'est-ce que c'est?
              \_ TOEFL
              \_ Kahan's finals
                 \_ JAVA WILL DESTROY THE WORLD!!! USE MY BORNEO!- kahan
        \_ From my friend who took it: get lots of rest the nite before.
           This isn't like a final which you can cram for.
        \_ Don't bonk.  Bring a snack for the break.
        \_ Try to sleep early, and unplug your phone.  Bring snacks, but don't
           eat too much at lunch, to avoid the insulin shock.  In between breaks
           try to avoid talking to friends, they'll just add to the stress and
           reduce your concentration.  Good luck!
        \_ masturbate during the test...
                \_ Do not do this.  This activity is specifically banned at
                   the MCAT exam.  The LSAT and GRE do not specifically ban
                   this during exams, though.
1999/9/29 [Uncategorized] UID:16629 Activity:nil
9/98    motd already fucking Stop the fucking
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