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1999/9/26 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:16599 Activity:nil 66%like:16598
9/25    Can yermom be run from soda?
        \_ Nope, it takes up too much RAM and cycles, and you'd have
           to send the $DISPLAY somewhere else anyway so it'd be a
           waste of net as well. Run yermom on your local wkstn.
           \_ Run top on po, torus, or cory.  You'll see idiotic 61
              students logging in from a PPro workstation running
              yermom remotely.  The only one that is semi-understandable
              is running emacs on the cpu server since gdb and emacs
              interact with each other and you want a fast machine to
              run gdb but given that there are so many other people on
              those machines it's pretty stupid to think that gdb on
              %20 of a powerful machine is faster than 90% on a slower
              \_ case in point:
> uname -a
OSF1 <DEAD>cory.EECS.Berkeley.EDU<DEAD> V4.0 878 alpha
> top
load averages:  5.04,  4.64,  4.54                                     21:30:36
174 processes: 6 running, 42 sleeping, 126 idle
CPU states: 73.2% user,  0.0% nice, 26.7% system,  0.0% idle
Memory: Real: 241M/497M act/tot  Virtual: 23M/4287M use/tot  Free: 118M

  23728 cs9f-ez   44    0 9176K 3072K run   171:43 19.10% emacs-19.30
  5497 cs61b-jz  44    0 9616K 3579K run   213:18 19.00% <emacs-19.30>
  31152 cs9f-ez   44    0 9176K 3088K run   171:44 19.00% emacs-19.30
  27544 cs164-ci  53    0   16M 9650K run   169:23 16.50% yermom-gold-
  23692 nzamor    42    0 7184K 2613K run    23:54  4.90% java
  24426 timt      44    0 7248K  909K sleep   0:00  0.50% pine
   7613 justink   44    0 7168K  802K sleep   0:00  0.40% pine
   1407 cave      44    0   15M 6537K sleep   0:00  0.30% yermom-gold-
  12564 cave      44    0   15M 7577K sleep   0:01  0.10% yermom-gold-

        \_ Clue required.  Clue would also say "you'd be a fool to do so".
           Do a ps.  You won't find any clue doing so.  Use lynx if you must.
           \_ WHAT A LOOSER.  Don't fucking run yermom from soda you
              piece of shit.  Use Ed.  You piece of fuck.  In fact, just
              fucking quit school and be a bum you piece of crap.
        \_ i believe the misconception comes from using the soda hall
1999/9/26-28 [Uncategorized] UID:16600 Activity:nil
9/25    Can _[large bloated GUI oriented net sucking program]_ be run from
        _[overloaded, underpowered, cheap ass campus machine]_?  Fill in the
        blanks yourself.  The answer is "no".
1999/9/26-28 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:16601 Activity:high
9/25    I have an old P133. I just bought a 10GB hard drive in it but can't get
        my bios to recognize it as anything greater than an 8GB drive. How
        can I get around this?
        \_ What the hell crackhead stupidass ED user deleted my reply?
           Fine. this whole stupid thread deserves to die. Botton line:
           Install linux, or any real OS. problem solved, you now have access
           to the full 10 gig.
        \_ [restored.. because I can.  your linux rant wasn't there]
           \_ what the hell for? none of it was useful.
        \_ Check if the MB manufacturer has a bios update online.  If not,
           you'll need a new MB.  Nothing else to be done.
          \_ Do classic pentium motherboards even have flash bios?
               \_ The later ones did.  I own one.  Earlier ones, no.
          \_ Try add on EIDE(ATA33/66) cards, they might work, although
             some cards cost about the same as a cheap mobo.
               \_ A new high quality BX mb can be had for $99.  An old one
                  for his toy you can get for free from someone else that's
                  upgrading.  The MB is going to have AT-33/66 support.
                  The dude needs to either forget about the 2gb, or shell
                  out for a MB made in the last 7 years.  This whole thread
                  is just silly.  We're talking about spending money or using
                   \_ oh yeah, he probably has a socket 5 MB, and P133 is a 90s
                      product too.
                  hokey software so he can keep using his socket-3 MB.  Let
                  it go.  Join the 90s.
                  \_ maybe he cant get a used/old one from someone, that's
                     why he's asking.  why dont you donate him a BX board?
                     BTW, while you are at it, why dont you donate
                     CPU and memory to go with it? used is fine.
                       \_ Bullshit.  There are numerous places on the net
                          still selling socket-7 boards.  Anyway, why should
                          I donate anything to someone so stupid that they
                          didn't perform the most trivial and basic of
                          research before spending whatever on a device that
                          their MB doesn't fully support?  It's his fucking
                          fault for being stupid.  My email address is not
                  \_ P133 uses socket FIVE and is a 90's product.
                       \_ Ooooooh... socket... FIVE!!! Woo woo!!!  *laugh*
                          \_ nothing to brag about, but at least
                             get the facts stright before ranting away, idiot.
       \_ Can this be accomplished with drive overlay software?  Or does
          overlay software just trick the OS and not the hardware? -dans
          \_ Dude, forget it.  Stop being cheap.  Overlay software is dead
             and only works with certain versions of certain operating
             systems.  The 2gb is nothing.  Either get a real MB or forget
             the 2gb.  You're being silly.
             \_ we have the right to be cheap! not everyone makes
                100k/year and drives BMW.
                \_ you mean people get by on just $100k/yr?
                \_ I don't drive German cars.  If he can afford to buy a
                   10 gb drive without even researching to find out if his
                   system will fully support it, he can easily afford another
                   $50 on a MB made in the 90s.
1999/9/26-28 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16602 Activity:nil
9/26    I have followed all the instructions in "INSTALL.REDHAT"  to
        install php3 on my linux box.  However, when i run a "httpd -l" it
        does not display mod_php.c.  Can anyone tell me or point me to
        docs which tell me how to find and install the correct binary?
        Thanks.  -crebbs
        \_ Was it a dynamic module?  I don't have the "INSTALL.REDHAT" file
           you're talking about (I don't use Linux for web service) so I
           have NFC what sorts of steps you went through.  If this is in
           fact a shared module, then did you activate it?  The solution
           to your problem isn't straightforward with the information you've
           provided.  --sowings
        \_ Fdisk, reinstall.  Run an operating system you're capable of
           dealing with.
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