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1999/9/24 [Transportation/Car] UID:16583 Activity:very high
9/24    I hear about people sueing GM all the time (ie. Ford truck,
                        \_ Why would you sue GM for a Ford problem?
                           Do you have any clue what you're talking about?
        seat belt, etc). Can people legally and successfully sue foreign
        car makers?
        \_ It will be on Tuesday October 5.  And I apologize for the
        \_ Nope.
           will be posted soon. -dans
        \_ yes.
           \_ it's the amount of money your mom pays me every year so that i
              fuck her the way your pop can't.
        \_ you looking to sue?  Not too many years back, a guy went out
           drinking and dancing at a club.  He fell asleep driving back
           in his toyota truck.  He rolled over several times and the
           door failed, flinging him out (no seat belt) and criplling him.
           The initial award for the faulty door - many millions.
           \_ The final award after the judge threw it out because the jury
              ignored his instructions and they retried it plus numerous
              appeals?  Zero.
        \_ Nope.
        \_ If they have a business division in the US (which seems likely),
           then yes.  If you bought a car from some small dinko company that
           does custom hand built cars in Italy, then you have enough money
           and lawyers to sue them in Italy.  But being rich like this, you're
           likely to already know this.   Yes, you can sue legally but you'll
1999/9/24 [Industry/Startup] UID:16584 Activity:high
9/23    Hi, I graduated from UCB in '96 and have 3 years work experience.
        I was recently offered a position that pays $80K from an established
        public company.  Is that high or low?  Thanks.  Please do not troll
        my message.  This is a serioues inquiry.
        \_ I graduated then too, and make a little bit less.  Any stock options?
        \_ yes it is high or low.  it depends.  --oj
        \_ Nope.
        \_ why even bother?  Its all a big waste of time.
        \_ I graduated after, haveless experience, make slightly more and have
           a pile of options.  As always, options may or may not have future
           value.  The cash is real, though.
        \_ Could you be a little bit more general?  Jeezz.  If this is a
           position as a accounting clerk in Stockton then your getting a
        \_ Possibly.  At least I know the difference between
           compu-porn dept.  Thanks for the thought, though.
           good deal, if it's for a CIO position in Santa Clara your getting
           \_ It's the motd.  It's either a sysadmin or coder job.
           \_ it's the amount of money your mom pays me every year so that i
              fuck her the way your pop can't.
        \_  hey, which one of you motherfuckers nuked my response?  That
         singly responsible individual...FUCK YOU.  and to the motherfucker
         getting the 80K, 1)  don't be such a greedy bitch, there's
         plenty of people who don't ever earn half of what you are going
         to be making and 2)  whether or not you want to actually take
         it depends on how much they're going to make you bleed for that
         \_ I did.  It was rambling and stupid and near zero content.
1999/9/24 [Computer/Theory] UID:16585 Activity:moderate
9.25    Searle will be giving a lecture on the non-computability of the
        brain tuesday next week.
        \_  What time?  What room? -allenp
        \_ I'd rather eat bricks.  He's an idiot.
          \_ Just admit that your crushed because he can prove that you
             cant use that crap you learned in 188 to complete the
             girlfriend AI project you've been fantasizing about.
                \_ Possibly.  At least I know the difference between
                   "your" and "you're".  Anyway, I never took 188 and I
                   got the warez for virtual valerie, so I'm all set in the
                   compu-porn dept.  Thanks for the thought, though.
                   \_ besides, how many of the sorority girls on
                      campus could pass a Turing test?
                      \_ When I was in school, I had this one roommate in
                         the dorms with the super bimbo sorority gf.  I'm
                         pretty sure she couldn't have.  They were friends
                         with another sorority chick and dude and I don't
                         think she'd pass either.  Nice tits though.
1999/9/24-26 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW] UID:16586 Activity:low
9/24    Any known remote exploits run on port 1028 on a wind0wz box?
        Where to find out?  There a list of known remote exploits and their
        ports somewhere on the net?  Thanks.
        \_  What time?  What room? -allenp
        \_ I found it.  For not-even-God-knows-what-reason, The M$ task
           scheduler (their shitty version of at/cron) sits on tcp port
           1028.  Disabled in control panel.  A small victory over bloat.
           \_ run portscan.  has anyone tried to portscan all 64k ports
              of a win machine?
              \_ It's an open but unknown port.  I'm not sure if there's
                 anything anyone can really do with it, but it was definitely
                 the task scheduler and definitely open.  I stopped it from
                 running in the future.  When I killed mstask.exe, the port
                 closed, so I know that's it.  Nothing on the net about it
                 that I could find.  Fuck you Bill Gates.
1999/9/24-26 [Uncategorized] UID:16587 Activity:very high
9/23    When is (was) the L&S CS infosession?                   - brendal
        \_ Could you be a little bit more general?  Jeezz.  If this is a
           good deal, if it's for a CIO position in Santa Clara your getting
           \_ It's the motd.  It's either a sysadmin or coder job.
                   \_ besides, how many of the sorority girls on
                      campus could pass a Turing test?
        \_ I think it might be next week... I have seen rather
           more conflicting information than I'd like though. -brg
        \_ It will be on Tuesday October 5.  And I apologize for the
           conflicting info, but we had some unexpected snafus.  Flyers
           will be posted soon. -dans
        \_ why even bother?  Its all a big waste of time.
        \_ what percentage of all CS applicants get denied?
                \_ 100%
                   \_ Obviously not true.  - paolo (who used to be math)
                   \_ I think it's about 75% (deny rate). There are lots
                      of stats available... go to the infosession to find
                      out. If you're below 3.3, your chances aren't too
                      high, but you can even get in with slightly below a
                      2.9. Personally, that's why I applied under EECS :)
                      \_ yeah, you can skate by with a 2.0 while people
                         who are doing much better than you get fucked over.
                         \_ I got in with 2.1 combined with letters from
                            a number of profs.
                \_ If you come to the infosession you can find out.
                \_ No you wont.  Haven't you realized?  The infosession
                   is all about _discouraging_ people so they won't even
                   \_ That's a load of crap.  It's about showing people what
                      they're actually up against.  Please sign your posts in
                      the future so I know who's septic tank is leaking.
                      -dans, Interim L&S CS Infosession Czar
                        \_ "showing people what they're actually up against":
                           If *that* phrase isn't discouraging, I don't know
                           what is.  You sound a bit brainwashed.  -not the
                                same person from two posts up
                           \_ How is "showing people what they're actually up
                              against" discouraging?  If you think you're going
                              to get in with a C average, then you're probably
                              deluded.  If you think that you need a 3.5 to get
                              in, then, for the moment, you're deluded to (it
                              could get up to a 3.5, thus far it hasn't).
                              Frankly, I think that knowing what you'll likely
                              need is useful, and provides something of a
                              reality-check.  If you think that facing reality
                              is discouraging, then I feel sorry for you. -dans
                        \_ If you don't believe the L&S CS admissions committee
                        is acting in good faith in helping the CSUA to put on
                        this infosession by providing statistics and
                        counseling, then why bother even complaining about it?
                        For previous L&S infosessions we've had the EECS
                        Department Chair and most if not all of the L&S CS
                        admissions committee up in front of the crowd speaking
                        and answering questions.  It's not as if there's a
                        higher authority than that.  So this represents the
                        CSUA's best effort to get all the official information
                        about how best to approach getting in to the major out
                        to the people who need it.  And if you still don't
                        believe it, there are hundreds of schools you could go
                        to where they won't even begin to give you a hard time
                        about getting into CS. -brg
                        \_ There is a higher authority, I remember Katz saying
                           that the dean of Engineering was higher up - also I
                           remember them saying that the L&S dean needed to be
                           contacted if there were changes in the way that COE
                           doesn't get money from L&S Students in their program.
                           These guys never showed up to any L&S infosession.
                           Maybe they should? - paolo
                        \_ I stand corrected. Perhaps they should. (Perhaps
                           they just don't care...) -brg
                        \_ I don't believe that we've ever asked them.  Perhaps
                           this is a matter that we should consider addressing
                           \_ Right.  I'm sure they will come running just
                              an undergrad calls.  Take your own advice and
                              get a your own reality check.
                           \_ Oh deluded one:  Did I say that it was going to
                              happen like magic?  Did I say that they would
                              come running?  I don't see that in my post.  I
                              see the statement "Perhaps this is a matter that
                              we should consider addressing."  The only
                              illusion that I'm entertaining at the moment is
                              that I can convince you to pull the crack pipe
                              out of your ass through reasoned discourse.
                              Don't worry though, you're rapidly dispelling me
                              of this notion.  And, how exactly does one "get a
                              your own reality check"?  Sign your posts, and
                              learn to write a proper sentence you twink. -dans
                                \_ Do they no longer teach patience and good
                                   manners in CS anymore?  Apparently not.  Oh
                                   well.  Send me your resume.
                                   \_ "Whether 'tis nobler in the mind
                                       to suffer \ The slings and arrows of
                                       outrageous fortune, \ Or to take arms
                                       against a sea of troubles \ And by
                                       opposing end them. . ." (Hamlet 3.1)
                                       I choose not to exercise patience and
                                       manners here.  I do not stand idly by
                                       and suffer the slings and arrows of
                                       outrageous hosers.  Hamlet did.  Look
                                       where it got him. -dans
                                        \_ And being a rude jerk is getting
                                           you somewhere?  At least Hamlet
                                           didn't sound like a low grade
                                           moron.  It is possible to make a
                                           point without being an ass.  In
                                           fact, being an ass has never
                                           convinced anyone of anything,
                                           except that the speaker is an ass.
                                                --- glad I'm not you
1999/9/24-26 [Uncategorized] UID:16588 Activity:high
9/25    Searle is a crackpot.
        \_ No, the guy running for US president who thinks that Adolf
           Hitler should have conquered the world is a crackpot.
        \_ You are being far too kind
           \_ well, he's also an arrogant bastard
                \_ "Any person who is sane believes in DNA, the atomic
                    theory, heliocentricity of the solar system, and
                    evolution."  --Searle, in class.
                    \_ how is this a response to the arrogant bastard bit?
                    \_ lies are best sandwiched in truths, you know
                       \_ Yeah, I never believed that heliocentricity
                          crap.  I've always believed evolution though.
                        \_ Just because he can get a few basics right doesn't
                           mean everything he says is true.  He's still an
                           idiot despite believing in heliocentricity and DNA.
1999/9/24-25 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:16589 Activity:kinda low
9/25    Is there anywhere around South Bay that sells DVD-ROM SCSI?
        \_ Is there such a thing?  I know DVD-RAMs come in SCSI...
            \_ There are non-IDE machines that have DVD's you figure it out.
               \_ isn't that because they have their own interface card?
                        \_ No.  SCSI is standard.  SCSI is good.  Use SCSI.
        \_ - product news.  Toshiba 5x scsi 149
1999/9/24-25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:16590 Activity:kinda low
9/24    CSUA meeting @ Gold Club in SF.  Bring small bills.
        \_ but yermom wanted something bigger than a five.
         \_ small meaning 20's.
1999/9/24-26 [Uncategorized] UID:16591 Activity:nil
9/24  Like it says. Rapping
        with God down wit da homeys!
1999/9/24-28 [Recreation/Media] UID:16592 Activity:nil
9/29    CSUA Alumni Reunion @ TMBG concert in SF.
        \_ Future stuff before top.
        \_ anyone care to elaborate on this?
        \_ ick, TMBG
                \_ Weird Al, 9/28 (SJ) or 10/1 (Marin)
                \_oct 21/22  Backstreet Boys at San Jose Arena a/a $38.50/
                  $29.50 8pm # (sold out) -chiapet
1999/9/24-26 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:16593 Activity:high
9/24    Got an awsome offer from Oracle. Can you guys comment on the
        working environment there? Thanks.
        \_ You are a dump sh!* j if you want to work for INDUSTRY and
           caring only about GREEDY MONEY.  ACADEMIA is the only place
           to do meaningful working.
           \_ Fool.  Please get a new attitude so I don't have to pay increased
              taxes to take care of your poor dumb ass in your old age.
        \_ Oracle is mostly APPLICATION PROGRAMMING,
           testing, and porting. You do yer shit based on your clients'
           need. There is absolutely no research related position.
           Overall, it's not an intellectually challenging place to be.
           You will never deal with "optimization of an algorithm" or
           "reorganizing datapath" or anything interesting like
           that. That being said, Oracle has extremely competitive
           salary, gives out lots of options, has kick ass health
        \_ why no comments yet about
           \_ What, the mailing list for Larry's personal assistants?
          \_ Got a great deal for your sister, $150k
           and 401K plan, has a nice gym, and has 6 really nice
           restaurants in the company.          -X Oracle employee
           \_ That exactly what most business majors think computer
              science is about - making web pages and doing asp crap.
              Fortunately most of them get weeded out when they try
              to delcare the CS major or minor.
                \_ I declared CS for the babes.
                \_ you mean man-women trolls.
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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