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1999/9/21 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:16560 Activity:nil
9/20    I'd just finished a little sh script to remove all the auto inserted
        crap and you go and beat me to it.  What's the world coming to?
1999/9/21-24 [Uncategorized] UID:16561 Activity:nil
9/21    Now that is up, is this the end of the motd?
        \_ No.  People still need someplace to turn to for quality *wrong*
1999/9/21-22 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:16562 Activity:very high
9/21    "The Chinese Red Cross said it would provide 827,000 yuan
         (US$100,000) in disaster aid and 500,000 yuan (US$60,500)
         in relief supplies [for Taiwan]"
        Is this a communist joke?
        \_ China is not as rich as the US you fucker, you can't weight
           everything in $ scale.
                \-at least they arent sending the people army to "help" --psb
        \_ why is the west so against what China do or say? Isn't the world
           Gene imagined in the star trek world a communist like society?
           the US want to be the super power, and it will do anything to
           convince its citizen what they did or say was right. Face it
           people, we don't have the greatest system in the world. Only
           in the US would teenagers use machine guns against classmates.
           \_ First off, anyone trying to make a Star Trek reference like
              this has got to be a troll.  That and the Chinglish grammar
              are big give aways.  With that understanding... The reason
              the US _is_ (not 'wants to be') the only super power is because
              the US _does_ have the greatest system in the world.  It is
              clearly _not_ perfect.  It _is_ the best, though.  There isn't
              another system on the planet now or ever in the past that could
              come even close to making a successful society like we have
              here.  The only ones that come even close have completely
              homogenous people ethnically and culturally.  Do I think gun
              toting teens is a good thing?  No.  Do I think that makes other
              countries better?  No.  You're looking at one miniscule aspect
              of any incredible complex culture and painting the whole thing
              with the same brush.  More people died at TS 10 years ago after
              the benevolent Chinese government rolled in the tanks than have
              died in US from angst ridden teenaged gun massacres in total.
              Can't have your cake and eat it too, unless you're a troll.
                \_ We do have a great system here, but its far from perfect.
                   We have a great economical system, but we don't have a
                   nearly as good criminal justice system. I've been living
                   in this country for nearly 15 years, I can tell you in
                   one simple word, its complely fucked up. Criminals are
                                    \_ By my count, that's 4 words.
                   simply not afraid of the law, even I am not afraid to
                   commit a crime. I'd think twice about the same if I am
                   into White.

                   in China. We have lawyers here that can turn Black
                   into White. People come here to get rich, they do not
                   come here for out great system. Instead of seeing every
                   other system in the world as inferior, maybe its time
                   you actually go to one, where you realize you can freely
                   wonder at night in any part of the city without fear of
                   being shot in the head by some drunk.
                   We have a great economical system, capitalism and
                   competition benefits us all. But out justice system
                   leaves too much to be desired. When US bombed the Chinese
                   embassy, how many US citizens were hurt in China? Can
                   you say the same if the situation were reversed? Riots,
                   pure act of violence, like in LA, are somehow justified.
                   I am not saying China has a great system, it too has much
                   to be desired, but certainly it is not as bad as most
                   media would want you to believe. Look at things from a
                   subjective point of view, or are we just too arrogent to
                   to admit any fault? When you have been in something for
                   too long, what is wrong becomes normal.
                   \_ Here's the mandatory cheap shot:  I'd also be afraid to
                      commit a crime in a totalitarian regime like China.  The
                      legal system here is quite flawed.  Easily granted.  I'd
                      rather have the system as it is and simply not walk naked
                      down the street at night with a $20 taped to each nipple,
                      than be able to safely do so and live in a totalitarian
                      society, such as China.  Our laws are perfectly good.
                      The problem is lack of enforcement, letting people out
                      early for no real reason, and the social ills that lead
                      to high crime in the first place.  I've not been to
                      China, but I've been to several other countries and the
                      homogenously "safe" fascist countries are simply boring
                      and backwater.  Even Europe is like the third world but
                      more dull and safer.  I'll keep my gun toting angry
                      teens.  You can have your safe walk at night.  You made
                      another comment about people coming her for money, not
                      for our system.  It's the system that makes the money.
                      Also, the *vast* and *overwhelming* majority of citizens
                      do not commit felony level crimes at any time in their
                      life.  Again, the whole country is painted with a single
                      brush in one color.
           \_ So the Star Trek crew is always wearing those red uniforms
              because it's an expression of their red commie-lovin, freedom-
              hatin tendencies?  Damn.  As for the whole teen-machine-gun
              thing, the reason it'd only happen in the US is because
              capitalism ensures our standard of living is *so* high that
              even disgruntled teenagers living in stagnant rural backwaters
              can afford high quality firearms!  Back in your backward country
              with its retrograde economic system, those wacky pissed-off kids
              have to use big heavy sticks or farm implements.  America: love
              it or leave it!
              \_ Fuck you all.  I'm moving to North Korea.  It's legal
              \_ Read into more about the world Star Trek is painting. It has
                 so much in common to the socialism/communism society I
                 learned in school. Or are we so afraid of the truth that
                 even the mentioning of communism is hated. You have been
                 taught Communism is bad, but do you _really_ know what it
                 is about? You don't.
                 \_ What makes you think we even like the Star Trek version of
                    a future 'utopia' anyway.  Its BOOOORING.  AS the 'evil
                    captain kirk' said in a ST parody on SNL: "GET A LIFE!"
                 \_ So the perfect future world of Star Trek is supposed to be
                    some kind of justification for current flawed Chinese
                    communism?  You're just as bad (and as believeable) as
                    those people who use Ayn Rand and _Atlas Shrugged_ as a
                    justification for how our lives would be *so* much better
                    if only we were ruled by handsome superintelligent
                    plutocrat industrialists with a taste for kinky sex.  You
                    remind me of my Ethnic Studies TA who continually proposed
                    communism as a solution to all of the world's problems --
                    and who, when questioned about the flaws and misery in
                    current communist systems, always answered that they were
                    due to the fact that those weren't *perfect*
                    implementations of communism -- once someone created a
                    *perfect* communist society, everyone would be happy and
                    no problems would exist.
           \_ Speaking of teens with guns, if you haven't seen it yet,
     kicks ASS!
           \_ Primary mission objective "Troll motd":  complete.
           \_ I just want to state right now, categorically and for the
              record, that I have absolutely *no* problems with Chinese
              communists.  Particularly if they happen to be hot female spies
              willing to trade sexual favors for industrial secrets.
              \_ "Uhm, yeah, I'll trade you this, uh, phasor technology for
                  a blow!!"
                  \_ That won't work, since the Chinese apparently *have*
                     phasors and teleporters and all that Star Trek stuff.
                     Please see above.
                     \_ Oh, hmm.  So they use credits in the Federa-- I mean
                        in China, too?  Or is it the version of ST where they
                        don't have or need money or crime because everyone is
                        happy and all provided for?  What technology could I
                        possibly provide to the Chinese spy chick if their
                        highly superior society is already 500+ years ahead of
                        of us poor barbarians?  Better condoms?
                        \_ Yup. China has specialized teleporters that beam
                           out the man's sperm from the woman's body before
                           it reaches the ovum.
1999/9/21-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:16563 Activity:low
9/21    Does biff work on soda?  I tried it but it didn't work.
        \_ try /csua/bin/philbiff -lots
           \_ Don't forget the -mchammer option!
        \_ biff is broken and/or obsolete on most Unix machines - it assumes
           too much that is no longer true.  Use newmail instead.
           \_ philbiff is much better than 'newmail'
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