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1999/9/9 [Uncategorized] UID:16484 Activity:insanely high
9.8     Decal class 2 units.subject:the doors,124 morrision hall,8pm tonite
                                how appropriate   ^^^^^^^^^
                                \_ you fight like a cow
                                  \_ you cow like a fight
        \_ is this the most over-rated band in the history of rock music?
1999/9/9-10 [Computer/Networking, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:16485 Activity:kinda low
9/8     How do reverse name lookups work. CSUA has the IP addess So the <DEAD><DEAD> servers have an entry like IN PTR http://soda.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU
        but if I'm doing a revers lookup from say MIT how would it pull
        out that resource record from the Berkeley nameserver?
        (As in, how would it know to look at Berkeley's name server)
        \_ Same way it does for - it asks the root nameservers
           "Who should I ask for info about the 32.128.IN-ADDR.ARPA domain?"
           and they return the list of nameservers it's delegated to.
           \_ But that's assuming that you're using strictly class A, B,
              or C addresses.  Many sites are classless (CIDR).
                \_ Still works basically the same.  Start at the top and
                        ask your way down the list.  Read the OReilley
                        BIND book if you want to know the details, since
                        there are far too many to discuss in the motd.
                \_ Unfortunately, BIND still is pretty much classful in
                   in-addr delegation.  It can only delegate on octet
             \_ 32.128.IN-ADDR.ARPA is just another domain, and can have
                CNAMES in it as well.  use your imagination.
                                                \_ ooh la-la!
1999/9/9-10 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16486 Activity:moderate
9/8     Looking for a job at an internet startup.
        \_ Look at all those obsolete OS'es - Domain/OS, AIX 3, Ultrix.
           This guy must be ancient.
        \_ OK, let's stop this! At my job, C/C++ is considered outdated by java
           \_ Can you read?  He graduated in 95.  That means he's about 25 or
              26.  If you had clue, you'd know those aren't obsolete OS's.
              They're older unix variants which are 98% the same as any unix
              you'll use today.  Idiot.  -not jules
                \_ I graduated in 99, and I'm 26.  Don't assume too much.
                   (And Domain/OS is definetly nowhere near 98% the same
                    as any other OS - it's a world all it's own.) -alan-
                   \_ Not my fault you took so long.  D/OS is still a unix
                      variant.  It's 98% like every other unix.  What?  You
                      think it's so radically different from other unixes
                      that it deserves it's own category?  Get real.  Unix is
                      as unix does.
                        \_ Do you have any experience with Domain OS?
                           It's not UNIX.  It's an OS based on Multics,
                           written in Pascal with a mostly-UNIX-compatible
                           layer on top.   Most of the OS is very non-UNIX.
                           -alan- (Domain/OS user since 1990 and still have
                           an Apollo workstation at home)
                           \_ Yup.  It's not unix in the same way linux isn't
                              unix.  Thanks for the history lesson.
                                \_ Linux is much closer to Unix than Domain/OS.
                                   Domain has a completely different set of
                                   commands and APIs, even it's GUI is nothing
                                   like X Windows.
                                   \_ X != unix.  So you're trying to claim
                                      that D/OS isn't a unix because it's got
                                      a few differences from [your unix here]?
                                      That's silly.  It's just a unix variant.
                                      It isn't unique.  It isn't MacOS.  It
                                      isn't Windows.  It isn't vms/cms/*ms.
                                      It's just a unix variant.  Get over it.
                I'm beginning to wonder whether the speaker _/
                has ever used DOMAIN/OS.
                \_ The speaker has definitely never used anything in /com.
                   People should get clued before arguing with alanc.
                                         is not UNIX.  By the way, CMS is not
                   -not alan-
                                      \_ Did you actually read alan's comment
                                         above?  He said D/OS is a Multics
                                         variant, not a UNIX variant.  Multics
                                         is not UNIX.
                                         \_ He can say anything he wants. D/OS
                                            is a unix variant.  He can say
                                            anything he wants about anything.
                                            His saying so doesn't make it true.
                                                \_ Join the MNU Software
                                                Foundation Today!
                                                say "Manure"
                                                \- say "laser"
                                                Go join OCF and you
                                         can learn about D/OS on their Apollo
                                         machines.  By the way, CMS is not
                                                \_ Not any more.  OCF got rid
                                                   of all the Apollos.
                                         an OS.  It's a shell on top of VM
                                         which is an OS.  -- yuen (VM/CMS user)
                                  \_ It's not unix in the same way NT is not
                                        UNIX.  Both can be made to act mostly
                                        like UNIX, but are vastly different
                                        \_ D/OS = unix.  NT != unix.  Thanks
                                           for caring.
                                           \_ NT with cygwin is actually a
                                              useable UNIX variant.
                                DomainOS/Aegis was Apollo OS that was given
                                a Unix-Like wrapper.
                                \_ If it walks like a duck and talks like a
                \_ Don't be so quick to flame - the original post wasn't
                   based on ignorance, just on giving julian a hard time.
                   \_ Even worse.
1999/9/9-10 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:16487 Activity:moderate 66%like:15731 66%like:17405
9/9     Happy 9/9/99
        \_ yay, my computer didn't crash.
           \_ Why should it have?  The idea was that some ancient computers
              might get confused and think 9999 was EOF.  These computers
              were built before you were born.  Of course this is all media
              created bullshit to fill space, but what else is new?
              \_ Many (Therac-25ish) programmers use 9/9/99 as a test case.
              \_ Then why would Y2K cause any problem either?  "The idea was
                 that some ancient computers might get confused and think
                 2000 was 1900.  It's all media hype.  Blah blah blah ..."
                \_ the "9999" EOF thing is absurd.  Y2K is overhyped but
                   a real problem.  The problem is more a human one than
                   a technical one; run "cal 99" for an example.  -tom
                   \_ What's wrong with "/usr/bin/cal 99"? It looks okay to me.
                \_ "9999" is a media hyped fantasy.  It sure as hell had zero
                   chance of being a problem on your home PC unlike what some
                   lame media types would have you believe.  As far as the
                   banks, etc, this was just an attempt to say, "See?  We have
                   everything under control!  9999 is 'just like' Y2k but just
                   a bit smaller!  Don't panic!"  Me?  I've got my guns, food,
                   water, batteries, extra fuel, and some mid sized solar cells
                   wired up to a largish set of acid batteries.  I'll survive
                   while you're starving come The Day.
1999/9/9 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:16488 Activity:nil
9/9 (came out a bit early)
1999/9/9-10 [Reference/RealEstate, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:16489 Activity:low
9/9     That lightning storm was cool.
        \_ tstorm caused by 9-9-99 problem. read about it at

        \_ Make sure to watch again the next time I do yer mom.
           \_ You couldn't handle my mom, little boy.
           \_ my mom neither.  She's evil.
        \_ Yeah, especially if you lost power or had your house burn down.
           \_ Yeah, and steak knives are cool until *A RAVING MANIAC KILLS
              Did you have your house burn down?  Find some fucking joy.
                \_ Yes, I did.  Thanks for asking.
1999/9/9-10 [Reference/Celebration] UID:16490 Activity:high
9/9     Happy birthday, ERic MeHlHaFf!
        \_ ageP
           \_ too old 4 u
           \_ Don't predicates only return true or false? Don't use (word)P
              unless you use it properly.
              \_ #t
        \_ ask '(mehlhaff) '(age)
         \_ 31557600 or thereabouts.
             \_ one year old?
1999/9/9-10 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:16491 Activity:high
9/9     Read for where Domain/OS
        came from.
        \_ oh just shut up.  You got trolled.
            \_ so who won?  -The troller, because he got a response or
               the trollee because he sucessfully fended off misinformation?
               \_ there are no motd winners, only losers.
                \_ trolling isn't about misinformation.  trolling is about
                   getting a nearly 2 page long motd by doing nothing more than
                   saying, "No, you're wrong, I'm right, go away".  Works like
                   a charm everytime.  This one was especially good.
1999/9/9-13 [Reference/Tax] UID:16492 Activity:high
9/9     I am curious to hear people's experiences with having landed
        lots  of stock options.  Any good advice in terms of how to make
        sure Uncle Sam gets as little of it as possible when you start vesting?
        \_ Don't exercise them.
        \_ buy-and-hold.
        \_ More specifically, you need to hold it long enough to not be counted
           as a short term gain.  Of course if it drops like a rock during that
           period of time, you'll get zero profit anyway....
        \_ A year before you want to exercise, don't do anything to incur
           capital gains during Q1.  The year you exercise, do it in Q1
           (January, February, March).  Exercise and hold.  At this point
           you owe AMT on what you just made on paper, and are supposed to
           make an estimated quarterly tax payment, but the estimate is
           based on your previous year's tax activity (this is why you don't
           want to have any capital gains in Q1 the year before), so you owe
           nothing on the quarter (though you will have to pay it on April
           15th of the following year, just like always).  By the time April
           15th rolls around, you've held those shares for 12 months, and if
           you sell them it's taxed as long term capital gains at 20% instead
           of short term at your normal tax rate.  You can then safely sell
           what you need to pay your AMT.  Any further sales are just taxed
           as long term capital gains at 20%, so no further gimmicks are
        \_ visit an accountant, it can be worse than this depending on your
           withholding vs how much you owe, and plenty other things -oj
        \_ carmel valley. less traffic, less crowds, just as good wine.
              \_ yes there is. read today's Chronicle. BAAS (Bay Area
           \_ money grubbing?  how about the idea that they have earned half
              since they supported you and your career while letting their own
              career idle away?  a selfish little prick like you deserves to
              lose more than half; unfortunately, the law doesn't punish people
              for stupidity and selfishness.  with a fucked up attitude like
              that its no wonder you divorced or will be.  -your mom
              that its no wonder you're divorced or will be.  -your mom
                 Adult Sites) is an organization to help local porn pushers.
        \_ And, of course, there's things you may want to do to keep  a
           money-grubbing (ex-)spouse from going after them too.  HALF!!!!
              \_ Supported??!  The @#%$# freeloading bitch just stays home
                 all day and watches Jerry and Oprah all day, interspersed
                    \_ I agree with you. Sitting at home all day and watching
                       soaps and occasionally cooking and cleaning does not
                       count as earning half my options.
                        \_ Really?  Do your own cooking, cleaning, and cock
                           sucking.  What would it cost to pay someone else
                           to do it for you?
                           \_ a lot less than to have bitches like you at
                              home sucking up the money.
                              You choose to not work, you choose to
                              not have money of your own when we're through.
                 with occasional trysts with the pool cleaner and the gardener.
                 She didn't do anything for my options and certainly wasn't
                 around before most of them vested anyway.  -- spiteful ex
        \_ carmel valley. less traffic, less crowds, just as good wine.
                \- go to AAA and get their wine maps. those have hours and
                and whether tastings are free. if you are not a snob,go
                to VI Sattui ... you can taste like 6 or 7 wines with a
                lot of sugar for free. --psb
                 \_ I think I'll leave my high-tech job with its troublesome
                    options for an exciting career in pool cleaning or garden
        \_ I also suggest Sonoma.  To get there from Berk, go to the
        Richmond Bridge.  Take 101 North, exit Hwy 37 from the freeway, take a
        left at the second traffic light to 121 and then take Hwy 12. This leads
        you directly to the Plaza.  The Visitor's Bureau is right on the square
        and they have winery info.  Try Sebastiani - free tour and tasting on
        the half hour, but everything closes by 5.
1999/9/9-10 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:16493 Activity:moderate
9/9     Friend coming to SF area, is interested in going to Napa Valley.
        What is a good place to go for free wine, good food, good
        atmosphere? How do I get there? Thanks.
        \_ in Napa, they're rude, and will charge you nearly everywhere
        for wine.  $2/taste at Domain Chandon, $5 for a barrel sample
        at Silveroak.  it sucks.  Go to Sonoma - they like you being there,
        traffic is lighter, and tastings are generally free or the
        fee is rarely collected. -jor
        \_ carmel valley. less traffic, less crowds, just as good wine.
                \- go to AAA and get their wine maps. those have hours and
                and whether tastings are free. if you are not a snob,go
                to VI Sattui ... you can taste like 6 or 7 wines with a
                lot of sugar for free. --psb
1999/9/9-10 [Industry/Startup] UID:16494 Activity:moderate
9/9     I'm joining a startup that's going through their 3rd round of VC
        funding and there's already about 100 employees.  What should I
        expect in terms of # of shares?  What is common?  And also, is it
        ok for me to ask how many shares outstanding they have?  E.g.  if
        they have 100 million shares and I get 10K, and the company is
        bought out for $400 million, then it's not worth it for me.
        \_ # of shares varies a lot.  depends on your position (peon vs VP).
           depends on whether you're taking a salary cut too.  they shouldn't
           have any problem telling you # of outstanding shares but guess
           about how many shares you think they'll have when they IPO/get
           acquired -oj
        \_ if you can rack up around $500k then it's worth it.
        \_ Yes, as the above asy, you're totally in the right to ask how many
           shares are outstanding.  I'd rather have 10 shares of 100 than
           1 million of 500 billion.  Without this knowledge, the # of shares
           you're offered is meaningless.  It lacks context.  As far as what
           you should expect, well that not only depends on your title, but
           how well you negotiate.  Remember, there are absolutely no standards
           regarding this stuff.  Don't let them give you any BS about standard
           average wages or # of shares or anything like that.  It's total BS.
           You'll get what you negotiate for.  Don't work for less than you're
           willing to work for.  Remember this is still an employees' market.
           Stick it to them while you can, bc later after they import a bunch
           of foreign fucks, you'll be screwed.  Get it while it's good.
           \_ Thanks. I know that the later you join the less you get.  That's
              why I mentioned 3rd round of funding and 100 employees.  So there
              is no standard for this stuff eh?  I should just flat out ask
              them, "hey how much is this worth if we get bought out at $X
              million dollars?"
                \_ Not exactly like that but you need the numbers to do your
                   own calculations.  As an employer, I'd expect you can figure
                   out how to use a 4 function calculator.  The more questions
                   you ask, the more they're aware you're not going to be
                   easily taken for a ride.  One thing though and this is the
                   hard part: try not to squeeze them for every last penny.
                   Give a little at the end if you don't want any bad feelings
                   for later if there's more stock, raises, or other bonuses
                   going out.  Also, work environment is really important for
                   many folks.  For me, I'd never work at a place with a suit
                   n tie dress code and that didn't let me come in after lunch.
                   But that's just me.  I highly suggest writing down on paper
                   with real ink exactly what you want from them and the
                   minimum you're willing to accept in various combinations.
                   If they don't hit your minimum mark, hold firm, don't take
                   it.  You'll be miserable if you do.  Some simple stand firm
                   paper/ink negotiating has always gotten me pretty close to
                   my desires rather than my minimums.  Getting other offers
                   is always a good idea too.  Try not to fall into the,
                   "Well, how much are you looking for?" trap.  Ask what
                   the hiring range is in response but don't be rude.  Never,
                   ever, but never be rude, no matter what.  Good luck.  (the
                   ink/paper numbers are for yourself.  don't tell them the
        \_ A startup that is at its 3rd round of VC funding is fucked
           and isn't going to go anywhere. Don't rely on your options being
           worth anything, ever, so don't worry about it.
1999/9/9-10 [Industry/Jobs] UID:16495 Activity:low
9/9     Anybody tried posting their resumes on  I did that and I
        only got calls from headhunters, NONE from employers so far.  I took
        it out because of that.  Anybody had similar experiences?
        \_ Too late.  You're already in a dozen+ resume databases.  You'll be
           getting headhunter calls and email until you change your # and
           email address.  And no, places like that are hunter hangouts.  The
           employers are not looking at resumes there or anywhere else that
           isn't put on their desk.
        \_ I know plenty of employers who troll of my
           friends have gotten direct jobs from Monster, but you do have to
           withstand a whole bunch of headhunter trolls.  If you want to avoid
           headhunters, I'd suggest  Hotjobs does not allow
           headhunters to subscribe to their resume database (only direct
           employers).  It may be too late though -- you've probably been
           scanned into a kazillion databases (I still get calls from a resume
           I posted years ago). --chris
1999/9/9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:16496 Activity:nil
9.10    CVS Help Session tonight.  306 Soda, 6:30 pm. ASUC Sponsored and
        Wheelchair Accessible.
1999/9/9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:16497 Activity:nil
9/10    Politburo meeting.  Christ quit spamming my email!  I am a rich
        alumni who uses his soda account to maintain touch only with friends,
        aside from a few minor inconveniences with ssh, i don't really give
        a damn what the current politburo does.  It doesn't affect me, nor
        should it affect anyone with a real life.  Jeez.  What's the big deal
2018/12/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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