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1999/9/8-10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:16481 Activity:high
9/8     Next Politburo Meeting is Monday, Sept 13th, 7:00 pm, 337 Soda.
        You are invited to discuss lwall censorship.  Is censoring
        lwall an appropriate action for the politburo?  You decide.
        -- nickkral
        \_ is calling nickkral an idiot an approriate action?  shit yeah. -tom
        \_ So we can buy beers for the politburo that squished kchang
           off lwall? I'm so there!
        \_ Yes.  Now fuck off.  I've decided.  Thanks for the opportunity.
            \_ quit being a dick Tom.  And sign your motd entry.
                \_ why don't you, nickkral?  -tom
                \_ I'm not Tom and the lwall non-issue is stupid.  Go fuck
                   yourself.  -not tom
                   \_ oh yes you major fucking twink.
                        \_ Not only am I not tom, I actively dislike tom b/c
                           he's an overly self important asshole, like you.
                \_ tom always signs.  #1 Tom Fan!!!
        \_ What's "troller"?  Thanks.
           \_ You're a troller.
1999/9/8 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:16482 Activity:moderate
9/7     As a general rule, do mobile celerons outperform mobile pentium 2s?
        \_ I wouldn't think so, since the general appeal of celerons seems
           to be their ability to take massive overclocking, and in a
           laptop you probably won't be able to fit the requisite cooling.
        \_ mobile celery has 128k L2 on die, mobile p2 has 256k L2 on die,
           and are pretty much the same else where, which do u think is
           \_ It's not as simple as comparing cache sizes. The cache on the
              Celeron runs at a faster speed than the cache on the PII.
              The chips are very, very similar in benchmarks. Don't buy
              the PII unless the price difference isn't large (PII is a
              little bit faster overall). --dim
           \_ it's so odd but I was talking to a friend about this last
              night; apparently the mobile P2's do have big on-die cache
              and are faster, no numbers though -jctwu
              \_ celery's cache runs at faster speed? nope, the new P2
                 (dubbed P2E?) has 256K L2 on die running at FULL speed.
                 Unless P2's on die cache is designed differently logic wise,
                 P2 and celery's cache should be running at the same
                 \_ about damn time they made the P2 better than the
                    Celeron, other than by bus-speed locking the Celeron.
                    Oh wait, P2's are phased out for P3's.  I guess they
                    still need P2's for the laptops.
              \_ does the L2 cache of mobile P2's run at CPU speed?
                 \_ yes and no.  New generation of mobile P2 has
                    256k L2 running at cpu speed.  Old mobile P2 has
                    512k L2 running at 1/2 cpu speed.
1999/9/8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:16483 Activity:insanely high
9/8     lwall censorship: oh dear god, grow up, who cares?  this is so
        incredibly stupid.  this is one of the better politburo's the csua
        has seen and you want them to resign over some stupid crap about
        your moron buddy getting his hand slapped for being an ass?  go away.
                -never been on politburo because doesn't want to deal with
                 selfish morons like you
        \_ This is strictly a censorship issue.  Is it in the best interest
           of the CSUA to censor an individual based strictly on that
           person's opinions?  Without notify any interested parties?
           If you have an opinion on this issue, I urge you to show up
           at the politburo meeting this Monday.  -- nickkral
           person's opinions?  Without notify any interested parties that
           such an action was going to take place?  If you have an opinion
           on this issue, I urge you to show up at the politburo meeting
           this Monday.  -- nickkral
           \_ well, it's more like he's already squished
              -- nickkral
        \_ Let democracy work its course.  If someone can drum up enough
           support to override politburo (yeah right, as if kchang has
           that many friends left), let them.  Otherwise shut the heck up.
           \_ The politburo should ensure that public CSUA resources are
              made available without fear of censorship or root punishment.
              Arbritrary censorship actions by the politburo damage
              \_ well, it's more like he's already squished
              the CSUA in the long term.  -- nickkral
        \_ kchang must be laughing at the ruckus he's causing.
           \_ kchang wrote me and said he is happy at the ruckus
              he is causing
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