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1999/9/4 [Uncategorized] UID:16462 Activity:nil
9/3     alumni can't receive email, but it can send it. anyone know
        what is up with alumni?
        \_ I can send *and* receive mail at alumni, no problem.  Maybe
           you're just not elite enough.
1999/9/4-5 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16463 Activity:moderate
9/4     From comp.protocols.tcp-ip:
        W. Richard (Rich) Stevens, author of several Unix and TCP/IP books,
        passed away in Tucson on September 1.
        \_ D'OH! Stevens was the man.
        \_  Yeah, people die every second all over the world... and?
                \_ Real CSUA members have at least one of his books.
                   A number of us have actually met him.  Just because
                   you were never fortunate enough to do so doesn't mean
                   others wouldn't want to know.
                   \_ I own a bible but wouldn't care if Jesus and the 12
                      came back and dropped dead again.
        \_ that's too b/sad. what did he die of?
           \_ PING OF DEATH
           \_ BSOD.
           \_ Too many pot stickers.
        \_ Hopeless idiots like me asking dumb questions all the time. -mtbb
        \_ Obit on
1999/9/4-6 [Consumer/Camera] UID:16464 Activity:nil
9/4     I am shopping for a decent automatic camera that will do justice
        to scenes ranging from alpine landscape, Venetian neighborhood,
        to Roman ruins.  Any suggestions?
                \_ - best prices/service w/no tax from NY
                        \_ I really hope that isn't a bh porn site.
                   I recommend the Olympus Stylus epix, for under $100
                   Over $100, get a canon EOS sytem Rebel2000, or a
                   Nikon N6000
                   \_   i got the stylus epic on the recommendation of a
                        friend and have been happy with it, though i wish
                        i'd gotten the one with the zoom.  best selling
                        points are that it's TINY and it has a large
                        aperture for its size (1:2.8).  it's good for
                        traveling.  if you're not concerned about size
                        though, you can find better.
        \_ Thanks.  Any URL for comparison and analysis?  I used to use
           SLR to shoot but that was 10+ years ago and need to relearn.
           Hopefully the automatic ones will be versatile enough.
1999/9/4 [Uncategorized] UID:16465 Activity:moderate
9/3     [Irrelevant stuff about alumni deleted. Please learn how to
     contact the appropriate system admins.]
        \_ you are irrelevant you piece of censoring shit. if emailing
           root@alumni.eecs actually was answered in a timely manner,
           then putting stuff here on the motd would not be necessary.
           luckily mail is now working here on alumni, and was it
           coincidence that this happened after putting that on the
           motd? go crawl back in your hole shithead.
1999/9/4-5 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Japan, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:16466 Activity:moderate
9/4     Why is it that while using trn to try to read Japanese sites
        results in single byte garbage, but accessing say, Taiwanese sites
        results in double-byte (but still garbage) characters being
        displayed.  I want to read the Japanese sites in particular, and
        to a lesser extent, the Taiwanese sites.  Modifying the LANG variable
        doesn't seem to effect it at all.  -Hopeless.
        \_ Funny, I wasn't aware that trn let you browse "sites". I thought
           it was a newsreader.
           \_ Pardon my dwindling English skills.
           You don't say what terminal you are using, or whether you know
           you have it set up right, or whether you even know whether you
           have compatible fonts installed on your system. I'm assuming "no"
           to all of the above issues.
           \_ I'm using xterm, csh.  I beleive I have the LANG variable set
                correctly.  And, yes, I have planety of compatible fonts
                running on my system.  Just hit 'Ctrl-Space' on my keyboard
                and I'm typing away in Japanese --> ܸ
                Although, it comes out as junk in this termnial. -hopeless.
                \_ It's hopeless.  Wipe your system, install 95 and play
1999/9/4-6 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:16467 Activity:high
9.5     61c section now taught in NT lab using vc++.  It is the beginning
        of a new era.
        \_ Classes using nt: 61c, cs152, cs160, cs169, even ee122 let us
           write a webserver in visual c++ if we wanted to.  It's nothing
           new. - paolo
                \_ you forgot 184 in this post-sgi era.
        \_ At least Culler is still using the 61c project Phil Nunez
                designed for nweaver.  (Is he going to make them overflow
                buffers and become uber-hackers as well?)
        \_ If I hurry, I can graduate before Visual Spim comes out.
           \_ At least for now 61A and 162 is safe from the forces ofevil.
              Harvey would never allow 61A to be taught on Windows and no
              professor in their right mind would ever ask their student
              to run Nachos or simulate an OS on Windows.  Soon, the
              concept of time sharing and high utilization will be gone
              from the CS dept.
              \_ Actually, Professor Joseph recently ported NACHOS to Windows.
                 There goes the neighborhood.
                \_ Why the heck are professors willing to go through all the
                   trouble to PORT things to Windows, and barely able to
                   lift a finger when it comes to the tiniest and most
                   bleedingly necessary maintenance programming tasks
                   under Unix? -brg, who only bitches because he usually
                                     ends up doing it for them
                   \_ Because they know they're teaching a bunch of morons
                      who use the NT workstations on the 3rd floor of Soda
                      to log into less powerful machines only to run
                      Nachos and inadvertently cause a denial of service
                      on the cpu servers.
                   \_ Because they have foo and you don't,
                      They're big and you're small --
                      And there's nothing you can do about it! :P
                \_ I wonder if they feel unix is obsolete?
                \_ I don't see how they could make that decision informedly.
                \_ Because they get tons and tons of free hardware if they
                   run NT systems and nothing or near nothing if they run
                   unix.  Get Sun to start donating free hardware like Intel
                   is and you'll get unix based classes.  About $5 or $6
                   million in Sun hardware would go a long way.  In recent
                   years Intel has donated more than this.  Sun is cheap so
                   you get NT.  Unix is dead in .edu.
                        \_ Sun donates millions to the research side/
        \_ uh, Intel donated $6 million to Cal and the machines are
                   nearly all running Linux.  -tom
                   \_ You mean Solaris?
                        \_ Solaris x86 is out, linux is in. -tom
                           \_ call me a foolio, but seeing Half-Life TFC
                              on linux servers is all the evidence I need
                   \_ Wrong.  The few toys handed out to students didn't cost
                      $6m.  The bulk of them are NT machines run by UC staff.
                      Once again, you show you have no idea what you're talking
                      about and insist on demonstrating your ignorance in
                      public.  Do yourself a favor and stop now before the next
                      generation of students figure it out, too.
                \_ uh, I am referring to the Millennium Project, and I
                   personally run 30 of the machines, all running
                   Linux.  The campus-wide cluster, for which a gigabit
                   backbone is being built, will be all Linux.  The CS
                   NOW is moving from Solaris to Linux.
                   Now exactly who is demonstrating their ignorance?  Oh I
                   forgot, you were too fucking wimpy to sign your name.  -tom
                   \_ Hi tom, aren't those for the grads to use?  I believe
                      the discussion was about _undergrad_ machines.
                        \_ I was responding to the idiot who said "Unix
                           is dead in .edu" and "because they get tons of
                           money if they run windows and nothing if they
                           run Unix."  Why would Intel give a shit what OS
                           you're running?  -tom
                           \_ Whoa!!! 30 whole machines!!! Wow!  That's like
                              most of the $6m!!!  tom, dude, you are the man!
                              With 30 whole machines you sure proved that idiot
                              wrong!  Imagine that?  Tom has 30 machines and
                              runs Linux on them, therefore the bulk of the
                              other machines *must* also be running Linux.
                        \_ I have been at the planning meetings, have you,
                           idiot?  How many are YOU running?  -tom
                [here's my reply that was erased twice] :
                          \_ I was at planning meetings while you were still
                             in school.  Didn't see you there.  Anyway, I
                             find your 30 machine cluster very cute.  I'm
                             proud of you, boy.  You've done good.
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