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1999/9/3 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16456 Activity:high
9/2     Root decided to turn off ~lwall/bin/ without notice.
        E-mail root and let them know that you are opposed to this change!
        \_ it's a great idea.  shut up, nickkral  -tom
1999/9/3-5 [Computer/Networking] UID:16457 Activity:low
9/3     I'm tweaking with the TCP stack on Linux. I'm wondering if anybody
        has done this.  I want to hard-coded the URG flag on the TCP header
        to 1.  Would this actually speed up my connection since every single
        TCP packet is now urgent data?
        \_ No.  Priority flags are there for a reason.  Your connection
           speed is bound by the congestion and flow control algorithms
           (basically how fast the network and end computer are). I'm
           sure most routers will simply ignore your request to
           reprioritize your own packets.  There are better ways to
           tweak TCP/IP like MTU adjustments and such.
           \_ please be more specific.  What can I tweak?
              \_ yer mom likes a good tweak
        \_ Go read a couple Stevens books and you'll find out why setting
           the URG flag will break everything.  (Hint: it doesn't mean
           "send faster" it means "let the reciever know there's an urgent
           out-of-band message it needs to handle specially")  Unless you've
           memorized the TCP/IP specs, tweaking things at that low a level
           is sure to fuck everything up.  Many things in TCP/IP are done
           for very specific reasons by people much much smarter than you.
           \_ fucking things up in the process of learning is better than
              not learning at all. I will fuck with the MTU and see if I
              can get porn faster.
           \_ I think the default MTU is 1500.  Is there a better value? --yuen
                \_ Yes, you should set your MTU to the one recommended for
                   your network connection.  Ethernet, ATM, & FDDI all have
                   very different characteristics - there is no one size fits
                   all and without more data we can't tell you what size fits
1999/9/3-5 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:16458 Activity:moderate
9/3     They're out there watching you:
        \_ Either MS was trying to please the DOJ to ease itself from the
           antitrust case, or it was simple an unintentional bug.
           \_ UNINTENTIONAL BUG? Jeeez, how stupid are you?
              WHy do you think microsoft "easily" got through various
              crypto regulations, when everyone else is fighting
              nasty battles?
           \_ Hey, fuckhead: don't go selectively erasing replies.
              Particularly, on-topic, and ACCURATE replies.
              To repeat:
              How the hell can it be "unintentional".. you don't
              "accidentally" distribute something with an additional
              key that can unlock everything. It was deliberately
              put in. Anyone with a CLUE would realise this was to
              get NSA/government approval for their crypto API stuff.
              In fact, anyone with a clue would have realized this
              the minute they heard that MS got their crypto API
              'approved' a year ago or whatever. EXPORTABLE.
              This violates ITAR, without a back door!
        \_ see also
           What I'm wondering is what MSFT gets in return?  Think they cut
           some deal with our buddies in the NSA?
        \_ it's all about th "__NSAKEY" reference
        \_ Read some of the rank 5 posts on /. for clue which you won't find
1999/9/3-5 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:16459 Activity:nil
9/3     Solaris 8 Beta now available through free Solaris program.
        Be the first on your block running IPsec & X11R6.4!
1999/9/3-4 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:16460 Activity:low
9/3     RFK - Request For Klews.  If your a Linux Networking Genius,
        please look at my file - /tmp/  It explains my
        lack of klew.  Thanx.  -mtbb
        \_ ehgad! what the hell kind of fucked up network are you
           trying to set up?  you have to take care with using redhat
           since redhat is for the klewless.  the /etc/sysconfig stuff
           is specific to redhat so if you don't want to learn how to
           do things manually and want redhat to take care of things
           automatically use the /etc/sysconfig/network crap. otherwise
           use ifconfig and route.  post to the ucb.os.linux newsgroup.
        \_ It's hopeless.  Install win95 and play minesweeper.
        Think I'll scrap the PC all together.. I'll go back to using
        paper and pen. -mtbb
1999/9/3-5 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:16461 Activity:moderate
9/3     How do I turn off the screen "optimization" of not showing
        all characters when I move the cursor? This happens in
        vi, view, AND jove. [not on soda, a solaris box].
        I've tried doing "stty ospeed 38400;stty ispeed 38400",
        but that didn't do the trick
        \_ Stuff like this happens to me when my terminal isn't set
           correctly.  Remarkably, I've found that running pine and
           quitting fixes my terminal.
           \_ would you mind posting the differences between
              'stty -a' before and after?
              \_ why can't you try it yourself?  -third party
                \_ Perhaps he can't duplicate the problem.
                \_ because he's not stupid enough to use "pine" instead of
                   \_ Because I can't install pine on the system that
                      is having the problem
                        \_ Because, uh... what?  Can't figure out how to
                           install it w/out root access?
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