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1999/9/1 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:16439 Activity:high
8/31    In my emacs 19.34.1, M-x describe-bindings says that S-delete
        (Shift-BackSpace on my kbd actually) is bound to kill-region.
        However, when I add this
                (global-unset-key "S-^?")
        to my ~/.emacs, it complains that "Key sequence S - DEL uses invalid
        prefix characters".  How do I unset the S-delete key?  Thx.  --- yuen
        \_ Wrong editor.
        \_ Ask in comp.editors
1999/9/1 [Uncategorized] UID:16440 Activity:moderate
8/31    how do i figure out what carrier/company controlls a given 800
        number assuming that i can't just call it and ask.  (There is no
        answer, but the number is not available through AT&T)?
        \_ /usr/sbin/traceroute?
1999/9/1 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16441 Activity:moderate
8/31    Ignorant Windoz 98 question.  Windoz advised me to run this
        program under MS-DOS mode, click OK and it ran.  But it
        crashed and computer got stuck.  I had to reboot the system
        using all good ctrl-alt-del keys.  But then Windoz wanted
        to run the program again, then it crashed again, then I
        had to reboot again, then again and again.  How do I tell
        Windoz to stop running the stupid program?
        \_ Easy. Ignore windows. Windows will create a DOS shortcut
           in the directory of the program, edit the properties for
           that. Click on Program -> Advanced. Uncheck MS-DOS Mode
           Uncheck "Warn before Entering MSDOS" - jlee
        \_ Install FreeBSD
        \_ Which program does Win98 want you to run?  When does Win98 ask
           you to run the prog?
        \_ How about boot into Command (or Dos) mode and run the program.
           If it still crashed, then don't install Linux.  Instead, Ride bike.
           \_ No no...Windows keeps trying to run the program
              because the program crashed and Windows thinks it
              hasn't run the program.  So at each reboot, it tries
              to run the porgram.  How do I tell Windows to stop
              running the program?
              \_ oh man! i used to know this. windows uses config.dos
                 & autoexec.dos - named to the operational ones when
                 in DOS mode. press <F8> when you see "Starting Windows."
                 select command prompt only. rename those two files. and
                 try typing in win (though there is actually another
                 command specific to solve this)
        \_ look for a reference to the program in C:\WINDOWS\[win|system].ini,
           the Start Menu -> Programs -> StartUp folder, run regedit and look
           up HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/
           Run*.  If you can't get that far then boot Windows 98 in safe
           mode with F8 and make changes there.
1999/9/1 [Uncategorized] UID:16442 Activity:nil
8/31    alumni.eecs unreachable/down. Pls advise. Thanks.
        \_ What do you use it for anyway?  Who cares?
           \_ yeah well fuck you too, bitch.
                \_ Ok, where do you want to meet?
                   \_ Pretty desperate, aren't you?
                        \_ Not at all.  Why is a willing sex partner considered
                           a desperate one?  What's wrong with free anonymous
                           sex?  Been doing it for years, why stop now?
        \_ alumni.eecs not supported here.  Pls mail root@cs.
        \_ Sorry to have not notified, but I need it for a new doorstop.
        \_ jon will get to it when you pay him 100 dollars
1999/9/1 [Uncategorized] UID:16443 Activity:nil
8/31    What's meant by the term, "chameleonlike user interface"?
        \_ FVMW95.
        \_ meaning it can be made to look like "other" interfaces such as
1999/9/1 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16444 Activity:nil
8/30    Thanks to the allknowing motd re:namebased virtual hosting.
        Next question (: i can no longer telnet to port 25 on my linux
        (and thus mail to/from any other machine no longer works) I
        can still send between accounts on the same machine, but that
        is all.  The only think i can think might have caused it is the
        additon of ipfwadm -F -p masq (for netword address translation).
        Any ideas?
        \_ that just looks bad.  there must be a -S in there
           somewhere.  i don't know what security risks there are in that.
           can you telnet into any other service you're running?  maybe
           you just don't have sendmail running. "/etc/rc.d/init.d/sendmail
           status" or "psu -axu | grep sendmail". i would strongly
           discourage running any mta however since they are security
           hazards to begin with.  if you do you should run qmail instead.
                \_ run qmail only if you don't mind not being able use
                   .forward files and basically every other thing you're
                   used to using with mail.
        \_ If you can telnet port 25 on 'localhost' but not from outside
           its a firewall rule problem. If you can't even hit it from localhost
           are you not running a  'sendmail -bd' ?
        \_ Yeah.  Idea: do your own testing before wasting motd time.  Like gee
           did you try turning off NAT and then seeing if telnet works?
1999/9/1-2 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:16445 Activity:high
9/1     Wow, a 500 MHz Apple computer can run PhotoShop operations 2x
        faster than a 600 MHz Pentium 3.  What is a Velocity Engine?  That
        programmable CPU instruction thing or some superscalar thing?
        \_ If you check Adobe's web site, there's a patch for Photoshop 5.0
                                 \_ 32?
           that has optimizations for P3 processors. Now recheck those
           benchmarks again.
        \_ oh duh, it's just Apple consortium's answer to the P3 instructions;
           I wonder if there's a KNI plug-in for PhotoShop ...
           \_ This isn't an Apple chip.  This is a Motorola chip.  Apple is
              not a chip design/fab company like intel/amd/hp, etc.
              \_ yes yes, the Apple 'consortium', offhand; goddamnit, I hope
                 everybody isn't taking the behavior in the vaporware
                 discussion below to be the norm.  I sure hope the hell not.
             Jobs, just like the last time when the G3 was twice as twice, etc
                 \_ But it is the norm.  tom is involved.
        \_128 bit processing vs. 64 bit for current pc chips
                                 \_ 32? isn't Merced 64?
                                        \_ merced isn't "current", it's vapor
                                           \_ merced is silicon.
                                                \_ It's not available to the
                                                   public.  You can't buy one.
          It isn't typical to call something that _/
          is an actual manufactured part "vapor."  It is shipping
          engineering samples.  This is standard in the IC industry.
          Typically it means 6 mo. to 1 yr. before consumers get the
                \_ On the contrary, it's customary to call anything not yet
                   publically released as "vapor" - so much can change until
                   it's released, nothing before really matters.
                        \_ you're making up your own definitions.  not even
                           idiots believe that.  it exists.  not even an
                           idiot believes it won't ship.
                        \_ it's only customary among idiots.  -tom
        \_Is this benchmark real this time instead of an outright
          fabrication like with the G3?
          \_ benchmark exploitation isn't a new thing.  take matrix300
             for instance.  people were boasting 60x improvements.
             you can read all about it in the p&h book.
          \_ This is a "Steve Jobs Demo Benchmark".  I'll believe it when
             it's confirmed by multiple sources outside Steve's Reality
             Distortion Field.  In the mean time, it's just more bullshit from
             Jobs, just like the last time when the G3 was twice as fast, etc
             which it wasn't.  Steve Jobs has a Microsoft quality record
             regarding truth in advertising.  Not impressed.  Even if the
             speeds claims are real and apply across the board instead of a
             single specific benchmark, the OS is still shit under the hood.
             Stick a *nix on it and it might be ok.
                \_ MacOS X is coming.  linuxppc is here.  -tom
                        \_ "is coming".  vapor.
                        \_ Well, no, actually, MacOS X Server is here, I'm
                           running it.   -tom
                           \_ Make up your mind.  Is it coming or is it here?
                              Can I walk into compusa and buy it?  Can I order
                              it from Apple's website?
                        \_ Probably, and yes.  The client version isn't
                           here yet, but for someone with such obvious
                           brilliance, the client (which includes the
                           new Carbon API) isn't necessary.  Sign your name,
                           idiot.  -tom
                           \_ Sorry, being an idiot, I forgot to sign.  You
                              know me as... --your name, idiot.  -tom
1999/9/1-2 [Computer/Theory] UID:16446 Activity:high
9.7     For those people who are into AI
        (or not into it as the case may be):
        Searle's 9.7.99 lecture for the philosophy of mind class is on:
        The Chinese Room Argument, and various replies to such.
        lecture is 9:30 - 11:00, and 9.7.99 is a thursday @ 2060 VLSB.
        \_ Meet at 24th and Mission BART. Wear black.
           \_ I've noticed Searle replies to very insightful questions
              that could be quite damaging to his theories, by dodging
              the question and answering just a small portion of the question.
              If you don't believe me, go yourself, listen very carefully
              and you will see, he does not quite respond to any question
              that points to some disagreement with his own theories.
              \_ You have to remember that the Chinese Room argument
                is against a very specific claim for AI -- not against
                AI in general.  Perhaps that is why you think he is
                dodging the questions?  Then again, Searle's sort of a doofas
                in general and does that sort of thing...
        \_ I took his philosophy of mind class a few years ago and suffered
           through a whole semester of his arrogance and dodging.  He's an
        \_ Searle's Chinese Room Argument [sic] is an intuition pump.  He
           shows you this system and asks: "What is there that can understand
           Chinese?"  The guy doesn't understand, the paper doesn't understand,
           the room and the pen don't understand.  However, this is just making
           a claim about individual parts, not the entire system.  Certainly
           no one will claim that individual neurons understand Chinese, yet
           a system of neurons will.  At any rate, what does Searle and
           the philosophy of mind have to do with AI? -- ilyas
           \_ Searle's class covered AI among other things when I took it.
             \_ I don't think one can cover AI in a week or two. :) -- ilyas
                \_ Ilyas you're an ass.  There isn't a class on campus that can
                   cover an entire subject in one semester you supercilious ass.
           \_ well, this wasn't meant to be a post for a debate, altho I'm
              glad some people are talking about things other than ed and
              unix.  It was just an informational post for all our new members
              who get the motd upon login.  Thanks for your opinions tho.
                \_ JOVE!!!!!
                   \_ _Pico_, buddy.
                     \_ EX!
                        \_ /bin/cat > filename!!!
1999/9/1 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:16447 Activity:very high
        \_ Go read the slashdot update on Unisys's real position
           \_ Yeah- they just want to frighten people who don't
              know any better into paying them for a license they don't
              need. Funny, that doesn't make them look that much
              better.   -cdaveb
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