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1999/8/30 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:16428 Activity:high
8/29  Hillary involved in Waco fire deaths!
1999/8/30-31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:16429 Activity:high
8/29    I installed the latest ssh on my linux box.  Is there some way it
        can be configured to play nicely with soda (with soda as the host)
        or must i install version 1?
        \_ You must use version 1 to talk to soda until an ssh server becomes
           available that:
                a) supports both version 1 & 2
                b) has a license that allows the CSUA to use it (the one
                        currently provided by does not)
                b) has a license that allows the CSUA to use it for free (the
                        one currently provided by does not)
                \_ Why doesn't the CSUA get off their cheap ass and buy
                   a copy.  -- anonymous coward
                        \_ Why don't you donate enough money to the CSUA
                           so we can afford one?  A 10-user license is $495,
                           the CSUA has 200+ users online right now, you do
                           the math.
                           \_ The cost is $495 for an unlimited server
                              license.  You're confusing the client software
                              with the server software.
                           \_ anyone tried begging for one?
                           \_ Actually, CSUA has much more than 200 users
                              do a wc -l /etc/passwd
           Until then, the CSUA will not upgrade.       --root
                \_ Super geeky regx correction removed.  Original text
                   modified as per super geeky regx correction.
1999/8/30-31 [Computer/Networking] UID:16430 Activity:kinda low
8/29    If ethernet is CSMA (carrier sense mult access) to work without
        central arbitration, then what is the point of having a hub.
        I thought ethernet was supposed to work like a bus.  Can't you
        just use 4 copper wires and connect them all?
        \_ A hub just splits and amplifies the signla, it doesn't modify
           it in any way other than that.  A switch is different however...
           \_ so if you had 5 computers connected with short 5' cables
              you could hack together your own non-amplified hub?
                \_ If you don't want a hub, just use ThinNet (10base2)
           \_ Doesn't the hub also put the half twist in?
        \_ Hub (star) topology one NIC down, rest of network lives.
           Bus topology for thinnet:  one bad NIC/cable can affect the
           entire network.  The question is, why is a non-switching
           100 Mbps 5-8 port hub $50-100?
                \_ Because they can charge that.  Anyone with enough computers
                   to need a hub can afford $100 for one without a problem.
                   Econ 1 is still offered, right?
1999/8/30-31 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:16431 Activity:moderate
8/30    When sending a binary as a result to a call to a CGI script,
        is there a header that can be used to suggest a filename to the
        \_ yes
        \_ no
        \_ none of the above
        \_ Don't understand your question.  Please rephrase.
        \_ You suggest a filename by the name of the path to the script.
           You basically do /blah/your.cgi/file.tgz, process
           $ENV{'SCRIPT_NAME'} (I think... soemthing like that) to handle
           the syntax, and it'll suggest saving it as file.tgz.
           \_ anyone know the actual HTML involved, not just "use perl"?
                \_ the point is there IS NO ACTUAL HTML INVOLVED, it's
                   all done by your CGI script, in whatever language that
                   is written.
          \_ sowings, we're going to have to remove your account for giving
             useful information in the motd.
             \_ yeah you know, it would break csua tradition to be nice to
                people as opposed to a angry, bitter sysadmin.
                \_ what's sysadmin have to do with this?  keep sysadmins out
                   of this.  -neither angry nor bitter sysadmin
        \_ install unix, it will make it better.
                \_ There can be only one.
1999/8/30-31 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:16432 Activity:moderate
3/30    Does anyone have a clue on making my Solaris keyboard into a
        Solaris/Dvorak keyboard? Is there a "mem resident" prog? Thanks.
        \_ just for saying "mem resident" you don't deserve an answer
        \_ man xmodmap
1999/8/30-31 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:16433 Activity:insanely high
8/30    Under how many weeks of pragnency is abortion legal in California?
        \_ I have heard that they have now legalized abortion up to the
           40th trimester. - sameer
           \_ Umm, it normally only goes up to 3 trimesters.
              \_ After the third trimester, it's called "retroactive."
           \_ That's one HELL of a pregnancy
                \_ Sort of like the 4th book in a trilogy.
                        \_ not really
                                \_ yes really (you added 0 content, so can I)
                        \_ So long.  Thanks for all the fish.
        \_ Dude you people are SO FUCKING ILLITERATE. -sameer
           \_ South park is a book now?
1999/8/30-31 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:16434 Activity:high
8/30    Simple Emacs question:  In C++ mode, I have this in my .emacs:
        (setq default-tab-width 4)
        However, subsequent tabs, doesn't tab 4 spaces.  Thanks in advance.
        \_ You are evil.
        \_ Depending on your problem, the solution is to modify c-basic-offset
           or to M-x edit-tab-stops.
        \_ "M-x describe-variable default-tab-width" says:
           Default value of `tab-width' for buffers that do not override it.
        \_ ED! ED! ED IS THE STANDARD! tab-width.
                \_ so who IS this Ed guy?
                        \_ He has a cat named 'bin'.
           This is the same as (default-value 'tab-width).
           So try setting tab-width while in your C++ buffer instead.
1999/8/30-9/1 [Computer/SW/Security, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:16435 Activity:high
8/30    Is there any possibility that politburo will reconsider their policy
        concerning ftp?  Too, we are unable to understand why POP3 access is ok
                        \_ shut up, ikiru
        whereas those of us who have a tough time comprehending s/key ftp
        have to suffer.  Plain text passwds are sent willy nilly via pop are they
        \_ Before you can begin to expect consistent policy from CSUA
           leadership, you need to exhibit consistent policy with your
           margins in the motd
        \_ The real answer is that since this is all done on a voluntary basis,
           they don't have time to lock down everything at once.  Your gripe
           that you're being unfairly treated while pop folks are somehow
           allowed to continue violating basic security concepts is ill
           conceived.  Expect that in time *all* of the incredibly lame
           services including pop will be either secured or disabled in time.
           services including pop will be either secured or disabled.
           If the csua was run by full time staff getting paid to do so, I'm
           sure this would have happened a long time ago.  kudos to root and
           any of root's elves who helped for putting in the time required and
           biting the bullet from the whiners with zero security clue.
           \_ Mikeh and the rest of root staff rock!
           off POP3 for the foreseeable future (> 1 year).  Turning off POP3
        \_ POP3 is cleartext; there will be no solution other than turning
           off POP3 for the foreseeable future (> 1 year).
        \_ APOP is trivial to implement, and not cleartext.  -tom
           \_ does APOP work with everyone's favorite GUI mail reader, or
              will they be bombarding root@csua with "My Outlook 95 doesn't
              work anymore?  Is e-mail b0rken?"  My assumption was that
              widespread conformance to encrypted POP won't happen in < 1
              year.  In regards to threads below, I eventually foresee
              turning off POP3, turning on APOP, and sending a mass e-mail to
              all CSUA members informing them of this and pine|elm|etc. and
          Turning off POP3
                 \_ no, ED IS!
                    ED! ED! ED IS THE STANDARD! answer
           would piss enough people off of anything I can imagine.  POP3
           cleartext is THE way to sniff pw's.  S/Key and ssh are a)
           steps in the right direction, and b) get the userbase accustomed
           to security annoyances.  The reasoning is suspect, but for me
           it's not something to put up a fight about since I believe I
           understand the pros and cons.  I look forward to non-availability
           of POP3 script-kiddie port sniffers. -non-Politburo sodan
           \_ Tough shit for the whining pop3 masses.  Let them forward their
              mail or read it locally.  I don't want to see soda broken into
              because some pop twits are too lazy to do the right thing.
              \_ then get off YOUR lazy ass and find an alternative.  Oh,
                 and PINE is not the answer.
                 \_ *I* don't have a security problem reading my mail.  If
                    you're one of those whining security clueless pop users,
                    the problem is yours, not mine.  *You* need to find an
                    answer, not me.  Go look at APOP if you simply *must*
                    use soda as your mail server.  I'm not lazy at all.  I
                    already solved this problem for myself years ago, thanks.
                    \_ Then when i crack your account by sniffing your passwd
                       and then bring down the internet with my elite hacking
                       and the blame all falls on you, ! H0P3 U $+!lL (@N Sl33P
                       @ |\|!6H+...
                       \_ D00d, th@t p05t3r uz3z 55H!  U l00z3!
                    \_ ED ED IS THE STANDARD!
                 \_ install unix it will cure cancer and bring you the
                    magical mystical gold at the end of the rainbow
                        \_ No, idiot.  You can't sniff my password.  My pw
                           never goes out in clear text.  You won't be cracking
                           my pw anytime soon.  It's *your* password I don't
                           want cracked.
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