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1999/8/29 [Uncategorized] UID:16420 Activity:nil
8.28    Look, if we want to read slashdot, we can.
1999/8/29-31 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:16421 Activity:high
8/28    Is there a way to customize vi so that ":set showmode" is
        automatically set when opening vi?
        \_ Sure, just add "set showmode" to your ~/.exrc
        \_ But of course showmode is for wussies; just get in the habit
           of reflexively hitting escape every time you're done typing
                \_ Uh, yeah.  Rather than knowing what mode I'm in, I should
                   pound the escape key all day just because the editor doesn't
                   have a helpful default.  You're a genius.
                   \_ Your fu is weak.
                        \_ "just get in the habit of reflexively hitting escape
                            everytime you're done typing anything".  You're an
                            idiot.  Pounding the escape key all day like a
                            monkey is not a sign of high fu.  Knowing you can
                            add a line to a file to always let you know what
                            mode you're in is a sign of at least minimal fu.
                            Using a less user friendly method does not make
                            your fu strong, it makes you an idiot when there's
                            an easy way to make life better.  You'd have us all
                            still using ED because full screen editors are
                            for the weak, eh?
                            \_ Well... Yeah...
                               ED! ED! ED IS THE STANDARD! can of whoop-ass
                            \_ hitting esc in insert mode is a fast
                               vi shortcut. Use Vim while you're at it.
                            \_ I don't want an "emacsitor."  I don't want a
                               "viitor."  Those aren't even words!
                               \_ Gosh, that was almost somewhat witty.  Maybe
                                  next time.
                                  \_ A small brain, this one.
                                    \_ Keep trying.  Maybe one day, but don't
                                       bet the rent money on it.
                                       \_ ED IS THE TRUE PATH TO NIRVANA!
                                          ED HAS BEEN THE CHOICE OF EDUCATED
                                          AND IGNORANT ALIKE FOR CENTURIES!
                                          ED WILL NOT CORRUPT YOUR PRECIOUS
                                          BODILY FLUIDS!!  ED IS THE STANDARD
                                          TEXT EDITOR!  ED MAKES THE SUN
                                          SHINE AND THE BIRDS SING AND THE
                                          GRASS GREEN!!
                                          \_ /bin/cat
1999/8/29-31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:16422 Activity:high
8/28    I'd like to learn (more)about sys admin.  For all you sys admins out
        there:  What's some of the best ways to learn a lot in a short amount
        of time (6 months)?
        \_ By doing.  Set up multiple boxes with the OS you're most interested
           in and network them in various ways.  That's a good start.
        \_ There are some good pages on the web for specific questions to
           common tricky technical problems--I recall there were a few pretty
           good links from <DEAD><DEAD> (outdated?)  -John
           \_ Where is the power switch on my computer?
        \_ go to Berkeley, get sucky grades, join CSUA. CSUA is a sys admin
           farm. Every year, 8/10 CS drop-outs from Berkeley become sys admin
           and make lots of money.
           \_ shut up kchang
        \_ Like to learn more about sys admin, eh?  Which one?  AlanC?  He's
           pretty sexy...
                \_ I'm sexier.
                \_ Unfortunately for you, alanc is already married and now
                   works as a developer, not a sysadmin.
1999/8/29 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:16423 Activity:nil
now:    suzuki   St  suzuki.HIP.Berke  9:12PM  1:17 vi /etc/motd.public
1999/8/29-30 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:16424 Activity:high
8/29    please don't lock the motd (by running vi or something on it)
        for hours on end. it's not polite.
        \_ It's as easy as vi /etc/motd.public, getting disconnected by net
           h0zage, then not coming back to kill your old shell.
        \_ The problem is you're using the wrong editor.
        \_ ED! ED! ED IS THE STANDARD!
                \_ this would be more amusing if you toned it down.
        \_ No problem using jove or emacs
        \_ No problem using vim.
1999/8/29-31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:16425 Activity:high
8/28    Every once in a while, emails in my pine that come from @csua people
        have "holes" in them.  That is, in the inbox listing, there are blanks
        where there would normally be the from, subject, size, etc. info.
        But the actual email content is still there.  Help!  What's going on?
        \_ The problem is you're using the wrong mail client.
        \_ /bin/cat $MAIL
        \_ ~tmonroe/bin/one-true-mail-reader
        \_ ~tmonroe/bin/<*CENSORED*>
                        \_ Get a life.
                           that's ~tmonroe/bin/one-true-mail-reader
                           that's ~tmonroe/bin/<*CENSORED*>
                           PO Box 9452
                           Golden, CO 57643
                           \_ NO! - defender of newbies
           [dangerous bullshit deleted. it was cruel and stupid to post it in
            the first place.  yes, I plan to keep deleting this until this
            entire thread is removed by others.]
            \_newbies, don't try this. whoever wrote that line is malicious and
              should be ashamed of him/her/itself.
              \_ anyone who tries a command line posted to the motd without
                 finding out what it does first deserves whatever they get.
                \_ no.  this is what being a newbie is all about.  by their
                   nature as newbie's, they don't know any better.  this is
                   a perfectly appropriate warning. you need to dump the 'tude.
                \_ the person who put the evil command in the motd is laughing
                   at you now
        \_ I wonder if this is related to the thing where email
           with the return address of is changed
           to http://CSUA.Berkeley.EDU somewhere after the message is sent?
                \_ uh, no.
1999/8/29-30 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16426 Activity:kinda low
8/29    Looking for free pre-compiled windows NT ssh client that can port
        forward and compress.  I have secure crt but the port forwarding
        didn't work.  I found some hokey thing from a guy in the UK but I
        have this funny "don't trust it" feeling about it.  Specifically, I'm
        trying to vnc via ssh from a windows machine through a *nix box to a
        windows box if it makes a difference to anyone.
        \_ Try TTSSH: or better yet
           run unix at home.  Then you can just
           ssh -f -C other-unix-box vncviewer windows-box:0
          \_ I don't want to install another OS just because my current
             client sucks.  That's overkill.  Thanks for the url.  Anyway, my
             current path is already windows->unix firewall->windows.  I don't
             want win->unix at home->firewall->windows.  It's not worth it.
1999/8/29-30 [Uncategorized] UID:16427 Activity:nil
8/29    Just bought a bottle of 60mg of Cleocin-T. The bottle says keep it
        between 66-75F. I had it in my car which was probably over 110F.
        Does it have any adverse effect on the solution? Thanks.
        \_ Medicines can be quite unstable chemical compounds. Some just plain
           don't work after being exposed to extreme heat/light/etc. Call your
           pharmacist; he/she will know.
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