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1999/8/25-26 [Computer/Networking] UID:16392 Activity:nil
8/24    On the back of my CYBERSURFR WAVE cable modem that I got with @home
        there is a 9-pin serial port that says ASYNC and the documentation
        simply mentions: "(Optional) Install your dial modem according to the
        manufacturer's instructions.  Connect the end of the dial modem's
        cable to the ASYNC connector on the rear of the cable modem."
        Does anyone have any info about this?
        \_ Try the manufacturer's website.
        \_ Its probably just a standard asynchronous serial port, likely for
            system configuration and what not.  Its the same kind of serial
            that make up COM ports on a PC system.  Might be interesting to
            look at with a null modem cable and terminal software on your
            system.  Purely as an investigational hack, of course.
                \_ I heard you can get free phone access that way like in a
                   lavender box!!!
1999/8/25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:16393 Activity:high
8/23    idiocy about "idiocy about "nothing to do with the motd" purged"
        purged, since self-referentiality is a requirement for motd
        \_ But you haven't really purged it as you've included the entire
           body of the purged item.
                \_ Have you ever heard of the "use-mention distinction"?
1999/8/25-28 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:16394 Activity:nil
8/25    Does the modified s-key telnet login system use ip identification
        to associate user name with challenge offerings? For instance,
        if I login with my user name mispelled, the password: prompt
        appears without offering an s-key challenge. so my question is
        how does skey know when to offer a challenge?
        \_ If there is no account with the name you typed, skey can't be
                set up for that username, so it can't challenge.
        \_ there is so much m, you must rtfm
1999/8/25-26 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16395 Activity:high
8/24    Does anyone know of a low-level copy program like dd for Windows/DOS?
        I have a dying hard drive that I want a direct duplicate of.
        \_ I always wondered what the difference between using dd and cp-ing
           an image to /dev/??? was.
                \_ dd of=/dev/... opens /dev/... and writes to it
                   cp foo /dev/... removes /dev/... and replaces it with foo
                        \_ not really.
                                \_ Yes really, on anything remotely UNIX
                                    \_ What? I cp boot.img /dev/fd0 all
                                       the time and it doesn't destroy the
                                       block file.
                           (unless you specify -i or don't have permission)
        \_ Boot a Linux rescue floppy, mount any FAT partitions you might
           care to, and then use dd (which is on any Linux rescue system).
           Note that you can get rescue floppy images for free on the
           net, can write them under Win32, and can reap some of the
           benefits of Unix without even installing Linux on a fixed disk.
           Or try out PicoBSD.  -- schoen
        \_ If you can't use *nix, try Symantec Ghost.  -John
        \_ How about dd.exe? Don't have a URL, but you should be able to
           find it. --dim
           \_ How can you refer to raw devices under DOS?  Or is it a version
              of dd that just intrinsically understands them?
                \_ Pretty much all of the unix2dos ports of various tools were
                   rewritten intelligently.  Sure, there are bad ports out
                   there, but anything worth using will be ok with it.
        \_ There's a rawrite.exe which you can get from various linux sites
           which does raw disk writes in DOS.  -tom
1999/8/25 [Reference/Tax] UID:16396 Activity:very high
8/25    Tax gurus, got a question. If I provide my expertise that is worth
        $10,000 to a friend, and my friend provides me expertise that
        is also worth $10,000 (for example, I teach her computer, and she
        teaches me how to play the piano), is that technically taxable?
        Can I just waive it somehow? How can I get into trouble if I do
        not report it? Thanks.
        \_ no bills, thus no income.  And in any event, you're allowed to
        give someone $10,000 in cash per year without them or you having
        to pay a gift tax.  -jor
        \_ you have provided services to each other.   technically it is
           taxable.  you can get in trouble since we're going to report you!
           \_ TECHNICALLY, you can give each other special discount and
              reduce the service to $1 and INS will not go after you.
                \_ Thinking of pimping yermom? She ain't worth that much,
                   and my cocaine is worth more than 10K, thank you.
              \_ I think this is considered fraudulent, and the IRS may
                 go after you.  INS probably will not.
                \_ IRS, INS, U.S. Government, what's the difference. They
                   are all slow, incompetent, and they all want to fuck
                   with you.
        \_ You received no income.  What goes on between you and a friend is
           taxable.  Did you actually bill each other $10k each?  That'd be
           silly.  I fix my parent's computers.  My mom makes me dinner and
           sometimes buys lunch.  I don't declare that and you don't have to
           either.  If anything, you'll get red flagged and audited just so
           they can figure out wtf you think you're doing.
        \_ Charge each other $9999.99 since any gift under $10K doesn't need
           to be reported.
1999/8/25-31 [Uncategorized] UID:16397 Activity:nil 53%like:16505
08/25 NEXT MEETING: Monday August 30, 7PM, 343 Soda.
1999/8/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:16398 Activity:very high
8/25    RIBE DIKE!
        \_ BRIBE DYKE!
           \_ use linux!!
           \_ use nulix!!
              \_ Vote Quimby.
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