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1999/8/20 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:16349 Activity:nil
8/19    There are a lot of spys/espionage in companies like AMD, Intel,
        and other hardware companies. But what about software companies?
        Why aren't there more crime associated with stealing software
        intellectual property?
        \_ why do you think there is less crime?  where are your #'s for
           HW vs SW espionage?
1999/8/20-22 [Transportation/Car] UID:16350 Activity:high 73%like:16345
8/19    Car gurus: Should I brake hard or brake smoothly to save my
        brake pad and tire? A mechanic told me that if I brake hard, then
        I don't have to change my brake pad as often. However, another
        mechanic disagrees and says that if I brake smoothly, then I
        don't have to change my tire as often. Who is right?
        \_ "brake"
        \_ obviously you need to call Car Talk
        \__ don't brake at all
        \_ if you have a manual transmission, downshift gradually to second
           gear, and then use your brakes at the last moment.  If you have
           an automatic, don't worry about it, it won't make a noticable
           difference no matter what you do--just replace as needed.
        \_ Brake pads are much cheaper than clutch parts.  Stop worrying
           so much about something that wears out 2 or 3 times in your
           vehicle's life.  Break gently because the people in front of you
           get edgy when you wait till the last second to not hit them.
                \_ My brake pads cost a few bucks.  No big deal.  The rest of
                   the assembly was very expensive.  Thank god it was covered.
        \_ ob. RIDE BIKE
           \_ Should I brake hard or smoothly to save the brake of my bike?
                \_ Use only the front brake to save the back one for when you
                   really need it.  That way you'll always have at least one
                   good brake.
                \_ If you want to save a brake, save the front one; the
                   rear brake provides only about 25% of the braking power
                   of the front brake.  -tom
                   \_ Shouldn't the percentage depend on how hard you squeeze
                      the left and rigt brake handles?  -- yuen
           \_ dont brake
        \_ brake in spurts, preferrably while going straight before the
           corner.  the discs/pads air-cool and you don't waste tire
           \_  See?  RIDE BIKE!
        \_ Don't brake, rear-end me and let me sue you for $$$.
           traction you could be using to turn or power out of the turn.
           ride your brakes and you'll overheat them, won't be able to
           make the turns as fast, and maybe you'll fly off the mountain since
           i had to tell you this in the first place.  works for cars
           and bikes.
                \-does anyone put automatic trans car in neutral at red lights?
                i had a friend who did that [in my car] and it drove me nuts.
                  \_ I do at long lights.  The vibration in the steering
                        wheel gets annoying.
                        \_ No.  That's stupid.  You still need to brake or
                           you'll roll (obviously) unless on near perfectly
                           flat road.  Two problems here: your friend is an
                           idiot and you let your friend in the driver's
                           seat.  Get smarter friends or keep the keys.
                                \-this isnt about stopping. it is about
                "is that healthier for your car than leving it in drive and
                pressing the brake hard". i think the benefits in the brake
                area are offset by the shifting. --psb
                \_ Why are there benefits on the brake?  The pads don't wear
                   because the discs/drums aren't rotating during red light.
                   -- yuen
        \_ legalities and stupid driving aside, brake pads are
           *expendable*. they are meant to be worn out, and to be
           replaced, and braking hard or soft isn't going to make
           a difference.  the only difference you can shoot for is
           going for different compounds.  but in the end, if you are
           a normal driver, brake properly and (if that mechanic isn't
           full of shit) replace your pads in 2004 instead of 2005,
           bfd.   --caliban
        \_ Just use the parking brake.  Shift into neutral, then yank that
           lever in the middle real hard!  -mtbb
        \_ If you hit them hard at the end, the people behind you won't have
          time to stop and getting rear ended and then rammed into the car
          in front of you is far worse than replacing your tires or pads one
          extra time over the life of your car.  Smooth and early so you don't
          get hit.  Whiplash is for real and hurts like hell.  The legal
                    and it still sucked to get hang out in the emergency room
          hassles are a nightmare as well.
          \_ Whose fault would the police/court think it is in this case?
             The one in front or the one behind?
             \_ unless their (company's) lawyers are way more expensive
                than yours, you're never at fault for making a stop
                and getting spanked.
                \_ Mostly true.  I won't go into petty legalities where this
                   isn't so.  Anyway, you're better off not getting hit at
                   all, no matter who is legally at fault.  I've been hit and
                   was totally not at fault both legally and in the real sense
                   and it still sucked to get to hang out in the emergency room
                   for xrays, dealing with insurance and inspections for car
                   damage, getting recorded describing it over the phone, etc.
                   Just brake nice and smooth and don't get hit.
                   \_ if you do some crazy braking you are at fault
                      but the other person is gonna need serious witnesses
                       \_ It's not worth it.  Don't get hit.
1999/8/20 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:16351 Activity:nil
8/19    Larry Wall once had a collection of Perl poetry which looked pretty
        amussing.  Does anyone know whre I could find this?
1999/8/20 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:16352 Activity:kinda low
8/19    Is it true for every "new()" there should be a matching "delete()"
        in C/C++?
        \_ no Java will just garbage collect it for you.
           \_ Oh my.
           \_ obviously this fool does it in C++, too.
           \_ Lemme guess... Microsoft employee?
           \_ Genius, they said in C/C++, not Java and there's no new/delete
              in C unless you wrote your own for some reason.
        \_ There should never be a new() or delete() in C.
1999/8/20-21 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:16353 Activity:high
8/20    Why do people like to delete other people's posts?  I'm trying to
        find this famous collection of Perl poetry that was published by
        Larry Wall that he found on a newsgroup.  Does anyone have an
        online copy of this?
        \_ use dejanews and go away.
        \_ Searchj on
        \_ deja news.
1999/8/20-21 [Uncategorized] UID:16354 Activity:nil
8/20    Who's got trouble?
        \_ We've got trouble.
           \_ How much trouble?
              \_ too much trouble!
        \_ I've got a bad feeling about this.
           \_ It's a Casablanca reference
        \_ Trouble in River City?
1999/8/20 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:16355 Activity:high
8/19    Is it true for every "new()" there should be a matching "delete()"
        in C++?  (My bad, after the first response I relized the question was
        not specific enuf).
        More specifically,
         struct a {
                int i;
        void fn(a *i) {
           printf("address of I: %#x, value of I: %d\n", i, i->i);
           delete(i); // <--see how i is passed in
        void main() {
           a b;
           fn(new a(b));
        \_ no Java will just garbage collect it for you.
           \_ Oh my.
           \_ obviously this fool does it in C++, too.
           \_ Lemme guess... Microsoft employee?
           \_ Genius, they said in C/C++, not Java and there's no new/delete
              in C unless you wrote your own for some reason.
                \_ Moron, when the Java comment was added they didn't say C/C++
                   It was added after the Java comment was made.
                   \_ Yeah yeah yeah whatever.  You're full of shit.  I replied
                      to what was there and since I archive the motd, I know
                      you're lying.  -not eric who also archives the motd
        \_ There should never be a new() or delete() in C.
1999/8/20-21 [Uncategorized] UID:16356 Activity:moderate
8/20    Pirate boy goes down hard:
        \_ Ouch.
        \_ poor boy. the morale of the story:  don't suck on the T3 too hard.
           \_ better: don't provide, just leech.  no leech has ever been
              arrested, only providers.
1999/8/20-21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:16357 Activity:very high
8/20    Newer motd restored.
        \_ Thanks tom!
           \_ Not tom.  Tom is The Great Destoyer.  tom never adds value. only
              deletes things he doesn't want others to read.
                \_ shut the fuck up cmlee, I have a real answer to a real
                   question in THIS VERY MOTD, twink.  -tom
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