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1999/8/18 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16333 Activity:nil
8/18    How to run finger so that it launches a finger at a second machine
        to finger some user at a third machine?
        \_ finger foo@bar@baz
1999/8/18 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:16334 Activity:low
        The idea of "it's bad to warez" not withstanding, I thought the
        terminology used was very interesting.
        \_ Razor 1911 is my favorite cracking group. Much better than Paradigm.
1999/8/18-20 [Reference/BayArea] UID:16335 Activity:low
8/18    I have a friend coming to SF for 3 weeks at the end of september.
        Can someone give me tips of where he and his gf could shack up
        for reasonably cheap somewhere not too far from SF by BART?  -John
        \_ There's a hostel on Market near BART
        \_ Globetrotter hostel near Glide Memorial in the city is cheap. The
           neighborhood is about as sketch as SF gets outside of Bayview/
           Hunter's Point, though. There is also the Green Tortoise hostel in
           North Beach. It's a much nicer location, but a bit of a haul to BART.
           I don't know what is in Berkeley. - ulysses
           \_ Ram Hotel. Rooms by the day, week or month.
                \_ How much for just an hour or so?
1999/8/18-20 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:16336 Activity:nil
8/19    C question: I rarely, if ever, remember to include stdlib.h, which
        includes malloc, atoi, etc. But I use these functions on a regular
        basis. I haven't encountered a problem until I tried using atof(...)
        also in stdlib.h. Once I included stdlib.h, my problems went away.
        So why didn't I have problems with the other functions?
        \_ your compiler was assuming that undefined functions returned an int.
                          \_ I think you misspelled "may have been"
           that was not a valid assumption in the case of atof.
           you should pay attention to those warnings from your compiler
           instead of ignoring them.
1999/8/18 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:16337 Activity:high
8/19    Alright, gotta have it.  What is the name of / Where can I get the
        Gap Vest song?  -mindless lamb
        \_ Is there a website for random songs on commercials like this one,
           the Mervyn's one, the Jetta one(s), etc...?
        \_ You mean Madonna's "Dress You Up"? I just randomly found it.
           I'll post the site when I get back to my home machine. -bz
1999/8/18-20 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:16338 Activity:low
8/19    Can somebody clue me into dirt-cheap refurbished note book
        dealers on the net? I am looking for something that
        I can haul around with me to the library. I do serious
        computing at home on the desktop. I need a glorified
        word processor/telnet box for travel and the like. -fab
        \_ what's your definition of dirt cheap?  I got a micron
           refurb P5-266/64MB/3.2G/13.3TFT for $1200 from PC Nation.
           Adequate for most daily browsing/word prc/telnet.  13.3TFT
           was very important to me, and this was the cheapest I found.
           Their stock was limited, I got mine about 3 months ago.
        \_ Since I desire only to use Word and Telnet, I'd be willing
        to stoop to some machines with 486 processors just to save
        some money. Dirt cheap is < $1000. -fab
        \_ Word is about the biggest RAM/processor hog you'll find.  -tom
1999/8/18-20 [Science/Electric] UID:16339 Activity:nil
8/19    The AC Class Pass (ride bus free) is only valid if you have a
        sticker on your ID card- and replacing it is $60.  What the hell
        is TRiP thinking?
        \_ Standard screw-the-students stuff.  Trip isn't there to help you.
           They're another branch of the machine designed to screw you over.
           Haven't you figured it out yet?
        \_ That they don't want a black market of current students selling
           ride-the-bus free stickers to former students?  (Cal IDs still
           no longer have stickers showing if they're valid or not, right?)
        \_ Why not just tell the bus drivers to let you on if you have a
           Cal ID?  Screw stickers.
           \_ same idea with coupons... ya know the people who won't go to
              the effort of getting the sticker subsidize the rest.
           \_ Because that's really hard to explain to a bus driver?
        \_ RIBE DIKE!
        \_ Let people who don't want to wait for the bus subsidize.
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