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1999/8/17-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW] UID:16325 Activity:moderate
8/16    The Computer Science Division is currently looking for T.A's for the
        following classes: CS 162, 164, 170, 180.
        Interested individuals should contact Mike Clancy
        ( and file an online application: (grads) (undergrads)
        \_ What is CS180?
           \_ it's the cogsci/computer science hippie class.  you don't
              want to deal with it.
                \_ uhh, no that is 188 you dumbass
                \_ sigh, please bother to read the schedule of classes, it's
                   probably changed much since you've been here.  Thanks.
1999/8/17-18 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:16326 Activity:nil 76%like:16320
8/16    I downloaded emacs20.4 from for Sparc
        running SunOS4.1.4, and it doesn't come with the .el or .elc files
        for VM (View Mail).  Does anyone know where I can download the
        files?  Thx.   -- yuen
1999/8/17-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:16327 Activity:high
8/16    Want to teach CS in High School?  Check out the new job posting in
        \_ c'mon you guys this is a great way to infuse the young with the
           teachings and joy that is unix!
           \_ Yeah, now is the time, considering it's now "cool" use linux.
        \_ I'm very interesting in doing something like this, except I can't
           quite my day job yet.  I would love an opportunity to teach in the
           evenings or on the weekends.
        \_ "Those who can't, teach" has never been more true than today.
           \_ and those who can don't have time to waste posting to the motd?
1999/8/17-18 [Consumer/GPS] UID:16328 Activity:high
8/16    anyone up on GPS hardware? i am thinking about getting one and
        am trying to settle on a budget and model and had some questions to
        that end. --psb
        \_ I always wondered what use the average citizen has for a GPS.
           Do you own a boat or something?  What do you want it for?
            \_ Off road driving.  Hiking.  Skiing in case I get lost.
        \_ Hiking, in case you wanna pull a Blair Witch.
        \_ Garmin 11 is a great entry level model.  about 150.  If you
           are a completely big geek and want alot of docking capability
           with a pc for doing maps/charts whatever, you will have to pay
           about 100-250 more, for that crap.  But if you are just doing
           it to pick up chicks (haahahaha) get the 11.
                \-i basically want it for backcountry hiking [fairly soon]
        and more long term, for overland trips and long treks [probably in
        the Garwhal]. I dont want to spend $2K but I'm pretty price insensitive
        between $150-$250 range. I wasn just wondering if there was some price
        point where there is a sharp knee in the curve. Is there some set of
        categories ... like with stereos you can go consumer [$500], low-end
        audiophile [$1500], and serious audiophile [$5K-$50K]. It would help
        if you would sign this. I was looking at the Garmin 12 and some
        Magellan model ... 4000? --psb
        \_ The entry-level garmin I spoke of is what you want for "back country
        hiking" (tho I sense a bit of go-go gadgetry here).  It is water
        resistant to 10 feet (so it can be rained on), and has some very
        sophisticated waypoint functions and fits in the palm of your hand.
        I've never had problems with satellite fixes.  Magellans are supposed
        to be good too, but I have no direct experience with those. You've
        done alot of research, but you are making this much harder than it
        needs to be.  Just buy the Garmin!!!
        \-well this is where i am doing like 5 minutues of net.research ...
        ok let me change question ... why do i get for $250 that i dont get
        in a $150 GPS. i assume things arent at the point where "no consumer"
        would spend $250 on a GPS ... in other words is spending $250-300 on
        GPS analogous to a $4K PC [high end home system] or $10K [far beyond a
        normal home computer budget] --psb
           \_ Spend $400 on a GPS, and it'll run *all* of your elisp macros!
        \_ I answered these questions above.  Looks like you *really* want
        to spend more.  Okay, but Id recommend spending the extra 150 on
        a ded reconing class.  I can see the slashdot headline now:
        Computer geek found dead in Tilden park on a backcountry expedition
        after the batteries in his garmin 12-XP11++ run
        out.  He would have made it, except he cannabalized the batteries on
        his PCM cell phone to make a note of his new position on his PALM V
        (and answered some email as well!).  If only he'd brought an EPIRB...
        What good is all this net.research if you are going to make a simple
        (and prolly unnecessary) purchase so complex?
        \_ You really have no clue what partha is asking. Sign your name,
           dumbass. -sameer
            \_ actually, I do, you freak.
                \_ Does anyone else see the irony in calling sameer a freak?
        \_ Didn't the GPS just crash last week because of rollover problem
           counting the # weeks since 1/6/80?  -- yuen
           \_ Only old receivers that tracked time with fewer bits. Newer
              ones (built after about 1994) don't have that problem. Oh,
           \_ So you are saying that GPS is like computers. You need to buy
                a new one every other year or so?
                \_ Computers are hard.  Lets go shopping!
              and the rollover is 08/21. --dim
                \-Ok what are the difference between the Garmin III+ and 12?
                        \_ IX+
1999/8/17-18 [Computer/HW/Printer] UID:16329 Activity:moderate
8/17    I need to get a $200-$500 inkjet.  Any suggestions while I run off
        to the standard review sites?  I was thinking "HP with a long
        warranty." -jctwu
        \_ You really can't go wrong with any of the HP models. i have
           a couple, and they run great.
           \_ Yeah! Especially with their new Apollo line! yup! they
              reused the old trademark as a $50 printer!
        \_ If you're interested in printing photos and an Epson printer,
           you may want to check the compare site at:
           \_ thanks, that's very helpful since this printer will be
              used for printing scanned photos.  The old printer happens to
              be an Epson 600 that stopped printing black ink ... -jctwu
                \_ Are these photos on the net?
1999/8/17-18 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:16330 Activity:very high
8/17    Been looking for a job. What the heck is a "data modeler"? Why
        do they have kick ass salary?
        \_ Those are the women who pose on the covers of computer game
           magazines.  Data modeling can be demanding work, but at
           $10K a photo shoot, it's very rewarding.
        \_ I think it has something to do with 3D modeling, not sure though
        \_ "I don't know the answer, but I'll answer you anyway"
           A data modeler designs database relations and normalizes them.
           It's basically a glorified file clerk.  -tom
                \_ Sounds easy. How do you explain the 100K+/yr salary?
                        \_ He can't because as usual tom has no clue wtf he's
                           talking about but he'll try anyway.
                \_ gee I didn't know we had data modelers with inferiority
                   complexes on soda.  Tell me, how many Oracle installations
                   do you run?  -tom
                        \-saying someone who does data modelling is a glorified
                file clerk is like saying someone who is an astronomer is some-
                one who counts stars. a fair amount of intelligence and
                crativity can go into modelling. if you cant tell the diff
                between modeling and recordkeeping, i suppose that makes you
                a not very glofied dumbass. file clerks dont know much about
                ponteitially sophisicated statistical techniques, error
                analysis, botstrapping data, testing models, or the science
                underlying the real world phonomena being modeled. both of the
                people i know who self descibe themselves as data jockeys have
                science phd from major research universites [they are both
                pretty hot too, but that's a different thread]. --psb
        \_ too bad they didn't find something more interesting to
           do with their lives, then.  -tom
                \-like running installing oracle over and over?
                  \_ phb is just unhappy that the new garmin he bought
                     didn't impress those data modelling chicks.
1999/8/17-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Functional] UID:16331 Activity:moderate
8/17    Having forgotten all my LISP, how do I evaluate multiple LISP
        expresstions if a condition is true?  ie. Something similar to this
        in C: "if (a == 1) { fn1(arg1); fn2(arg2); fn3(arg3) }"
        \_ (if (= a 1)
              (define results (list (fn1 arg1) (fn2 arg2) (fn3 arg3)))
              (define results #f))
           that will give you a list of your results (or just run the
           functions for you [you can trash the list]).  If a is not 1
           then it will give you #f as your results.  Note: This will work,
           but it is not in the normal style of LISP, everything should
           call everything else.
        \_ what flavor of lisp?  in scheme there is (begin <expr> <expr> ...)
           which evaluates all expressions in order for side-effects and
           evaluates to the value of the final expression.
           \_ elisp in emacs19.34.1.  Thx.
        \_ a.)
             ((eq a 1)
              (fn1 arg1)
              (fn2 arg2)))
            (when (eq a 1)
              (fn1 arg1)
              (fn2 arg2))
            (if (eq a 1)
               (block nil
                 (fn1 arg1)
                 (fn2 arg2)))
             -- ilyas
1999/8/17-18 [Computer/SW/Apps] UID:16332 Activity:high
8/17    Does anyone know of any security holes with the latest version of ICQ?
        I've found references to holes in ICQ, but they all refer to the older
        \_ The biggest security hole is that you have to run windows to run
           it, which is intself the biggest security hole you could have.
           \_ Wrong!  "licq" has been out for FreeBSD for awhile now.  Look
              in the ports directories.
                \_ There's dozens of ICQ clones, covering just about every
                   OS imaginable.  Search freshmeat for a sample.
                \_ in a bout a week, all you freakos who installed nt sp 5
                   are going to wish you didn't.
                   \_ Just out of curiosity, what happens in a week? --dim
                      \_ he must be a |<rad haqr writing some super kewl exploit
                \_ can somebody install icq on soda?  Or if you have it in
                   your directory, can you make it accessibble?  Thanks.
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