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1999/8/13 [Science/Physics] UID:16305 Activity:high
8/12    Is it possible to take 37 units in one semester?
        \_ With approval you are allowed to try anything.  You won't pass
           37 units unless it's mostly crap courses.
        \_ Not sure if it's physically possible, but you have to get Dean's
           approval to go past 20 or 21.
           \_ It's possible if you need them for graduation; a friend of
              mine did 38 his last semester. -calbear
              \_ Are you sure he didn't attempt to slit his own throat?
                 \_ Pretty sure.  He seems happy to me.  He's currently
                    involved in a start-up for a couple of months before
                    leaving to New York to work as an attorney in mergers
                    and acquistions. -calbear
                    \_ Wait a second. Attorney? That explains everything.
                       His units were probably mostly in the humanities
                       and social sciences. I'd like to see someone take
                       38 units of science or engineering. --dim
                       \_ Everyone's different. I would die with that many
                          units of humanities, cuz I can't write worth shit
                          term papers.
                          \_ But clearly you could easily do 38 units
                             of science and engineering classes? Come on.
                             All you're admitting to is being a moron that
                             can't write. I submit that it would be
                             almost *impossible* for an undergrad to take 38
                             units of science and engineering courses
                             and pass with grades of C or better in each.
                             The reason? Problem sets and labs. Papers
                             are not near as time-consuming, ignoring
                             whether or not they are "easier". --dim
                                \- i think if you are one of these amazing
                        people [there were classes it took me 20hrs/week to
                        to the homework, while people i knew took 40 minutes,
                        but they also got 3 digit scores on the putnam ...
                        and didnt ever bring a pen or pencil or paper to
                        class to take notes] it can done. for a normal person
                        this would be impossible. i took 5 problem set classes
                        plus one political science class one semester and i
                        basically sleeped under 30hrs a week for the whole
                        semeser and only went home every few days [it was
                        also my highest gpa semester, but i was in a black
                        mood the whole time]. i think you couldnt physically
                        do the reading for 7 heavy reading classes, however
                        for many of those classes you can do quite well in
                        without doing much of the reading. --psb
                        \_ I guess I didn't have it as bad, but it was still
                           a pretty horrible experience for me.  CS 164 with
                           Hilfinger, CS 184 with Sequin, EE 122, Polisci 2,
                           and project partners that were either lazy,
                           incompetent, or just ditched me half way through
                           a project.  I didn't sleep much that semester but
                           boy did I learn a lesson about choosing classes.
                \_ I'm currently in my 5th year of EECS however
                   there was a semester in which I thought i should do
                   philosophy instead, so I took 4 philosophy courses
                   philos 12(foundations of logic), philos 25a(ancient),
                   philos 133 (language), philos 132 (mind)
                   and cs61c. This was all without approval from my
                   faculty advisor. Anyways to make a long story short,
                   I didn't do jack shit in any of the philosophy courses
                   and got 4 A's and a B. You can guess where the B came from.
                   I spent roughly 30 hours for the entire semester outside
                   of class for each philosophy course.
                   Compare that with two weeks of an upper div CS or EE class.
                   I now think that any dumbass can get a Berkeley degree,
                   but which kind of degree is what counts. I spend
                   15 hrs a week outside of class for each EE/CS course.
                        \-try taking h104, h113, 115, physics 137a+105.
                        one problem set due on wed, 2 on thr, 2 on fri.
                        you are too wiped out to do anything all weekend.
                        you learn a lot more about fear and trmbling that way
                        than reading kierkegaard.
                        \_ go go math power pack! -- ilyas
                       \_ Of course i don't mean to diss physics. as an
                          eecs major i respect math and physics
                          as more difficult, and realize it requires
                          much more thought. i couldn't do most upper div math.
                          and i know history is alot of work. im just saying
                          generally, that most non-science (anthro, poli sci,
                          bus, econ, etc.) don't know the meaning of blood
                          sweat and tears. i do think english and history
                          are siginificantly harder than other humanities
                          but getting through
                          means you are a bad mo-fo.
        \_ Just to let you all know, the first two years of medical school
           on most campuses is about 30 units or so, and it wasn't that bad.
           A lot of work in amount, but not that hard conceptually. -drex
1999/8/13-14 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW] UID:16306 Activity:nil
8/12    Web Wackos of the Week Winner:
        \_ Web Sickos of the Week:  Tie between and
                                                \_ www.csua/~aspolito
1999/8/13-15 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:16307 Activity:kinda low
8/13    Does FreeBSD or Linux support PC-compatibles that have multiple
        \_ Yes.
           \_ Which one?  Both?
              \_ Linux supports SMP since 2.0.  If you're adventurous you
                 can try the experimental 2.3 kernels which supposedly
                 fixes many of the performance bottlenecks involved in
                 SMP or you can wait for 2.4 to come out.  Don't know
                 about FreeBSD.  I assume they're working on it too.
              \_ FreeBSD supports SMP since 3.0.
        \_ who cares.. run solaris.
        \_ FreeBSD as of 3.1 supports SMP pretty well.  I've talked to
           a fair number of people who run 3.2 on multiproc machines
           very reliably.  -John
1999/8/13-15 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Industry/Startup] UID:16308 Activity:high
8/13    Have you sold your Redhat IPO shares yet?
        \_ You can use the money to buy ASWX ... there is a company with
           actual revenue in the IPOs of this week.  Big upside potential
           if you aren't a day-trading moron and can hold the stock.
        \_ yes, at $89. thanks much.
           \_ i always thought that ipo's usually dip down after the first
              day surge.
                \_ Ebay did the opposite.  There are many different patterns.
                \_ It's the stock market.  There's no science or predictable
                   factors involved.
                   \_ You mean my double major in economics means nothing?
                        \_ It might mean something for running a business but
                           it means nothing for determining whether a net IPO
                           is going anywhere and for how long.
              \_ That's for your average stupid overinflated piece of drivel.
                       more. quit whining.
                 RedHat is better than 90% of most of the "internet IPO" crap
                 out there. But I expect it will eventually stabilize at

                 50-60, then gradually climb up to 80 again over the next
                 6-12 months.
                 \_ Oh really?  What makes RH so special other than fanatic
                    followers who are mostly cash poor?  How much do they
                    make every quarter and what's their profit margin?
                    \_ Have you ever seen that Simpsons spoof episode
                       where Homer starts his own "Internet Company" that
                       does nothing.  Well, that exactly what most
                       Internet stocks are.  Seriously, what the hell
                       does Halcyonsoft do?
                        \_ Ask them.
                        \_ I don't see what could be more clear than their
                           own proclamation:
                           Halcyon Software, a leading
                           developer of Active Server
                           Framework technology, gives IT
                           professionals the ability to
                           deploy Web-based applications
                           with unrivaled compatibility
                           across multiple server platforms.
                    \_ You know that has nothing to do with stock price any
                       more. quit whining. Oh, and Dell is offering Redhat
                       on their computers, dummy.
                       \_ If nothing means anything anymore, than again, I ask
                          what makes RH so damned special?  It was stated as a
                          fact that RH "is better than 90% of most of the
                          'internet IPO' crap out there".  Better in what way?
                          Just by the mere fact that it went up?  Is this a
                          post-facto determination?  Had it gone no where,
                          you'd be the first saying a RH IPO was stupid?
                          \_ it was definately a PRE-determination,
                             seeing as how I had the forsight to buy at $50
                             \_ Well, that's nice.  Now then, what makes RH
                                fall into the non-crap 10% other than OS
                                religious fanatacism?  Still waiting on
                                this one.  I don't expect a non-fanatic answer
                                because there isn't one.  There is *nothing*
                                special about RH and it sure as hell isn't
                                worth $5b as a company.  That's ridiculous.
                                Disgusting as they are, at least MS sells a
                                lot of it's product for a much higher price
                                than it costs them to produce it.  RH does
                                no such thing.
                                \_ They do a lot of front end development
                                   contracted by people like SGI and Dell.
                                   They also do a lot of consulting and tech
                                   support which MS doesn't do no matter
                                   what they tell you.  In other words, it's
                                    not just another stupid company putting
                                    up another stupid web page claiming
                                    to be the official portal to the Internet
                                        \_ They have backing from Intel,
                                        IBM, and Dell. Enough said.
                       \_ that means shit if nobody buys these preloads...
                          \_ they probably will. otherwise, dell marketing
                             isn't stupid enough to preload their computers
                             with something nobody buys.  look at sgi, they're
                             developing now for linux and ditching their
                             nt line completely because it was "unprofitable"
                                \_ Dell always gets it right?  *ALWAYS*? Why
                                   this assumption that big companies are run
                                   by smart people?  And are smart people
                                   *ALWAYS* right?  No.
                                        \_Big companies can spend enough
                                        money to make it right.
           \_ i'm going to kick myself for not signing up with etrade.
                \_ don't.  It sucks.  It was a serious fluke if you were
                   on ETrade and didn't get bumped from the Red Hat IPO
                   list.  ETrade sucks.  I'm moving to Schwab.
                   \_ Don't. Etrade sucks less(tm)
                      I missed the IPO window. I still managed to buy
                      at 50 (through "regular" trading, with etrade)
                      ["Double your money, double your fun..."]
                      My trade went through INSTANTLY, and I was
                      notified of it immediately.
                      Schwab sucks.
                   \_ etrade sucks less than schwab.
1999/8/13-15 [Industry/Jobs] UID:16309 Activity:low
8/13    Help, I think my new manager is bored. He keeps coming to my cube,
        asks me how to do this and that (it is not like he is ever going to
        apply any technical skill he learns from me), trys to go through
        the development process with me (and creates shit for me to clean
        up). How do I make him stop?
        \_ I think he probably misses being a developer and/or is bored.
        \_ Is this at Administrative Computing?
                \_ NO COMMENT
        \_ Gun.
        \_ turn off the -i (interactive) flag in the inetd.conf
1999/8/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:16310 Activity:nil
8/13    Stupid shipley comments purged.  Too stupid even for the motd.
        Tough shit.
1999/8/13-15 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:16311 Activity:kinda low
8/13    How can I use two different programming libraries that share many of
        the same function names.  I don't want to go through and change the
        function names everywhere and recompile--it's not really possible
        in this situation.  Basically is there anyway to say that everything
        from a library should be prefaced with LIB1__ to be used (but NOT
        have to recompile the lib)?  -drex
        \_ you could write a program using libbfd
        \_ you ahve to write your own wrapper for every single
           function in one of the libraries, and use dlopen()
        \_ sed
        \_ write a perl script to prefix the function names and recompile
        the lib sources
        \_ cpp.
        \_ Why is this still up here? I answered it definitively.
            You have to make wrappers for each conflicting function,
            and use dlopen(), etc to make the wrappers actually
1999/8/13-15 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Computer/SW/Security] UID:16312 Activity:kinda low
8/13    Anyone seen this?  I wonder if we could determine if it's for real:
        I'm trying to find alternate sources of verification.   -brain
        \_ It's obviously a hoax.  No one is going to hand over $300m in gold
           because someone found a tablet.  It's ridiculous.
        \_ i"ve just decyphered it. The text tells of the location of
           the Ark of the Covenent
        \_ I saw a problem with the date, it says ROC year 1933, but
           there's no ROC year 1933.  Obviously, it's western year
           1933, which is ROC year 22.
           \_ Another problem is that the "Hua" character in "Chung Hua Min
              Kwo" (Republic of China) is in Simplified character which was
              not used in ROC and in present Taiwan.  Simplified character
              is only used by Communist China which was founded in 1949.
              -- yuen
        \_ I have discovered the solution to this problem, but the motd is
           too small to contain it.  -fermat
           \_  umm, okay, really I was asking, "I wonder if there are actual
               gold bars with valid encrypted data on them, and if so, what
               the encrypted message is."  The transaction detailed by the
               story is actually irrelevant, because, as you say, it's a
               sure bet that the account is no longer valid.     -brain
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