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1999/8/10 [Uncategorized] UID:16280 Activity:nil 60%like:16279
8/9     What is the origin of that phrase "Who is buried up Yermom's arse?"
        \_ "Gettin Down with Mr. Grant, Vol II"
1999/8/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:16281 Activity:moderate
8/9     Did anyone else notice some odd behavior with their mails?
        I have .forward in my account and last night, Soda forwarded
        half of the mails that were already in my mbox.  Shouldn't
        the mail server only forward the incoming mails?
        \_ No.
        \_ 'mail' is the correct plural form, not 'mails' -grammar-cop@csua
1999/8/10 [Uncategorized] UID:16282 Activity:nil
8/9     What was the best motd troll ever?
1999/8/10-11 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:16283 Activity:high
8/10    Does anyone know when CalTran is going to expand/fix/speed up the
        80 to 580/880 junction? Or if it happening right now, and when it
        will get done? It is horrible.
        \_ CalTran is the worst excuse of a D.O.T I have ever seen in my
        \_ Ride a bike.
            \_ Infinity and beyond the millenium.
        \_ Yeah right, good luck.  Even if they started yesterday, it would
           still takes several years to fix anything and by then there'd be
           so many more cars it would remain about the same as now and it
           would suck in the mean time because of construction delays.  You
           should try to arrange your job/home so that you don't have to go
           through there or go through at off hours when it's not quite
           so bad.  Or you could RIDE BIKE! as the trolls would suggest, even
           though that doesn't answer your question and won't help you out in
           any way at all.
           \_ Or worse yet, you could RIDE BART!!!!
                \_ Not much different from RIDE BIKE! since neither can get
                   you anywhere useful or get you there when you need to be
                   there, but sure, as long as the BIKE! trolls are out, we
                   can add the BART!!! and other public transport trolls to
                   the mix.  What the hell, they're all stupid answers anyway.
                   \_ Huh?
                   \_ I take BART to SF to work everyday; it beats the hell
                      out of waiting over an hour to get across the bridge
                      during the morning commute, and then paying $7+ to
                      park for the day.
           \_ sure it sucks, but what state are you from?  as far as i can
              tell, they're all abou the sam: spend 90% of money on highways,
              and overspend on highway projects due to mismanagement.
              name one american state excluding washington D.C. that
              consistently deals with transportation issues inteligently. this
              is an american problem, not a california problem.
1999/8/10-11 [Science/Disaster, Computer/Networking] UID:16284 Activity:kinda low
8/10    Anyone know a good resource about IRC hacking?  We had a server
        hit pretty hard by some punkass.  Would be nice to find out how
        to block spoofed-ip flood atacks.  Thx.
        \_ Call your ISP.  prepare to be ignored.  When they flood you
        \_ Source Address Verification.  And sign your name when you delete
           people's advice.
        \_ Call your ISP.  prepare to be ignored.  When the bad guys flood you
           enough to overwhelm your upstream link, you must sit down and
           take it like a man.  -ERic
1999/8/10-11 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:16285 Activity:very high
8/10    Does bh still give his "don't go into cs for the money, do
        it because you love it" speech on the first day of 61A? He
        did a decade ago when most believed that the most a
        programmer could make was $40K. -elizp
        \_ Even if you hate Brian Harvey, this is still sound advice.  Why
           would you spend four years of your life to learn something you
           don't have the slightest bit of interest in?  --jeff
           \_ interest comes and goes.  salary and stock options stay.
                \_ And they stay with you to heaven or hell.
         \_ to pay the bills.  i met an old HS class mate doing web
            admin type stuff in NYC, she hates her job but says it's
            worth it to live in NYC
            \_ Nothing's worth living in NYC
            \_ I don't consider web admin to be computer science (at least
               not in Berkeley or any half-respectful university)
        \_ I didn't major even though it's been a hobby since jhs because
           I thought CS was full of immature freaks.  Little did I know
           immature freaks had a noticeable presence in my other major;
           affected CS undergrads were just more obvious about it.
        \_ Keeping in mind of course that as an Prof, BH doesn't really
           work all that hard and makes roughly $100k for it.  He gets to
           earn decent money while still living what's essentially a student
           life style.  WTF does a clown like him know about life anyway?
           Exactly at which point in his life did he experience anything
           outside academia?
           \_ What the hell is your problem with Brian Harvey?  Perhaps
              you should find something else to poke fun of besides
              baldness, obesity, and an interest in education.  We're not
              in grade school anymore but I guess you still think that
              girls have cooties.  BH was a decent teacher and I've had
              profs that are just pure assholes that deserve the shit
              treatment more than BH..
              \_ Uh oh.. The Straw Man Argument.  I *never* picked on him for
                 his physical appearance.  BH was a mediocre teacher.  You
                 want a good teacher?  Go take a class with Hilfinger.  He'll
                 actually teach you something although he won't hang out with
                 you for potsticker-kiss-ass-hour.   He might also teach you
                 about logical reasoning and how to debate and possibly even
                 how to correctly parse and comprehend an English sentence.
                 Quote where I attacked his appearance.
           \_ "doesn't really work all that hard" and "student life style"?
              Snce when was this a possible combo in Berkeley CS?
                \_ Since always.  A prof or student (yes, even at the mighty
                   Cal) does not work as hard as someone with a real job. Don't
                   fool yourself into thinking you're working hard now.  You'll
                   find out what real hard work is after graduation.  There's
                   a good reason why folks in industry look down on academics
                   and those working in academia.  Bare minimum they've all
                   once been students and know academic 'work' is like being
                   on vacation compared to doing real work.
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