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1999/8/9 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:16272 Activity:high
08/08   After a release this crappy, how can I bring myself
        to ever trust cygnus to maintain gcc?

        They release a combination of gcc + "libgjc" especially for
        that release..., where gcc 2.95 does not compile libgjc
        (intel, solaris)
        Not to mention their build dependancies are so crappy,
        they insist on rebuilding .o files I have just
        carefully built by hand. Gaaaah!!

You see no motd.
> go north
1999/8/9 [Transportation/Car] UID:16273 Activity:nil

       Here are your messages:
       "You have 30 minutes to move your car",
       "You have 10 minutes",
       "Your car has been impounded",
       "Your car has been crushed into a cube",
       "You have 30 minutes to move your cube".
1999/8/9 [Uncategorized] UID:16274 Activity:nil
08/09   One day I'm going to die. when that happens, I shall welcome it.

[This motd intentionally left blank.]
1999/8/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:16275 Activity:high
8/9     How secure are these "spread spectrum" cordless phones?  Are there
        any recommendations/alternatives?  I don't want cellular/wireless --
        It's just for home.   Im not a cia agent; it's just that I don't
        want my arbitrary phone conversations snooped by some drooling
        pervert across the street.  Thanks.
                \_ IT's wireless. Duh.
        \_Phone sex,eh?
        \_ I've already put a tap on your outside phoneline.  -naughty neighbor
        \_ Why don't you ever call me any more?  I miss your sexy voice
1999/8/9-10 [Recreation/Pets] UID:16276 Activity:high
8/9     Biologic buffs-- I've always wanted to ask this question. Why do
        birds fly in a V formation when they migrate? How is the V formation
        advantageous for their migration? I don't understand.
        \_ All this drafting stuff is just garbage.  They do it as Mother
           Earth's way of saying "Peace!" to everyone down below.  Science is
           a myth.  -earthmother
        \_ The bird behind takes advantage of the air dragging effect of some
           sort on the wing tip of the bird in front, so as to save energy.
           Don't know exactly what it's called.  It's the same idea when
           bicycle racers tailgate their teammates.  -- yuen
           \_ Drafting.
           \_ The birds wings throw off wing-tip vortices, which swirl back
              upward on the outside sides of the bird's flight path.  So when
              birds fly to the sides and behind, they get slight updrafts from
              the leading bird's vortices.  -ERic
              \_ see -ERic
        \_ Furthermore, they switch off being lead bird, since that one
           doesn't get to draft.  Look up agent-based simulations
           of bird migration, and see how few instructions need to be
           coded in order to observe the V pattern.
           \_ When I ran cross country, the last person in a line would have
              to sprint to the front. Then the new last person in line would
              do the same. But we used to call them fartlickers. Our coach
              told us some guy named Fartlicker came up with the idea.
              \_ MEEP MEEP
              \_ it's a modification of the typical paceline used less
                 for the drafting then as an exercise to improve one's
                 ability to change pace.  It's goes by various names
                 often depending on the coach.  --jon
              \_ Why didn't the first person drop to the back instead?
                 Wouldn't a short sprint consume more energy and be more
                 likely to overtire the runner?
           \_ Fartlek is swedish or something for drafting or interval
              training or something like that. Our coach yelled at us if
              we made fun of the name.  Then he got caught sleeping with
              his female students and we didn't have to run fartlickers
              \_ A Fartlek is a training technique involving running a series
                 of alternating short full-speed sprints and low speed jogs to
              \_ It (supposedly) stands for SPEED PLAY.
1999/8/9-11 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:16277 Activity:moderate
8/9     Where is a good place to buy LCD TFT 14" monitor? Also, can they be
        used with regular video display like Matrox?
        \_ Possibly Frye's (don't know spelling) or Robert Austin computer show
           \_ You mean Fry's. Electronics?
        \_ Not 100% sure, but I think most LCD displays come with digital
           to analog converters so most vid cards can be used. But from what
           I read, ideally you want a vidcard that outputs digitally. As of
           now there's only a handful of cards that do that (I believe Matrox
           has one)
           \_ Number 9 Revolution IV has a digital output and supports the
              SGI flat panel display
              \_ Droool, SGI flat panel, droooool.
1999/8/9-10 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:16278 Activity:very high
8/9     (New to US history.)  Was Pres. JFK a Democrat or a Republican?  Thx.
        \_ Democrat. Republicans bad.
           \_ Democrats bad. Republicans bad.
              \_ Jesse Ventura rewls, DUDE!
                \_ No.  It's just that our one party system sucks.  Just bc
                   JV isn't a member of the one party, doesn't mean by default
                   that he's good, but yes I do like the very few things I've
                   heard from him so far.
                   \_ One party to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.
                        \_ BONDAGE PARTY!  RULE!
              \_ Yes, Dick is somehow connected to Richard Nixon...
        \_ Democrat - ran against Dick Nixon.  (All Kennedys have always been
           Democrats - it's a family tradition.)
           \_ Does that mean that Jimmy Hoffa was Republican?  The two hated
                   ran for Govermnor and lost to Jery Brown's dad.  After
              each other.
                \_ "hated" != "ran against in a partisan general election"
                        \_ I thought Nixon was a Congressman when he did
                           the McCarthy witchhunts.  I'm glad you saw
                           Oliver Stone's _Nixon_ movie, though -- your
                           synopsis runs just like in the movie, complete
                           with quotes.
                   Later, Richard ran for President and won, but then
                \_ Hoffa was a mobster criminal.  His politics don't have
                   anything to do with it and good thing they buried his
                   wretched corpse (or all the bits of it) where it could
                   never be found.
                        \_ New Jersey Meadowlands.  Under the end zone.
           \_ The Trickster rules!
           \_ Is Dick Nixon related to Richard Nixon then?  Thx.
                \_ Go see the movie "Dick" and find out.  It's all completely
                        true of course.
                \_ Dick Nixon was a Senator who ran the Communist witchhunts
                   with Joe McCarthy, was VP under Eisenhower and then ran
                   against JFK for Pres and lost.  He then came back to CA,
                   ran for Governor and lost to Jerry Brown's dad.  After
                   losing he declared "They're not going to have Dick Nixon
                   to kick around any more" and retired from politics.
                   Later, his son Richard ran for President and won, but then
                   Later, Richard ran for President and won, but then
                        \_ It was such a beautiful story, a man with so much
                           power giving it up to marry the woman he loved but
                           his country despised.  It's hard to imagine in
                           these days where having your wife suffer a "fatal
                           accident" and then marrying a divorcee is no longer
                           an unforgivable sin, but is even being done by the
                           Prince of Whales.
                           \_ What's wrong with marrying a divorcee?
                                \_ Divorce is very anti-Catholic.
                                   \_ This isn't a Catholic country.
                                        \_ And we've never had a king who was
                                           forced to abdicate so he could
                                           marry an american divorcee either.
                                           Your point?  (Not that England is a
                                           Catholic country.)
                   ended up resigning 25 years ago today.
1999/8/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:16279 Activity:nil 60%like:16280
8/9     What is the origin of that phrase "Who is buried in Grant's tomb?"
        \_ It was coined by Trivial Pursuit.
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