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1999/7/31-8/3 [Industry/Startup] UID:16214 Activity:kinda low
7/30    I need a job too.
        \_ Drop all the pre-graduation crap.  Also, "company ran out of
           money"?!  That doesn't make you look like a genius since you
           joined a dying company.  Objective is silly.  Just say, "Looking
           for XXXXXX position at small startup company".
           \_ Um, what's wrong with pre-graduation achievement?
                \_ Nothing in particular but it shows lack of experience to
                   put pre-grad stuff on.  Unless your academic work was
                   something really stellar, it only highlights lack of
                   industry experience.
           \_ objectives suck.  The company ran out of money is there because
              I've been asked way to many times "Why are you leaving Spheresoft
              so soon?"  It looks bad that I didn't even last a year.  Oh
              people do join companies that die soon after.  It happens.
              To smart people even.  I joined right when they peaked.  (They
              were doing real well, added 4 people (which was a third of the
              company) and were trying to do sometihng new.  They gambled
              and lost.  So did I.  Oh and umm, some of that "pre-graduation
              crap" is pretty important.  -aspo
                \_ Ok, whatever.  I'm sure you're perfectly right about all
                           \_ if you need to ask, you don't know
                           \_ yer mom
                   of everything at all times and don't need advice.
                   \_ As someone who has hired many people based on their
                      resumes, for the field aspolito is in, I will say
                      that aspolito is correct.  -blojo
                        \_ What field is that?  Palm Pilot app coder?
                          \_ yes, let's call "embedded software developers"
                             palm pilot coders.
                             \_ Proof is in the pudding, baby.  Why can't
                                he get a job?
                                \_ Because he's in new york.
                                \_ cause I just started looking and I'm already
                                   getting offers at places in New York for
                                   places that I would like to work at if I
                                   don't relocate so if I want to move back to
                                   the BA I gotta start looking fast. -aspo
                                   \_ Stay in NY.  We'll all be happier that
1999/7/31 [Finance/Investment] UID:16215 Activity:moderate
7/30    ETrade and datek seems to glorify average individuals taking
        charge of their finances. We always hear about people getting rich
        through on-line brokerage and day trades. But what is the actual
        statistic for people getting wealthy within a year or two?
        50%? 40%? What about the percentage of people who lose money?
        \_ patience, young grasshopper.  Buy MSFT and wait 10 years.  You
           too will be a millionaire.  --MSFT millionaire
           \_ Ah, yes.  MSFT -- the world's biggest pyramid scheme.
             \_ but if you feed the rats to the cats and the cats to the rats
                you get the catskins for free!
        \_ This last spring, I read an interview with a SV accountant who said
           35 of his 36 day trading clients lost money overall for the year.
           YMMV of course.
           \_ A friend had $19M of churn last year and made $50k.
                \-just out of curiousity, how much was the original stake and
                how many hours did he spend on this per week?
1999/7/31-8/1 [Reference/Tax] UID:16216 Activity:moderate
7/30    Industry sucks and I am going back to academia. What happens to my
        401K? Can I keep it? I can't roll over because I am no longer
        employeed. Thanks.
        \_ No. You must mail it all to me! Of course you can keep it! You
           need to roll it over into another tax-deferred account like
           an IRA, which is really what you should do every time you
           switch jobs because it gives you much more flexibility than
           any 401(k) can hope for. --dim
        \_ Unless your an undergrad, you'll be an employee in academia,
           either a T.A. or Research Assistant.  If you come to UCB you'll
           have a 401(a) retirement plan that they automatically put money
           into instead of paying Social Security taxes.
                \_ I see, so I can roll over ALL of my 401K, that is good.
                   Does the money stay in the same fund, or the school that
                   I am going to is going to convert it to their own fund?
                        \_ If you roll it over to anything else, it will
                           go into whatever funds are available there.
        \_ Don't do it!  Academia can work you just as hard or harder and
           always pays less!
1999/7/31-8/3 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:16217 Activity:high
7/30    trn question: trying to extract and uudecode a multi article file
        with trn but the article pieces are out of order on the server
        which is confusing trn.  The files are bad.  Any way to get trn
        to deal properly with multi article decodes on out-of-order
        messages?  Didn't see it in the man pages.  Thanks in advance.
        [Dissing of other people's tools deleted.]
        \_ "I don't know how to download porn properly, please help!"
        \_ trn is an antiquated piece of crap.  -blojo
        \_ what you need to use is the most obscure thing you can find
           like rn or something.  Then you can be "cool" to all the sysadmins
           because you know a little obscure bit of trivia that no one else
           in their right mind wants to bother with.... but they'll think
           you're cool.  "Doosh."
        \_ Perhaps you should (s)ave the individual articles, trim the
           headers, then cat them together in the correct order.  (How
           come they didn't use shar or something, anyhow?) -brg
        \_ mmmm, warez
           \_ Yeah I thought of that but wasn't really psyched about doing
              the perl thing for it.  I missed the tool dissing.  If someone
              has an alternative news reader for unix that will properly
              \_ What is considered the most politically correct
                 news reader nowadays?  Asking, since
                   % readnews
                   readnews: Command not found.
                        \_ "readnews" became rn over a decade ago.  Welcome
                           to the 90's.  (trn is much better than rn though)
                           \_ Anything better than trn?
                                \_ trn 4.0beta, tin, and slrn
                                        \_ URLs?
                                            \_ or
                                               look in /usr/ports/news on soda
              deal with this, that's a good answer too.  I'm not in love
              with trn.  It's just what happens to be installed.
1999/7/31 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:16218 Activity:high
7/31    See the source code of one of the first C compilers by the creators
        of BSD.  It's surprisingly small:
        \_ try inventor of UNIX.  BSD came around 10 years later.  -dpetrou
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