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1999/7/22-23 [Transportation/Car] UID:16180 Activity:moderate
   Egged on by the Academic Senate's subcommittee on Parking and
   Transportation, this policy would reimburse the UC Parking Office
   $20,000 for every parking space that is removed for "capital
   improvements," whether it be for more student housing, office space,
   or recreational purposes. According to these faculty members, those
   other services "do not contribute directly to the University's
   academic mission," but parking does.
   Just another example of the UC screwing students.  Who the fuck
   needs housing.  All those faculty living in their Berkeley Hills
   and Oakland Hills and Kensington Homes dont give a fuck about
   students trying to get housing anywhere near campus.
   \_ UC kills
   \_ UCkills!
   \_ Why don't they turn those parking spaces into multi-level garages.
      = more spots + less space.
   \_ I'm sure running Linux will solve this problem. It solves everything
1999/7/22-23 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:16181 Activity:nil
7/22    How do you prolong your ssh session such that the server doesn't
        automatically log you out? --converted ssh user
     /_ dont use keepalives, fixk  your firewall, dont uses tcsh autologout
1999/7/22-23 [Transportation/Car] UID:16182 Activity:nil
7/22    I deeply regret to inform everyone that Joe Wujek and his wife,
        died in an automobile accident recently. I would like to say that
        despite the relative difficulty of his courses, he was one of the
        best teachers in the EECS department and a great mentor who
        passionately believed in professional ethics. I have posted
        more information at:

        I will miss him dearly.                 -jeffwong
        \_ For those of you who don't have cars several IEEE members on
           campus are driving down this Friday and you might be able to
           catch a ride if you are interested.  Please mail officers@ieee.
           If you have any photographs you would like of professor Wujek
           please send them to us also.  -jeff
1999/7/22-23 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16183 Activity:nil
7/22    No, I don't read M$NBC news but here is an interesting article
        about BSD vs. Linux (linked off from --linux user
1999/7/22-23 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16184 Activity:nil
7/22    How do you log off those people how are still using a telnet session
        since the pre-ssh enforcement period?
        \_ The ban is on cleartext passwords.  Using telnet is fine.
1999/7/22-23 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:16185 Activity:moderate
7/22    If someone didn't set up s/key (i.e. keyinit) before the 15th,
        and now doesn't have access to ssh, is there any way he can set
        up s/key?
        \_ log into a machine that has ssh, and ssh into soda.
           \_ What part of "doesn't have access to ssh" didn't you
        \_ does "someone" have access to a Java-capable browser?
           \_ Read the question again.  I didn't ask for generating
              OTP's.  I asked about what to do if 'keyinit' wasn't run
              before July 15.  Someone like this logs in and does not
              get an s/key challenge.  Oh yes, and *someone* really is
              someone other than me.  Moron.
              [my rude answer deleted.  sorry.]
              \_ The answer has nothing to do with generating OTPs.  As
                 the official motd says, a java ssh client is available
                 at <DEAD><DEAD>  Try not to be such a fucking jerk the
                 next time someone tries to post a helpful motd answer --pld
                 \_ Sorry.  I totally blew it reading the answer.  My
                    apologies to whomever gave the answer that I so
                    stupidly ignored.
              \_ Huh?  I don't know about s/key and I've never ran "keyinit"
                 or anything like that.  I just downloaded an SSH client and
                 now I can log in fine.  -- yuen
              \_ Exactly. I've basically ignored all this S/Key stuff. You
                 don't *need* it to log in. Or have you ever tried logging
                 in withOUT whatever this s/key thing is?
1999/7/22-23 [Recreation/Activities] UID:16186 Activity:moderate
7/22    Can somebody recommend a good place to get good used golf clubs? Thx.
        \_ There's a place in Alameda that has a decent selection of used
           clubs.  Pacific Sports Exchange, 1526 Park St.
        \_ golf sucks, ride bike
           \_ do both; they both kick ass in different ways
           \_ obviously someone who hasn't played golf or isn't very good
              at it
           \_ bike sucks, use linux
              \_ use linux on your bike
           \_ not playing golf is a career limiting move. I will laugh at
              you when you turn 40 and still write code or do sysadmin shit.
                \_ Depends on where you want your career to go.  If you want
                   to maybe make more money and wear a suit and tie and spend
                   all your time hanging out with fake people who hate you as
                   much as you hate them, then by all means, join management at
                   your company, learn to play golf, snort coke, and live a
                   short and unfulfilling life.  But at least you'll be on that
                   "in" management track.  BTW, would you mind if I fuck your
                   wife so you can get that next big promotion?  Knew you
                   wouldn't mind, thanks, she's a beauty.
                   \_ I'm curious -- does this sort of thing really
                      actually happen?  I find it fairly hard to
                      believe, but then I might just be extremely naive.
                        \_ Of course it does.  Women do it all the time.  You
                           think it's any different for some monkey's wife if
                           the boss wants to fuck her?  She's not an employee
                           but *he* is.  The humiliation and power-trip is
                           just the same.  What's so shocking about this?
                   \_ what if my wife's butt-ugly?
                        \_ Then you can bend over for the boss yourself.
               \_ career limiting move, my ass! for suits yes, for
                  techies, no. Techies ride bikes.
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