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1999/7/21 [Uncategorized] UID:16173 Activity:nil
7/20    I don't like aubie personally. Fuck you. Happy bday jerk.
1999/7/21 [Uncategorized] UID:16174 Activity:nil
7/20    Anyone watched last night's "Happy Hour" show on USA channel?  I
        want to find out the names of the four woman participants.  Thanks.
1999/7/21-23 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:16175 Activity:nil
7/20    Does anyone know what the lockf state is under FreeBSD top is?
        \_ probably related to the one mentioned in the man pages for lockf
           \_ httpd's been in the state for days.  Is it a good idea to
              kill -HUP it?
                \_ Not if you're running apache and it's still answering
                   connections.  It's probably not constantly in flock state
                   just happens to be there when you check.  Apache uses flock
                   to control which child answers incoming connections so
                   multiple ones don't try to answer the same call.
1999/7/21-23 [Uncategorized] UID:16176 Activity:moderate
7/21    I'm looking for a job.
          \_ Got tired of working for israeli firewall company?
                \_ very perceptive.
                \_ GPA, classes taken, publications? ??? I know you graduated
                    \_ technical
                   long time ago, but employers still want to see them
                                        - professional HR person
                   \_ chris, is that you?
                                        \_ a good sign of a company you don't
                                           want to work for.  -tom
                                           \_ no, that's what is called a
                \_ so what are your salary expectations? $75K + 401k + etc.?
                   \_ If you have to ask...  As for GPA, only weenies
                      put that on their resume.
                      \_ No, people put them on their resumes because they're
                         going to be asked sooner or later anyway.  The
                         weenies are the ones that put it down because
                         they have nothing else to show for themselves.
                         \_ Tom's right. Companies that ask are staffed by
                            weenies. You don't want to work for them. --dim
                         \_ I've only been asked my GPA by the lame ass moron
                            companies, usually found via recruiters.  As much
                            as I hate to agree with tom, he's right.  Those
                            are lame companies, especially if you've already
                            got time at some other job.  A company you want
                            to work for will never ask for your GPA.  It's
                            a stupid question and says nothing about how good
                            or bad an employee you'll be.  In fact, I'd be
                            concerned about too high a gpa (if volunteered)
                            because that tells me the person is probably a
                            politcal kiss ass, not a good worker.  -agrees
                                with tom for once
                         \_ I very much doubt "political prowess," whatever
                         that means in this context, will allow one to have
                         high GPA in majors like CS or Math.  I dare any
                         politico to prove me wrong. -- ilyas
                         \_ Given that majors usually have at least 50% of
                            classes NOT in the major, i'd say what you
                            were trying to say has been proved wrong
                            \_ My friend, taking a few cog. sci. classes on
                            the side won't save your butt in a technical
                            major here at Cal. -- ilyas
                            \_ All the potstick eating weenies in BH's classes
                               got higher final grades and no they didn't get
                               more total points.
                                \_ Hey, some of us potsticker eating weenies
                                   DID get more total points, too. Not only
                                   that, but we ALSO had time to spare to eat
                                   potstickers. -potsticker-eating smartass
1999/7/21-22 [Consumer/Camera, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:16177 Activity:very high
7/20    Is motion-sickness / motion-tolerance genetically bound? And is there
        any way to compensate for it? I just saw the Blair Witch Project,
        which made me nauseous. My friend actually puked. All the quick
        camera motions got to us. We're weak sauce.
        \_ I get sick playing most 3D type games (almost all Nintendo 64
           games and some others too). I even had difficulty with
           Zelda 64. -cdaveb
           \_ there is an actual medical term called DIMS - doom-induced
              motion sickness.  --caliban
        \_ There is a genetic predisposition to motion sickness.  But is it
           really motion sickness if you are not really moving?
        \_ there's a difference between motion sickness and IMAX-type
        \_ There are actually well documented cases of the relation of
           visual motion and physical motion causing severe nausea.
           I myself was once on a flight simulator in New York where
           the gyroscopic action controlling the simulator was just
           slightly out of phase with the video play back.
           You've never seen so many people get sick so fast
           in your entire life.  I would say the same thing is possible
           even when you are not moving if your brain is duped by the film.
           Try dramamine but my guess is that you should see movies
           with stabilized cameras or else bring a barf bag and give your
           more hearty friends a good laugh -asa
        \_ It helps to sit in the back. Way back. Last row.
                \_ Not enough.  For the rest of you who have this problem,
                   wait until it comes out on video and watch
                   it on a small TV from across a room.
                \-anyone ever use the SGI solaris system browser demo ...
                at some point i didnt know what i was doing withit as i was
                flying through the solar system on a really fast machine and
                i felt kinda ill as i was doing these dives into the ecliptic
                plane. that was actually pretty fun. --psb
        \_ Ginger root powder (you can get it at any pharmacy) helps.
           Chinese medicine rules.
           \_ Ginger in general calms the stomach.  Have some ginger snaps.
           \_ Dramamine or Bonine are stronger; antihistamines with strong
              antiemetic side effect. Some people say they keep you from
              getting dizzy too. But unlike ginger, they taste bad (esp.
              Dramamine, yuck), make you tired, may cause stomachache.
        \_ All of these remedies have varying levels of effectiveness for
           any one person.  You have to sample and see.  You do get
           more tolerant with experience.  -jor (boat diver)
           \_ Take a hit. Then take another hit if you dont feel anything
        \_ This kind of motion sickness is caused because your brain is
           getting conflicting reports about movement: your eyes say it's
           going on, but the rest of your senses contradict that.  I'm
           not sure dramimine would help.
1999/7/21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:16178 Activity:nil
7/21    Rhys is ugly
        \_ Hella better looking than her husband nevin.
           \_  They're married??!  I thought they were siblings!
        \_ Yer just bitter she won't go on a date with you.
        \_ She's hella ugly, but still much better than the average EE/CS
1999/7/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:16179 Activity:high
7/21    I've been work for 3 years and have had about 5 different department
        secretaries. They are all georgous, and I've always wanted to ask
        them out, but never had the guts to do so. The newest secretary
        (the 5th one for our department) is )(*#$)(# gorgeous. What should
        I do?
        \_ Be yourself.  For you, this probably means cowering in a corner.
        \_ Go for it, Johny Bravo!
        \_ Honestly?  Forget it.  You're a geek.  Those chicks are hired just
           to keep you showing at work.  She won't go out with you and doesn't
           want to know you and after you ask her and she gives you a
           semi-polite blow off answer, do not come back to the motd asking
           for more advice.  You're a geek and doomed to virginity forever.
           \_ You should have gone to defcon. the sure way to get
             drunk and laid at the same time.
        \_ Corner her in your cubicle and show her yer wang...
        \- If you have to ask for advice on the soda motd, it means you should
           probably stick to Lara Croft.
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