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1999/7/18-20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:16152 Activity:nil
7/17    Woah, I never realized that the CSUA minutes were all done word-for
        -word.  Whoever takes those notes should be a court stenographer.
        \_ both brg and dans have that ability.  they rule.
           \_ dans is the most annoying person on the planet.
              \_ And you're obviously the wittiest and most courageous.  I
                 only wish that I had thought to anonymously post my personal
                 attacks to the motd. - (Dan)
                 only wish that I had thought to post anonymous personal
                 attacks to the motd, but I suppose that only a small handful
                 can be cunning iconoclasts like yourself. - (Dan)
1999/7/18-20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Recreation/Humor] UID:16153 Activity:low
7.18    We need a funny/humourous picture of a cow.  For the Undergraduate
        Cluster of Obsolete Workstations (this was / is the csua lounge)
                Note that there is not now and never has been _/
                a CSUA lounge in Soda.  The CSUA "owns" only the
                office and does not control the undergraduate lounge,
                just maintains the computers there.  (This has actually
                been an important point in dept. politics before, such
                as when the CSGSA wanted the CSUA to give up either the
                lounge or the office to them and was told the lounge wasn't
                the CSUA's to give up.)
        if there are any people who have such a thing, please email
        \_ It's amusing to call those workstations obsolete when some of
           the hardware in there is better than the crap you find on the
           second floor!  Who'd have thought that the CSUA would have
           better hook-ups than the CS Department.
                \_ it doesn't.  The department has much much cooler computers,
                   it just doesn't believe that undergrads are worth shit,
                   which is why undergrad labs only get donated computers
                   and undergrad labs keep getting closed.
1999/7/18 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16154 Activity:nil
7/17    I just found out about this after doing some research on my own.
        Several hours after went down Microsoft released a
        quite lengthy report attributing the failure to Sun Microsystem's
        stupidity claiming things like "system boards are not hot-swapable
        under Suns".  But doing a telnet into ebay I found this:

        # telnet http
        Connected to
        Escape character is '^]'.
        HEAD / HTTP/1.0

        HTTP/1.0 200 OK
        Server: Microsoft-IIS/3.0
        Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 02:55:54 GMT
        Content-Type: text/html
        Accept-Ranges: bytes
        Last-Modified: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 02:45:02 GMT
        Content-Length: 15585

        Connection closed by foreign host.

        does anyone find it odd that Microsoft is criticizing ebay who is
        running their own web server?
1999/7/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:16155 Activity:insanely high
7/18    what did people think of eyse wide shut?
        \_ not enough sex scenes.
           \_ how good were they?
        \_ Anybody know where I can join an orgy society like in the movie?
        \_ It was SOO DUMB!  They talk SOO SLOWLY!!  I spent half the movie
           wondering when it was going to be over.
        \_ EWS is another page in the 2001, Barry Lyndon file.  Great stuff,
           if you like that kind of thing.  If you were expecting another
           Full Metal Jacket or The Shining, you will be dissapointed.  I
           thought it was very good.
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