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1999/7/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:16126 Activity:kinda low
7/13    Blatant flamebait entries purged.  -not tom but wants to be like him
        \_ Let me guess... you're anti-evolutionary.
                \_ No, anti-de-evolutionary.  Hoping that intelligence won't
                   die out soon on this planet.
                \_ No, actually they were getting dull so I zapped them to
                   make room for newer, fresher flamebait.
1999/7/14-8/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:16127 Activity:nil 70%like:16117
07/12 Tentative Next Politburo Meeting, 6:00pm Tuesday July 27th, 337/343 Soda.
1999/7/14-16 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16128 Activity:nil
7/14    So it's almost 7/15. What's the word on S/Key or telnet alternatives?
        \_ man skey is higher-level
        \_ S/Key is supported; see "man keyinit" for what to set up on soda
           and for what to set up on
           your local machine.      --mconst
1999/7/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:16129 Activity:very high
7/13    Which Spice Girl do YOU want to impregnate?
                \-you guys actually know who is who? --psb
        \_ Frankly I wouldn't want to impregnate anyone. Don't have the
           time nor the money to raise a child.
                \_ What the fuck does impregnation have to do with support,
                   you dickless commie shithead?
                        SUPPRESSED AND COMPRESSED FOR *TOO LONG*!!!!!!
                                - jesse jacksonette
                        \_ Yeah whatever.
        \_ Skanky Spice
        \_ partha spice
        \_ Posh or Sporty
          \_ Sporty is a lesbian. Sorry.
                \_ So what?  Lesbianism is not a contraceptive.
        \_ baby or posh. sporty would be like doing a guy.
        \_ All of them.
          \_ All of them at once.
1999/7/14-16 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:16130 Activity:high
7/14    My company firewall doesn't allow port 22 connection.  What should
        I do?  And getting my ignorant IS management people to open this port
        is probably harder than sleeping with their wives.  Is there an
        alternative way to ssh to soda?
        \_ If you find a port that your firewall allows, let us know and
           we can probably set up an extra sshd on that port.   --mconst
        \_ Try the port redirector I just installed on scotch (look three
           motd entries up).    --mconst
           \_ Thanks.  It works.
        \_ I find it very easy to sleep with IS management's wives.
           \_ Everyone who isn't an IS manager does.
        \_ .forward your email.  Your soda account by default is insecure
           since it is run and used by a bunch a hackers.
           \_ Huh?  How much more off topic could you get?
        \_ anyone notice you can telnet to another server and ssh from there?
           \_ Anyone notice how this COMPOUNDS the problem?  Don't.  --sowings
              \_ The PROBLEM is that soda isn't allowing telnet any more.
                 So no, it doesn't compound the problem
                 \_ Soda allows telnet.  It doesn't allow cleartext passwords.
                    Don't get mad, get clue.
                \_everything running over the telnet will be free game, before
                  it gets encrypted.
              \_ that was my point... a mandatory ssh on soda won't
                 necessarily force people to be safe...
                 \_ clue time: you can never force people to be safe.
                    \_ then why mandatory ssh?
                       \_ cuz smart people will simply download the software
                          and use ssh on the machine they're sitting at
                          instead of doing a roundabout telnet into another
                          machine.  which one is more of a hassle?
                          apparently some people think it's more convenient
                          to telnet then ssh each time. but then again,
                          berkeley admits some pretty stupid people.
                          \_ Worse yet, they give them degrees.
1999/7/14-16 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:16131 Activity:moderate
7/14    When trying to connect to CSUA with F-Secure SSH 2.0.12 build 9 I'm
        getting the error "Disconnected;protocol version not supported."
        Anyone else get this, any ideas?
        \_ you're probably using the wrong protocol.  make sure you're using
           the right ssh protocols.
           \_ I don't get it.  Isn't CSUA an entirely non-profit
              organization for educational purpose?  Why can't we use ssh2?
              \_ People won't be able to connect from work.
           \_ ssh2 is supposed to be backwards compatible. use the -v flag
              next time and post the output.
              \_ ssh2 is not backwards compatible.  You will need to use an
                 ssh1 client to connect to soda; we can't run the ssh2 server
                 because it has a restrictive license.
           \_ Tried -v and receive the error "No address
              associate with the name"  I do not see a place to change the
              protocols in F-Secure.
                \_ ssh2 is definitely not backwards compatible.  -tom
              \_ You need F-Secure SSH version 1.something.
              \_ And remember, tomorrow you won't be able to post this!
                 Have fun!
                 \_ S/Key works just fine.  It's a pain in the ass logging
                    in, but it requires nothing mroe than telnet.
1999/7/14-16 [Health/Eyes] UID:16132 Activity:high
7/14    Any myopic sodans tried the laser vision correction procedure?
        How was it and would you recommend it to others.  Thanks.
        \_ Another alternative that's much safer but also less effective
           are hard lenses.  According to some optometrists they can
           actually help to correct your vision (the same way braces
           and teeth retainers work) but don't count on too dramatic
        \_ As a 20/20, I can't speak from personal experience, but I've
           heard that some patients end up with permanent cloudiness if
           something goes wrong.
        \_ My gf has read up on this and we decided it was still too risky for
           the potential gain.  The long term effects on your vision are of
           course unknown and you'll definitely get a few totally uncorrectable
           new problems like some night blindness and such.  If this is a
           cosmetic decision, don't do it.  If you're so blind that you have
           trouble seeing with glasses then you have little to lose anyway.
           I'm not a doctor.  Do your own research before making serious
           medical decisions like fucking with your vision.
           \_ Can anyone give a pointer for reliable information and studies?
              One of my parents has very bad eye sight and is considering
              this but all I can find is probably biased information by the
              companies that promote this kind of stuff.
                \_ Last time I went for more contacts at the eye doctor, I asked
                   him about this and he gave me a really good rundown of the
                   procedure and risks, overall he recommended it. Dont ask the
                   motd, ask a doctor..........................
                   \_ ...................................... !
                   \_ More importantly: ask your doctor if *they* would do it
                      to themself!  If your doctor is hesitant to undergo a
                      procedure, that should tell you something.  Always get a
                      second and third opinion.  Laser surgery is a one way
                      trip.  You won't get a chance to do it over five years
                      from now after the process has been dramatically improved.
        \_ I know three people who have had this done, including one who
           just had it done a week ago. They have all been extremely
           pleased, at least in the short-term. I would have it done, too,
           if my vision was worse than it is. --dim
           \_ How is their vision in low light?
        \_ be SURE you investigate the option where they cut a little hole
           in your eye and stick a lens in it.  This is supposed to be newer
           and better than keratomy.
                           \_ Don't take medical advice from someone who
                              leaves a syllable out of the name of the
                              procedure he professes to know about.  Try
                              looking at to start.  Look for
                              restrictions on using the procedure before
                              completion of puberty (often age 24 for human
                              males in the USA in recent studies)
                has some good info.  -ax
1999/7/14-16 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:16133 Activity:high
7/14    For people whose firewalls allow telnet but not ssh, I set up scotch
        to redirect telnet and rlogin (ports 23 and 513) to soda's sshd.
        You should now be able to run "ssh -p23"
        and log in to soda.  Thanks to alanc for suggesting this.  --mconst
        \_ My firewall runs telnet proxy.  I couldn't ssh before, but
           this works brilliantly.  Thanks, guys!  -John
        \_ note that this wont work if your firewall requires use of a
           proxified program to get through the firewall (like say telnet
           linked against the socks library)
           \_ You can run ssh through socks: use "./configure --with-socks"
              when you build ssh.  Note that most socks servers will let you
              connect directly to soda port 22.  If yours doesn't, you should
              still be able to use the telnet redirector on scotch.  --mconst
           \_ runsocks ssh then
           \_ note this is not intended as the solution to all ssh/firewall
                problems, just one set of them
        \_ mconst and alanc, that was a rad solution to the ssh problem!
           You guys RULE!  -ax
           \_ hey, i was the one who came up with having sshd listen to
              port 23.  i just didn't sign my name on the motd since i
                   The fact that they implemented it on Scotch ahead of
                   the switchover is what makes them rule.  -ax
              didn't know how it would be recieved among nit-picky admins.
                \_ I had that idea too.  It's logical conclusion to reach.
                   The fact that they implemented it on Scotch ahed of
                   the switchover is what makes them rule.  -axa
                \_ I got credit simply because I MAILED ROOT with the
                   sugesstion.  If you want to get people's attention,
                   direct e-mail beats anonymous MOTD posts any day. -alan-
                   \_ maybe i'll sign my motd posts with a pgp signature
                      next time. :-)
           \_ Yeah!  mconst for President!  mconst and alanc 2000!
1999/7/14-16 [Uncategorized] UID:16134 Activity:kinda low
7/14    Any recommendations for a southbay aquarium store, especially for the
        clueless newbie?
        \_ The fish store on Castro@Dana in Mountain View is pretty kewl. -atom
        \_ there's also Dolphin Pet Village on San Tomas Expwy in Campbell
1999/7/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:16135 Activity:nil
7/14    mandatory ssh is fascism!  Mussolini made the trains run on
        time safe & secure AT WHAT COSTS???  won't someone
        please think of the children?
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