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1999/7/12-14 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16107 Activity:low
7/11    What have people's experiences been running win95/98 under linux
        using VMware?
        \_ Anyone ever try to get vmware running under freebsd?  -John
        \_ Don't know about 95/98 but NT runs great. When that piece of shit
           NT crashes you can just restart your virtual system and it starts
           running again.
           \_ This seems like a great way for cs 162 students to get to
              run FreeBSD instead of running nachos.
           \_ VMware seems to want to only create its own win95.dsk file
              instead of using an existing win95 partition.  Is there a way
              to tell it to use something like /dev/hda3 instead?
           \_ how is speed relative to native execution. is it unbearably slow
              like wine?
1999/7/12-14 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:16108 Activity:moderate
7/12    Hi, does anyone know of any bike companies that will sponsor
        me to borrow a bike for the Boston to New York AIDS Ride 5?
        I will be participating in it on September 16-18.
        Any leads would be appreciated.  Please e-mail me.  --pcjr
        \_ try -- newcomers starving for any kind of
           \_ RIDE BIKE!!!  USE LINUX!!!
           publicity, it appears.  ugly bikes, however.
        \_ buy a bike you twink.  -tom
        \_ don't limit yourself to bike companies.  the competition
           for sponsorship from them must be fierce. --caliban
        \_ I used to work for a cycling goods distributor.  I saw the
           sponsorship applications that came in, and I saw who was
           accepted.  In short, you have to be a badass to get sponsorship.
1999/7/12-14 [Uncategorized] UID:16109 Activity:nil
7/12    Useful products for sodans:
        \_ go away aspolito
1999/7/12 [Recreation/Humor] UID:16110 Activity:nil
1999/7/12 [Recreation/Humor, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:16111 Activity:nil
7/12    It's getting a little old.  It wasn't even funny when you did it the
        first time so cut that shit out.
1999/7/12 [Uncategorized] UID:16112 Activity:nil
7/12    Living on Earth may be expensive, but it includes an annual free
        trip around the sun.
1999/7/12-13 [Transportation/Car] UID:16113 Activity:high
7/12    Does anyone else think that the $4.9 billion awarded to the six
        plaintiffs in the GM lawsuit is more than a little ridiculous? --dim
        \_ Why would I give a shit about GM? Of all the three American car
           companies or even any other company in the rest of the world
           they make the shitiest of cars and treat their workers like dirt.
        \_ Were you born in another country?  There's nothing ridiculous about
           it.  It's going to be appealed down into almost nothing and the
           plaintiff's grandchildren are likely to be dead of old age before
           any of them see a dime, if ever.  I see nothing wrong with it,
           except that GM is so evil, they needed to sue in the first place.
        \_ I don't know.  How many people did GM kill/maim/mutilate this time
           and did they know it would happen to someone but didn't care?
        \_ Companies as a whole can never care.  This case in question was
           concerned with a particular design for side-mounted truck fuel
           tanks.  It turned out, retrospectively, that this side-mounted
           design was not very good from the safety perspective.  I don't
           think people at GM have enough clue to be evil deliberately.
           -- ilyas
           \_ "They're too stupid to be evil".  Heard that before.  They're all
              evil.  They didn't get to be that size without being evil.
        \_ GM (in 1979) knew that this design was faulty.  They calculated
           the cost of redesign (quite high) vs. expected lawsuit settlement
           (not as high).  This just ticked off the jury, and punitive
           damages were awarded.  $4.9 Billion is about 9 months of operating
           profits in this, a very good year.   --cody
           \_ don't the large, evil corporations have insurance for things
              like this?
           \_ why is it that these ridiculous memos are always uncovered
              during these product liability trials? why don't they shred
                \_ Because like M$ and other large companies they feel above
                   the law which is why we need high rewards like this: to
                   remind these multi national monster corporations that they
                   are not above the law and people are more important than
                   their bottom line.
           \_ $4.9 billion is a lot of money. All six could have been
              killed and I wouldn't have awarded that much. That's insane.
              GM would be forced to make these people billionaires with
              the money of their customers (us). I can relate to the
              plight of the plaintiffs, but that's just too damn much
              money. Maybe they should find a way to make GM spend the
              money on certain safety programs or finance certain government
              programs (e.g. for burn victims). --dim
                \_ A smaller judgement would have reinforced the philosophy,
                   "losing lawsuits is less costly than fixing our problem."
                   I think the people on the jury purposefully made it so
                   large to tell them that this is a bad philosophy.
                        \_ The people who won the lawsuit have promised to
                           donate at least half (after the half the state
                           and feds take in taxes) to hospital burn centers.
                           \_ don't forget the lawyers' cut which I think would
                              be 1/4 to 1/3.
                                \_ Lawyer contingency fees are legally allowed
                                   to be as high as 40% plus costs.  (not sure
                                   about the costs part, but pretty sure).
                \_ If it was you driving that truck you wouldn't go through a
                   costly and painful lawsuit just to make GM do what they
                   should have done in the first place.  You think it's ok
                   for them to kill their customers as long as they donate
                   money to charities?  You feeling ok?
                   \_ Yes, GM should be made to do what they didn't
                      before. Yes, damages should have been awarded (both
                      compensatory and punitive). $4.9 billion is too
                      much, though. In fact, I think it's about 10 times
                      too high. --dim
                        \_ Hello?  It's going to be appealed to nothing.  GM
                           is *not* going to write 6 checks that total $4.9b.
                           The plaintiff's grand children will be dead of old
                           age before they see anything and it sure as hell
                           won't be $4.9b.  Glad you're not on the jury.
                           \_ I realize that there is an appeals process
                              and that the final settlement will be
                              smaller. The point is that the sum is
                              *ridiculous*. No one knows how much the
                              final settlement will be for, but GM
                              certainly won't get off cheap, Smug One. --dim
                                \_ No shit.  I'm *glad* they're not getting
                                   off cheap.  Don't you get it?  Do you own
                                   GM stock or what?
                        \_ The Government should be making them do what they
                           didn't do right the first time.  If it's so bad
                           that common citizens had to sue them to get justice
                           then the Government has way fucked up and the little
                           people should get to keep what they've won.  Fuck
                           GM and their "the lawsuits would be less expensive
                           than fixing it" crap.  Fuck that.
1999/7/12-13 [Reference/BayArea, Reference/RealEstate] UID:16114 Activity:high
7/12    Save 1015! Preserve the SF House Meat Market from gentrification! -sameer
        \_ Meat market? hardly, unless you crave chaste asian booty. if
           you really want to get laid, go to 1984 and stand in one
           place for awhile.
        \_ for the record, the housing next to 1015 is a public
           housing project --caliban
           \_ shhhsh.  stop actually being informed about anything you
              rave about.
        \_ why the hell should i sign a petition that gives me absolutely
           zero info on the issue?  (and on a website that consists of
           nothing but shockwave for that matter)
        \_ Wow... I read the site and the shockwave crap and this place sounds
           like a nightmare!  Is there a petition I can sign in support of
           closing it down forever and preventing another such menace from
           popping up elsewhere in the city?
                \-1015 has got to be one of the most obnoxious places in sf.
                i cant believe i have given my money repeatedly in the past
                to people that treat you that rudely. --psb
                \_ i was there once and remarked only that it was really
                   dirty and they charged twice as much for halfsize drinks.
                   and their website is an atrocity.   -lila
           \_ 1015 does completely suck ass in all the ways mentioned
              here.  however:  there are a couple of worthwhile events
              that happen there, people renting the place out for a night.
              usually weeknights, i would stay the HELL away on a weekend.
              more importantly though, and why people like sameer and i,
              are heavily involved in throwing underground parties that
              have as their goal to provide quality, inexpensive experiences,
              contrary to the typical 1015/club scene, is 1015's role in
              city politics.  the city will be able to shut more clubs
              down, based on noise/bullshit, if 1015 loses this battle.
              it'll be like a preceedent, and those of us involved with
              the club scene don't want that to happen.  it's already
              impossible for certain types of people to throw certain types
              of events with certain types of music - the city has thrown
              up a vast array of obstacles, and even if you surmount those,
              you wind up needing to charge $25/person (unacceptable in our
              circles for a one-night event) and sfpd can march right in
              and shut it down for *no reason*.  so it's not about 1015
              as a great, swell club, it's about the future of soma, and
              the ability for new tenants to push old tenants out, crushing
              established businesses.  there's a good article in the
              /sf weekly/ regarding this phenomenon:
                                                                -- caliban
                \-what happened to the old "coming to a nuisance" defense?
                an appropriate name in teh case of 1015. --psb
1999/7/12-14 [Transportation/Bicycle, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16115 Activity:high
7/12    a good windows mail client that supports pgp?  Wait, i know, RIDE
        BIKE, use linux, I DO, but i need *others* to use pgp with and
        the others use windows.
        \_ Outlook
           \_ Outlook?  What version?  Last v. I tried was complete trash.
        \_ ok, pardon my ignorance, but could someone please explain the
           connection betwen Linux and RIDE BIKE ?
           \_ Guessing: someone is mocking the attitude/mentality of both
              \_ How does that differ from the 50 million "Windoz Rulez,
                        \_ Who said it differed?
                 use windows" that also go on the motd, not to mention that
                 their attitudes and mentality are usually worse.  I also
                 seem to remember a quote, "drive a fucking car you hippie"
                 posted somewhere on a long ago motd showing taht non-bike
                 riders are just about as bad.
                 \_ PGP for Windows (commercial, from NAI) will integrate
                    well with Eudora Light or Pro.  However, Eudora light
                    tends to corrupt important Windows files and generally
                    suck.  --dbushong
        \_ ride bike.
        \_ use freebsd.
        \_ use linux.
           \_ freebsd >> linux
        \_ use Motd::Public;
        \_ Less filling >> tastes great
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