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1999/7/11-14 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:16104 Activity:low
7/10    Anyone know if someone has written an SKey generator for the
        Palm OS?  Would be handy to have the key generator handy...
           i haven't tried it yet tell me if it works  --oj
                \_ YES, it works.  just logged in with it.  thanks!
                   no excuses to not use skey now...
                   \_ How about, "I don't have a Palm Pilot"?
        \_ Any source code out there for S/Key?
           \_ /usr/src/usr.bin/key/skey.c on soda  --dbushong
1999/7/11-14 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:16105 Activity:high
7/11    Since bison/yacc/(f)lex all act like state machines is there any way
        to implement a program with multiple context parsers (eg. a
        multithreaded network deamon that needs to parse an input)?
        \_ This problem is even worse in OpenGL that employ specialized
           rendering hardware since the GL libraries act on the state of
           the video card.  In other words, there's only one rendering
           pipeline and you can't have multiple GL renderers (except on SGIs).
           \_ that's just sorry-ass driver design. 2D drivers also act
              directly on hardware but have been abstracted to share between
              clients efficiently.
        \_ flex & bison both allow you to specify names for your parser/scanner
        \_ Fuck bison and yak and all that shit!  LINUX RULEZ!  Use Linux
           so you can have multiple per program - read the docs.
           \_ name changing wouldn't work if you want to have multiple
              instances of the same parser.  too bad there's no OOP parser.
              \_ There is.  Search for PCCTS and ANTLR.  Current development
                 is in java, but the C++ version still exists.
        \_ search on bison++ and flex++ for generators to get
           C++ encapsulated parser and scanner objects.  these may be
           simple option flags to standard bison and flex these days...
           \_ -+ for flex
1999/7/11-13 [Recreation/Food, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:16106 Activity:high
7/11 - danh
        \_ Don't you have anything better to do than surf?
        \_ eat shit! - danh
                \_ hey danh, let's shave the middle of our heads and start
                   a club.  Three guesses what initiation is...   -brain
                \_ Don't you have anything better to do than eat shit and surf?
                        \_  Hey.  HEY.  NOTHING is better than surfing.
                            CHARLIE DON'T SURF.  The shit eating part is just
                            a little bonus.                     -brain
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