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1999/7/9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:16088 Activity:nil
You delete my troll, I delete all trolls.

Damn, that was a good motd goin' on there.
\_ This is eeriely reminiscent of kchang behaviour coupla years ago.
1999/7/9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:16089 Activity:very high
07/08   Wow, the old motd is gone.  Darn.  BTW, can someone change the time
        on soda?  It appears to be about 10 minutes slow.
        \_ Looks fine to me.
                \_ It's (relatively) fine now that we're running ntpdate
                   from cron.  It wasn't fine with xntpd.
                \_ Looks about 4 seconds slow.
        \_ What happened to the xntpd process?  --- yuen
                \_ It wasn't working properly, so we run ntpdate from cron
1999/7/9 [Uncategorized] UID:16090 Activity:nil
19990709   THE COUCH RIDES AGAIN w/100 water pistols THIS FRIDAY
            ____   ___  _   _ ___ ____ _____   ____  ___ ____  _____
           / ___| / _ \| | | |_ _|  _ \_   _| |  _ \|_ _|  _ \| ____|
           \___ \| | | | | | || || |_) || |   | |_) || || | | |  _|
            ___) | |_| | |_| || ||  _ < | |   |  _ < | || |_| | |___
           |____/ \__\_\\___/|___|_| \_\|_|   |_| \_\___|____/|_____|

                          _____ ___  ____    _ __   __
                         |_   _/ _ \|  _ \  / \\ \ / /
                           | || | | | | | |/ _ \\ V /
                           | || |_| | |_| / ___ \| |
                           |_| \___/|____/_/   \_\_|
1999/7/9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16091 Activity:high
07/09   I just installed Microsoft Visual Basic and had to reboot my
        computer 3 times (once to install a new version of IE, once
        to install some Java stuff, and again to install VB).  I
        don't know much about Windows, but why is rebooting all the
        time necessary?  This is not a troll; I'm just curious what
        OS design choice requires this.
        \_ It has to do with unloading and reloading registry settings.
           Apparently, windows does a poor job of loading new registry settings
           on the fly.  Other OSes don't have such registry concept?
        \_ Win32 systems are designed to be highly dependent on common,
           dynamically-loaded/-linked libraries (DLLs).  On the shutdown,
           DLLs are unloaded so that they can be updated on the next
           boot.  Hold down the Shift key when you reboot, so that you don't
           do a full one.
1999/7/9 [Uncategorized] UID:16092 Activity:high 60%like:16100
07/08   More Windoze alternatives:,4,84-38856,00.html?
        \_ L1NUX RUL3$!!! R1D3 B1K3!!@2!!@!@#
1999/7/9 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16093 Activity:nil
07/09   While we're talking about Windoze, does anyone know a POP3 mailer
        that stores e-mails in the same pure-text as it's stored in /var/mail?
        I'm going nuts with these proprietary .mbx, .idx, and .eml files
        that MS Outlook uses.
        \_ You might have some luck looking into PC-hosted UUCP-style mailers;
           from what I've seen of them, they tend to understand mbox format
           pretty well. -brg
        \_ If you find some Eudora resouces on the web, you'll see that
           Eudora's .mbx format _is_ in the standard unix format.
1999/7/9 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16094 Activity:nil
07/08   NT vs. Linux rematch.,4153,1015266,00.html
1999/7/9 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:16095 Activity:nil 52%like:16139
07/09   Are there any freely available programs to detect memory leaks
        in C/C++ programs besides Electric Fence?
1999/7/9 [Uncategorized] UID:16096 Activity:nil
07/09   DefCon7! Yeah, baybee!
1999/7/9 [Uncategorized] UID:16097 Activity:nil
07/09   Where can I donate networking hardware?  We have a bunch (> 50) of
        manageable 10BT hubs that need to be cleared out for space.. -tchuang
1999/7/9-12 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:16098 Activity:high
7/9     Does anyone know what set of libraries programs like linux and apache
        uses to dynamically load modules during run time?
        \_ The answer you want is libdl.
        \_ Linux is an OS not a program.  The answer you want is libdl.
           \_ so are you saying that an OS isn't a program?  So what is YOUR
              definition of a program--everything that runs on a computer
              except for the OS?!?  sheesh, and you are a CS major (or already
              have your degree).
                \_ 'program' generally means 'application' these days.  Only
                   a twittish cs major or prof might tell you otherwise.  I
                   didn't fill out a PO for 200 cd's of the linux program
                   last week.  I filled out a PO for 200 cd's of the linux OS.
                   Give a hoot, don't be a twit.
           \_ what header files do you include?
                \_ Either read the docs or look at the source you lazy ass.
                   Perl, apache, and mozilla all have readily available
                   source you can read/copy from.
                   \_ If you know the answer you can save us all the trouble
                      and stupid flames and post the answer in which case
                      everyone who comes across it (whether they are
                      interested or not or just newbies) will benefit
                      or you can be a total asshole and take up pointless
                      space on the motd.
                        \_ There's another type of space in the motd?
                        \_ but taunting people is what CSUA is all about.
                           Computer Science's Unhelpful Assholes
                           \_ hi, dude.
                        \_ If you tell us what OS, then we can answer.  The
                           answer is different for different OS'es.  For all
                           we know, then answer he wants is "DLLs you poor
                           winblows scum".
                   \_ you're right, i am lazy. but some of us are still using
                      cheap ass 14k modems that don't work for shit, moron.
                        \_ The interfaces differ by platform.  Read the stupid
                           docs for your platform.
                        \_ A 14.4 modem works fine to ftp a copy to soda and
                           untar and look at the code from here.
                \_ If you have libdl, then run nm on it and see what
                   functions are included and read the docs for them or
                   grep for them in /usr/include.
        \_ dlopen() is the most common interface - run man dlopen and see if
                it's available on your platform.
                \_ I wonder how much overhead calling these functions incur
                   as opposed to statically linking the files and calling
                   them straight.
                        \_ Not that much on modern CPU's.  Much much lower
                           overhead than relinking everytime you want to
                           install a new module/plugin, use a new library
                           version, or want to use specially-optimized
                           code (like MMX plugins for photoshop or on
                           Solaris where Ultra's load specially tuned
                           versions of libc if you dynamically link).
        \_ The answer you want if you're writing software for distribution or
           to run on multiple platforms is GNU libtool, which handles all the
           different interfaces for you and provides a single standardized
           interface you can call.
                \_ I just wish libtool had fewer warts... it annoys me
                   when it looks like it's decided some library ought to be
                   "" instead of ""...
                   but then maybe that's just maintainer incompetence, as I've
                   never actually designed a package that used it. -brg
        \_ Um, you could run ldd on Apache's httpd and see what libraries it
           is linked against.
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