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1999/7/5-6 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:16071 Activity:very high
7/4     Does anyone know how processor-intensive MP3 decoding generally is?
        My Celeron 300 is claiming to consume only 0.1% of the CPU according
        to top but my PentiumMMX 150 could barely keep up.
        \_ this doesn't answer the question, but I bet FPU, MMX, OS, and
           player all could have contributed to your results
           \_ pMMX150 256k L2 win95 winamp 3 >50% CPU vs.
              celeron300A 128K L2 linux 2.2.5 xmms 0.9 ~0.1% CPU
              I don't think this should account for a 500x speedup.
              \_ I do.  A guy I know swapped out a 200MhZ PPro for
                 a PII overdrive, his FFT benchmark got over a 200%
                 increase in speed. --jon
           \_ Celeron 450 (300) Win98 10-15% CPU
              \_ WTF?!? I get like 1%-3% on NT for OC 450
           \_ Amount of memory and types/sizes of caches can also be
              fairly vital.
        \_ Could be that the tools you're using to measure are wrong.
1999/7/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:16072 Activity:kinda low
7/4     TeeVee Smashing in People's Park was RAD!!!!
        \_ you're an idiot.
1999/7/5 [Uncategorized] UID:16074 Activity:high
7/5     see r-rated preview of final kubrik film:
        \_ LeeLee Sobieski is going to be the real "attraction"..
           If you liked her in Deep impact, you'll love her
           underwear scene in EWS.
            \_ get a life.
1999/7/5-6 [Computer/Domains] UID:16075 Activity:low
7/5     What's the best way to register a domain name nowadays with the
        new shared registration system?
        \_ The ICANN plan has been delayed.  NSI is still your only choice.
1999/7/5-6 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16076 Activity:moderate
7/5     Show all those linux freaks how superior Windows NT Internet
        Information Server is over Apache.  Check out:
        A web server just isn't a web server unless you can execute
        arbitrary commands remotely without authentication.
        \_ This is old as the hills.  Why don't you post solaris 2.3 holes
           too?  Be about as meaningful.  Every decent admin on the planet
           patched this long before you heard of it.
           \_ Every decent admin wasn't using such flaky software to begin
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