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1999/7/2 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:16057 Activity:high
7/1     Sorry to bring another ssh question to the motd, but I thought
        others might be interested.  So my company doesn't have ssh
        installed, but there *is* a machine I can telnet out of without
        going through the proxy.  I compiled ssh over there, and I can't
        get it to connect to soda.  I checked man pages, and the ssh url
        above, but it still dies.  Here's the command line and result:

        > ssh -a -v -l emarkp
        SSH Version 1.2.27 [sparc-sun-sunos4.1.4], protocol version 1.5.
        Standard version.  Does not use RSAREF.
        host183: ssh_connect: getuid 27243 geteuid 27243 anon 1
        host183: Connecting to [] port 22.
        host183: connect: Connection timed out
        host183: Trying again...

        Any ideas on how to fix? -emarkp
        \_ ssh on outgoing port 22 on your firewall is blocked,
           as in not open.
           \_ but emarkp was able to get "ssh-1.5-1.2.26" from telnet pt 22?
        \_ woah, they have suns at intel?
           \_ ssssh!  Don't let anyone else know. :)  I don't know how
              long this system has been in place.  --emarkp
              \_ suns are better than intels. and for that matter, so is
                 everything else. but intels are cheap which is good
                 enough for my purposes.
        Any ideas on how to fix? -emarkp
        \_ Hint: try  "telnet 22" first.
        \_ try it again now that the campus network is back up...
           \_ I did.  There wasn't even this much when the network was
              down. --emarkp
           and say hello to mister firewall.
           \_ Actually, I got through.  That is, it said:
              Connected to
              Escape character is '^]'.
              -- emarkp
                \_ Now remove the setuid root bit from ssh.
1999/7/2 [Recreation/Media] UID:16058 Activity:very high
7/1     Go see the South Park movie. It crushes all other movies.
        \_ How ironic: Theaters had to turn away children trying to sneak
           into a vulgar movie about children who sneak into a vulgar movie.
           \_ A movie with a recursive procedure, Harvey will be pleased.
           \_ incredible, matt stone and trey parker appear to have just
              about out-smarted someone
           \_ gosh i'm sure trey and matt never considered that, huh?
        \_ Well gee, what's its competition right now?
                \_ Wild Wild West
                   \_ Which got horrendous reviews from just about
                      everyone except the Chronicle, which isn't much of a
                      paper anyway.
                         \_ Hey ignorant one, I work at a media outlet and
                      \_ Reviews?  Those are just opinions of random strangers.
                            knowledgeable. Movie reviewers aren't just
                            Roger Ebert or Rex Reed.
                         Why do you read reviews?  They're mostly 50+ year old
                         bald guys you hopefully have nothing in common with.
                         \_ Please, I work at a media outlet and
                            interact with reviewers who are young and
                            knowledgeable. Wake up, movie reviewers aren't
                            just people like Roger Ebert or Rex Reed.
                            \_ I'm quite awake.  I read the reviews.  They're
                               fucking way off base for the most part especially
                               and particulularly concerning movies for younger
                               (under 35) people.  The very idea that a movie
                               reviewer could be "knowledgeable" is stupid.
                               It's a _movie_!  It's just their _opinion_!
                               You're the one who needs the no-doze.  I think
                               your closeness to such "greatness" has turned
                               your brain and ability to make simple value
                               judgements (good movie/bad movie) into mush.
                               \_ Get some reading comprehension skills.
                                  When 90% of the reviewers are saying
                                  that movie sucks big time, then odds
                                  time. When did I ever say that I blindly
                                  follow a particular reviewer's opinion?
                                  And I guess by your logic, pretty much
                                  all reviewers are not worth taking
                                  seriously, regardless of what they're
                                  are that it probably sucks big
                                  time. Are you saying that "Wild Wild
                                  West" is a great movie? And when did I
                                  ever imply that my judgment comes from
                                  blindly follow a particular reviewer's
                                  opinion? I guess by your logic, pretty
                                  much all reviewers are not worth
                                  listening to, regardless of what they're
                                  reviewing because it's "just their
                                  \_ That's exactly what I'm saying.  Their
                                     opinions are just opinions.  Do I need to
                                     say that a few more times before it sinks
                                     in?  They're not skilled at reviewing
                                     movies.  It isn't a skill.  Those who
                                     can, do.  Those who can't, review.  Why
                                     do you find this so hard to understand?
                                     Mushy brain syndrome.
                   \_ When's the last time a summer action flick got good
                      reviews? Face/Off? Die Hard?
                        \_ Face Off sucked.
1999/7/2 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:16059 Activity:high
07/01 Shit! OutlooExpress 5 just deleted 4 years of crucial personal
      files/data on my computer!  Since soda doesn't allow telnet anymore
      I figured I should configure Outlook...I directed the program to
      save the mailspool under d:\xyz\mailspool,  all of my stuff was in
        d:\xyz, instead of creadting a subdirectory under d:\xyz, outlook
        overwrote everything else and it's all gone.  What can I do?  is
        there a way to retrieve anything at all?  Please please help!!!!
        \_ Restore from backups.
        \_ Programs do exists that try to undelete deleleted files..
           Just don't write anything more to disk and look at symantec
           or norton or something for one of these programs. Just make
           sure you don't write anything else to disk until you do that
           or the bits that were your  email may be over written and lost
        \_ this is a troll, yes?  Outlook Express 5 just creates .mbx and
           .idx files and does not overwrite as far as I know.  What file
           format were your existing e-mails stored in?  If this is a
           legitimate plea for help, post up your e-mail and I'll send you
           the 600K undelete program.
        \_ No this is NOT troll.  Anyway, i just tried a recover program
           but was not able to recover anything.  Yes outlook saves in
           .mbx and .idx files...but I told the program to place the mail
           in d:\xyz\mailspool.  D:\xyz is wher all my important stuff
           from the last 4.5 years are stored.  Since the subdirectory
           "mailspool" didn't exist, i just assumed that it would create
           a subdirectory under D:\xyz.  Well for some reason when I
           finished d/l'ing the pop mail, all that was left was
           d:\xyz\mailspool, everything else under d:\xyz was wiped out.
           I kid you not! try this yourself and create configure outlook
           as i've said.  Even the date on D:\xyz was stamped 7/1/99
           instead of 1995 when it was created.  send me undelete program
           if you have one that works -hitran
                \_ it's called "restore".
           \_ what OS are you running?  I know Outlook Express (v4, and v5)
              Win95 doesn't allow you to choose a non-existent directory as
              your mail folder, since it brings up that directory tree for
              (default C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express)
1999/7/2-3 [Computer/Networking, Computer/HW/Display] UID:16060 Activity:high
07/02 What is the difference between a "PCI Ethernet Controller" and
      an ethernet card?  MediaOne says I need an ethernet card if I want
      to use a cable modem, but I'm running low on IRQs.  Can I remove
      the "PCI Ethernet Controller" and replace it with an ethernet card?
        \_ It's the same thing.
        \_ yur isp is full of shit.  you need a cable modem to use cable
           modem.  if the cable modem has an ethernet interface just get
           an ordinary 10/100 ethernet card and make sure it's pci since
           they're only $2 more expensive.  problem solved.
        \_ help, I have a computer but AOL says I need a "PC" to use it.
        \_ ethernet controller == ethernet card,NIC,network
           adapter,network interface,network interface card
           \_ I don't think the statement above is true.  On Windows 95
              my "PCI Ethernet Controller" shows up under "Other Devices"
              not under "Network Adapters".  Also on LINUX, no etherent
              card is recognized when I boot.  Once again, what the heck
              is a "PCI Ethernet Controller" and how is it different from
              an ethernet card?  Thanks for any clues.
              \_ ok.  There's a question mark next to "PCI Ethernet
                 Controller" yes?  What this means is that Win95 knows you
                 have the network card, but Win95 is telling you you haven't
                 installed the drivers for it, yet.  Select "PCI Ethernet
                 Controller" and remove the device.  Get the driver disk
                 ready.  Reboot.  When it asks you for drivers, put it in
                 the drive and there you have it.
                 \_ That makes sense.  Since I got my computer second hand
                    I don't have the drivers, but I'll try and find out
                    \_ if you have more trouble, post to the motd again
                    who makes my card and download drivers.  Thanks.
                    \_ if you have more trouble, post to the motd again, or
                       wall, because this is a potentially lengthy topic
            \_ I always thought ethernet controller was just marketing bs
               just like they say scsi controller, but its formally called
               a host adapter.
                \_ technically, a "scsi controller" and a "host adapter"
                   are two separate things. It's just that they both come
                   on the same card. And it makes things more confusing that
                   typically in the PC words, a card like that is called a
                   \_ technically, scsi is a peer-to-peer shared-media
                      network w/ a statically-defined arbitration policy.
                      there is no controller.
                      \_ what is the term for the computer "peer" that is
                         usually at ID 7?
                         \_ host adapter
1999/7/2 [Uncategorized] UID:16061 Activity:nil
07.02 So what should it be this weekend, Ghostbusters, or Freejack, or Blade?
      - email prole@soda (guerrila film)
1999/7/2-5 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:16062 Activity:high
7/02  Does anyone know how to find out the clock speed of a processor?
      For example, you can find out how much memory a computer has by
      using top, but how do you find out how fast a processor a computers has?
        \_ reboot and check the bios.
        \_ On SunOS 4.1 there's a "sysinfo" utility.  Don't know about other
        \_ dinfo
           versions of UNIX.  -- yuen
                \_ sysinfo is a freeware program, not part of SunOS
           includes: lscfg, uerf, dmesg, ioscan, hinv, prtconf
        \_ On Irix, "hinv"
        \_ Many PC Unices (FreeBSD, Linux), that stuff will be somewhere in
           \_ The only thing in dmesg which looks relevant is the following:
           /proc, but just running "dmesg" and reading it is usually easier
              does that suggest I have an 80 Mhz Machine or something
              completely different?
           \_ bogomips are different functions f(clock) for each cpu type,
              e.g. pentium, pentium II, 486, alpha, sparc, are all computed
              differently.  check /proc/cpuinfo on linux for real measured
           \_ The only thing I found in dmesg which seemed appropriate was:
                Calibrating delay loop.. ok - 79.67 BogoMIPS
              does this mean my machine runs at 80 Mhz?
                 cat /proc/cpuinfo     --dbushong
              \_ Sounds like you're on a Linux box (mention this next time,
                 will save everyone a bunch of time).
                 "cat /proc/cpuinfo" will tell you the clock speed, and no,
                 bogomips do not correspond in any way to MHz  --dbushong
        \_ psrinfo -v on Solaris
1999/7/2-3 [Computer/HW] UID:16063 Activity:kinda low
7/02  Does anyone know if it is possible to get ms internet info server 4.0
        running on a regular NT 4 workstation (not server) without a great
        big hassle? My apologies for the ms factor; the office is
        entirely NT.
        \_Gee, wouldn't you violate your "workstation license",
          10 connections, yadayadayada?
          Besides, just install apache.
        \_ It's easier to install server than fuck around with WS.  So, no.
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